Pizza Hutpizza

A Nov 18, 2017

The last 3 times I have been here has been completely aweful. The first the pizza was wrong and I told them and their response was what do you want us to do about it. The next time the pizza looked like it had been dropped. All the toppings was on toppings was on top on the box. When I complained it. Again nothing was done. Was told I could scrap them off and it would be fine. Today I tired one more time. Ordered a large stuff crust told the lady I need I dipping sauce for my crust. She said ok I paid with my debit card. Then she proceeded to tell me she would have to charge me Xtra for 1. Stuff crust didn't matter. It cost me when I swipe my card for less than $5 so I didn't get any. Come on if I order stuff crust, she could have charged me all at once or gave it to me for her mistake since I did have something to dip. I don't know that I will ever be back. The service is terrible.

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