Pizza Hutstore manager

Mgr is fratinizing with certain female employees having sex with them and not making them do there job. What I mean for example one server will be waiting on customers in dining room when it's time for next server to come in he pulls her to back and she ends up not finishing her duties in dining area so the other server ends up with double the work and when server (2nd) says she needs to finish (vacuum, dishes, roll silverware) the mgr just ignores it and 2nd server ends up having to do that work also just cause mgr is having sex with her. If I'm correct mgr are not allowed to do that but it's going on in store 4808 winder ga a Also mgr is screwing a female cook she goes home with him after work also. There r 2 asst mgr that will verify everything. I been there sense may 2016 and now I'm lving this store cause of the situation going on. I am a server and I do a lot of work outside my duties but it don't matter to mgr or area mgr it's like they don't care so I stopped caring I'm just gonna lv

  • Updated by Carrie foster, Feb 05, 2017

    If box don't do something about this situation and get rid of that skirt chaser I can bet the business in that store will diminish quickly. I brought business to that store and I will take it with me when I lv. John the mgr needs to go back to Florida where he came from. The shrek look a like. I can't believe npc would hire someone like that they must of been desperate

Feb 05, 2017

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