Pizza Hut UAEnot being delivered

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Just ordered a pizza to be delivered by 20:00. got a call 19:59 to confirm my address and now 21:10 and I call the enquiry where is the pizza the guy tells me they cancel the order because they dont deliver it here in dubailand. They call you, confirm your address, they make you wait for an hour when you run out of patience and call them you find out it was deliberately canceled. Great job pizzahutuae.
This is the number that called me to confirm my address for delivery and not showing up at all.


  • Sa
    Sanjith 009 Apr 16, 2018

    The worst experience I had waited for 1 hour 30 mins every time I call them they told 10 mins after waited for 1, 30min they told me it will take more 1 hour it’s bull [censor]

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  • Sa
    Sanjith 009 Apr 16, 2018

    We ordered pizza in durra Dubai

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  • Na
    Nanabake Apr 21, 2018

    My daughter and I traveled from Tennessee to South Carolina for her son’s Army National Guard Combat Training Graduation. We arrived April 3rd and decided to order a pizza instead of leaving the room for something to eat. I placed the order in my name, Joann. We waited around an hour but nothing happened. My daughter called and there was no record of my order. She then ordered the pizza in her name, Michelle. The pizza was delivered in a pretty timely manner. We opened the box and much to our surprise the pizza had no cheese, that’s right, no cheese! Michelle called Pizza Hut again to ask the manager when did they stop putting cheese on pizza. The manager was truly upset about the problem and promised she’d send a pizza that was prepared correctly with a free Diet Pizza. We originally ordered a medium pizza but she sent a large Pizza loaded with toppings and a free Diet Pepsi just as she promised. I appreciate the manager doing what she did but it should have never happened.

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  • Ar
    Arun Gouda Dec 02, 2019

    Never excepted worse customer service from Pizza Hut made me to wait for 1.30 Hrs and still didn’t delivered the pizza. Order number was 45353324 dated 02/12/19. Even after calling after 1.30hr still said it in process. They should stop home delivery and should inform customer to buy from Pizza Hut store.

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  • De
    Delphine nnam Dec 21, 2019

    Pizza hut should really be aware of people they hire to work those restaurants I order at Knowledge village, food was very cold, chicken wings smell so bad and Cashier was very very rude and called me a liar. This is really the last time I am eating from Uber eats

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