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I have been trying to file this complaint for a few days it's kinda hard when u want to make everything go to Canada. So now I had to find the right one. I order from pizza hut regularly an u can look up my account by my email an see or last name or first or phone number. But my complaint is for like last Thursday I believe I order a 2 topping large pizza with ham an bacon was only supposed to take 15-20mins. I ordered online like always I show up like 20-25min later the pizza is not ready OK fine I get that but the reason my pizza wasn't ready is because 16 other pizzas went before mine cuz it was a delivery order so my one pizza goes in after. I was told by the worker to pull up she will bring it out so I'm waiting I see the 16 pizzas get taken to the van for delivery so I wait no person brings me my pizza so I go in this time I ask I wait again well finally I get my pizza I ordered well it's not what I ordered cuz I have no clue what type of crust this is when it was to be hand tossed with garlic butter flavor on crust with cheese bacon an ham. I get home open the box to find a pizza that is barely cooked cheese slightly melted an jus ham no bacon an NO GARLIC BUTTER on crusthe which wasn't hand tossed. I filled out a survey about my experience an said the same stuff. It's was the location off Harrisburg pike in Columbus Ohio. Lately they haven't been taking there time an giving what I order. I have worked in the restaurant business as a server so I know for a fact u don't want to serve something for one they didn't order an 2 it's not right an 3 the look. To me if u won't eat it why u expect the paying customer to. They need to slow down an prioritize there pizza making skills. First make the order exactly what customer says not what u want or whatever. Then presentation is key.

Nov 14, 2017

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