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I was trying to order for delivery but the estimated time was about 8 to 8 an half hours so I chose to order carry out and it shows 15 mins for pick up and I scheduled for pick 7:30pm, when I went there there was a big line waiting for food and only 1 person was working inside. I asked him about my order he said please come 8:15pm and when I went there again there was different guy working there and the first guy was already left then second guy said he is only working inside so please give me some time I will make ur food ready and I was having party at home so I had to wait for that and he gave me my food at 9:10pm and when I reached home some of my guest left because it was too late.. I didn't expect this kind of service from Pizza Hut, I was very disappointed with their service it spoiled my party..😡😡

Nov 14, 2017

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