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I would like to bring to your attention a situation that happened at my last visit to your gym. My husband Charles currently has a membership and he also has the buddy plan as well. I came to the gym without Charles on this particular date . Since the weather has broken he prefers to train for his marathon outdoors. When I came to the gym my card was scanned and I proceeded to walk to the treadmills. I was called back and asked who I was and I answered Desiree Walker. The young lady went on to say that the name came up as Charles Walker and I replied that's my husband and what was the problem. She went onto say that I cannot workout unless I purchase a separate membership. I advised her that I thought he had the plan that can have another person come as well. She explained that I would have to come with him. I apologized, as I was never stopped before and told this. I am not complaining about your rules, however I am bothered by the lack of good customer service. The employee clearly saw I was dressed to workout with car keys in hand. I thought she would have let me know the rules for the next time I visit . She chose not to do this . Rather she embarrassed me and pretty much barred me from the gym, even though we have 20 dollars drafted out of our account every month. I think her conduct lacked empathy and it was quite unacceptable. I have not returned to the gym and more than likely may be canceling membership. As an Allstate regional employee I am very familiar with how customer service can impact your business and brand. Hopefully this can be used as a training opportunity. Thanks for your time.

Mrs. Walker

Jun 10, 2018

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