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I am very disappointed with Pep Boys complaint resolution system. I took my car to Pep Boys in Apopka, FL to tell me what was wrong with my a/c. They did a "System Check" and said it needed an evac and refill of the refrigerant. That was done and 3 ½ days later my a/c still did the same thing. It would blow hot air and refrigerant would blow out of the underside of the car. I took it back and then they said the orifice hose and the accumulator can was blocked with trash. They replaced that (for additional money of course). I left and 2 days later the a/c did the same thing. I took it back and then they said the fan was not working. The only time the fan hasn't worked is when it was in their shop and the mechanic was hosing the engine down with water. We got no where with the store manager except getting treated like idiots. I did ask if they checked both fan relays and I was told (contrary to the repair manual) that my car fan had only one speed. We were told that our problem was being taken up with customer service to resolve the problem. Customer service is telling us the store has to resolve the problem. Now the district manager has called and stated we have a cooling system problem (and my car does not overheat, now or ever). We were told to bring the car back. Why in the world would I want to take a car back to a place that has done nothing but take my money and find something else wrong with the car every time they look at it. While my son was talking to the district manager they got disconnected (or he hung up on my son) so my son called back and was put on hold for almost an hour. Now I'm out almost $600 and still have an a/c that isn't working properly. Apparently their "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy is their satisfaction and not the customer's. I will be contacting every agency that I possibly can tv stations, better business bureau, and drive my car around with a sign on it about Pep Boys' service. I will tell everyone I know and come in contact with not to go to Pep Boys for parts or service. From the looks of the comments on this site, it is apparent that they need to clean up their image.

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  •   Aug 10, 2011

    I understand your frustration. I can't defend Pep Boys because I know so little about them. I am a truck mechanic and work for our local utility district. But one thing I do know is sometimes car problems are not as easy as we wish they would be.
    That being said, I don't think it was fair to charge you while the technician attempted to "shotgun" what was wrong with your Durango. Perhaps he thought he diagnosed it correctly the first time and realized he hadn't on your second and third visit.
    Hopefully you have a working a/c system in your Durango now. My advice is to contact Pep Boys corporation in writing. I understand you wanting to contact as many agencies as possible, including the news media. Yes, it may make you feel better, but in the long run it isn't going to get you anywhere.
    I always recommend a customer write the corporation. My experience in retail auto repair is a negative letter from a customer is like having a boil on your behind. It will be there until you deal with it.
    Please let me know how it turns out.

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