Panera Breadrude customer service, cold food (that was suppose to be hot! mac n cheese) and forgot food for the prder

This evening at the store located on Eaugallie BLVD in Indian Harbor Beach FL 32937 around 8:15ish pm, I placed an order through the drive thru ( 1 Large Baja Mac n Cheese, 1 Bowl of chicken noodle soup, 1 cup of Tomato soup, 1 small bacon mac n cheese, and Spicy thai chicken salad) the customer service rep seemed okay until another vehicle pulled up behind me while i waited patiently for my food. The service rep seemed to be upset by this and when i was handed my food it was a little forced and it was obvious that handing me food made her upset. I went to go ask the customer service rep if everything was there and the service rep had already turned around and had the window closed. I assumed all was there in my order and drove off only to find when i got home that our salad was missing.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Satellite Beach, FL I then drove back to the location and pulled up and stated excuse me i am missing food from my order and i was just here, the customer service rep then stated " Oh what food was that?" not "oh i am sorry how can we help you?" nothing of that sort almost as if i had inconvenienced them by just getting food from this establishment! I told the customer service rep i am missing a full salad from my order, the customer service rep knew exactly what salad it was before i could even say it " oh yea, the thai chicken salad, yea pull around". I pulled around waited another two to five minutes before actually being greeted by anyone and then was handed a bag while the customer service rep stated "sorry for your wait" obviously not sympathetic at all for my time and my second trip back to the establishment to get food i purchased that they forgot to give me. Not only that, but when i got home the second time i was then faced with the fact my small bacon mac n cheese was COLD! not warm or luke warm COLD! Honestly i work in customer service and i understand things happen but this chain of events should simply not be tolerated!!! and could have been reversed very easily!

Dec 10, 2018

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