Pizza Hut / delivery time

Columbus, GA, United States

Once again I ordered 2 medium pizzas, and was told wait time would be 215 to 225 minutes. Needless to say I called and cancelled the order, when asked why the wait time, the manager said he only has 1 driver, and the head lights went out on his car so he could not help deliver. This really upsets me because (1) I love your pizza, (2) I am not able to drive to your location on Sullivant Avenue, and your store on Broad Street which is just as close to me won't deliver because I am not in their delivery zone!!! Grrrrrrr! I think you need to get the young man on Sullivant Avenue more drivers as soon as possible, because no sane person is going to wait 225 minutes for a pizza!!!

Sep 24, 2017

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