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Over the past couple of months, I have had quite a bit of service done at the Pep Boys North Las Vegas Store #1836. I have not been pleased with my recent experience but have withheld saying anything until I cooled off. However as I go back and relive my experience, I find the need to share my experiences with the Corporate entity.
Back in August 2017, I began to intermittently experience serious brake fading. I took my 2008 Hyundai Elantra to the No. Las Vegas Store #1836. After the diagnosis, I was told that the problem was caused by the brakes overheating and that I needed new rear brakes along with some of the mechanical components replaced. I had the work done and on August 28, 2017, I picked up the car and paid the bill for $ 530.[protected])
The brakes were fine with a good solid pedal until late October when I began to notice a soft pedal. I found myself pumping the brakes which is something you don't do with an ABS System. On or about November 1, 2017, I took the car to Pep Boys #1836. After some considerable analysis, the diagnosis was a defective Master Cylinder which was leaking internally. They pointed out the Master Cylinder to me but there were no external leaks evident. I was told that the parts were not available locally and that they needed to get a new Master from the original manufacturer. It would be several days before the part was delivered.
On November 6, 2017, I returned the vehicle to have the Master replaced. That afternoon, I picked up the vehicle and paid $ 1013.[protected]). I drove the car home but it was obvious that nothing had changed - brakes were still seriously fading. If anyone conducted a test drive they would have known immediately. I was not shown the defective part!
On November 7, 2017, I returned the vehicle with the same complaint -brakes were dangerous almost reaching the floorboard. They put the car on the rack and came back a few hours later with a diagnosis that there had been air in the lines and they had fixed the problem. I took the car home and nothing had changed - same problem. Anyone testing the vehicle would have known. Now my BS detector is going off and I am becoming angry.
On November 8, 2017. I returned the car. I attempted to express my disgust to the Service Manager, Crystal Coburn. It was obvious she didn't want to listen to me and got up in my face about how hard they were working on fixing the problem. I attempted to tell her that if she had kept me informed along the way I wouldn't feel the way I do but she didn't want to hear what I had to say.
November 8 diagnosis was that the first Master was defective and they would have to get a replacement. Replacement supposedly arrived and was installed on November 10. The problem remained! The next diagnosis was that the problem was the ABS Pump and a new part would be available early next week. Now my BS detector is on full solid! I left the car.
On November 14, the ABS Pump was supposedly replaced. I picked up the car and paid another $418.[protected]). Braking is now solid but the pedal is not as high as I am used to. Would I take it back? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!
To say that I am not pleased with the Customer Service at Store #1836 would be kind. I have spent $ 1968.55 and I don't have a good feeling.
• Were any of the diagnosis correct?
• Was the Master Cylinder really defective? I was never shown the defective part.
• Was the defective Master Cylinder really replaced? I have no idea.
• Was the ABS Pump actually replaced? I was never shown the part.
At this point, I am fed up with how I was treated and would be reluctant to ever use Pep Boys ever again. The other thing that caused me to sit down and write was a discussion I had with another customer. He was complaining that things were not done right the first time.
I have many years of supervising maintenance organizations and the kind of performance documented here, deserves some thorough investigation. It makes me wonder if I am dealing with incompetence or worse! I will first give you an opportunity to investigate as I suspect something is seriously wrong with how the store is managed. If I don't see a satisfactory conclusion there are several other avenues available to deal with my complaints.

Nov 24, 2017
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      Nov 24, 2017

    You will need to contact Pep Boys directly as they will most likely not see your complaint here.

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