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unethical behaviour

Thursday (8/16/2018) Time: 1:25 PM Locatin Panera Bread - Bryant Park, New York
I'd like to complain about the rude behaviour of the manager during the Daytime shift on Thursday.
I was meeting someone at the Panera Bread and while waiting my girlfriend ordered a drink through the digital kiosks and used her mason jar instead of the Plastic cups to get the drink. While waiting in one of the booths, the manager came up to her and asked her to go sit somewhere else because apparently she was occupying a family table (Mind it: There was no family around) and did not believe her when she said that she bought a drink while waiting for another person. He asked her rudely to get up and occupy some other table and warned her about the timelimit to sit with an angry look. My girlfriend did not wanted me to make a scene there so i could not confront the manager but I didn't even see him for the next hour while we were there.
I go to Panera Bread often but never have I expected such behaviour and from now on I or any of my friends would not be visiting Panera Bread!!

food service

I had went to Panera Bread with my friends around 8:45PM at 4125 S Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 location. We waited for 30 minutes if not more to receive our food. When the food came out, my friend ordered a Steak & Arugula sandwich (whole), and they only gave her 1 slice of steak which does not look like what should be given in the picture. My other friend had soup with his order and when that came out, it looked cold and like gelatin. I've been to this location multiple times and the service this time was really bad. Would not come to this location anymore.

service, lack of receipt, quality of product

We went through the drive through of the Cooper Street Panera yesterday, 08/14/2018, at approximately 6:00 pm, several hours before the closing time. I attempted to order the chicken salad with grape sandwich on white bread and two plain bagels and two individual sups of cream cheese. After a few minutes I was told that the bread which was supposed to be included in the sandwich was not available there was no white bread and maybe not any wheat bread either--she would have to check. That being said, she came back and said that there was honey wheat bread. We said that would be okay. A few minutes later, she came back and said there were no plain bagels and as a matter of fact no bagels at all other than "everything" bagel and cinnamon crunch. I asked for the cinnamon crunch. When the food was finally offered--paid in cash, got no receipt, we took it ho, e to eat. Bagels were soggy mess and too soft to even remotely cut. I have been reading some of the interactions on the internet with Panera customers and I think that maybe lack of food and lack of service, coupled with quality of food is more the norm than the exception.


I am writing because I am disgusted and appalled at the pet policy. I understand that Panera is a dog...

strawberry chicken salad

On 8/12/18 My husband and I stopped by Panera Bread for strawberry Salad located on Miamisburg Road.
We are residents in Milford Ohio and have enjoyed this salad on many occasions, but this time the salad had 3 small pieces of chicken and we were disappointed especially after the generous portions served in Mulberry Panera's.

We are wondering why the portions are inconsistent and are wary about going to any other Panera restaurants other than the one in Mulberry, Ohio.

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rapid pick-up

Re: order # [protected] on 6/16/18 at the Sheridan Dr. cafe in Tonawanda, NY

The referenced order was not properly filled. When I arrived at the cafe, I was told they were out of the semolina. They replaced it with some other items and said my credit card charge would be refunded. I called Customer Service a week or so later and was told my account would be credited but it would take up to 30 days. As of today my account has still not been credited for the $7.99 charge.

haven't been paid

My name is Caitlin Webb I was a former employee @Panera Bread in Lima, Ohio Elida, Rd. My employee#804, I was hired July 11th 2018 & I believe wrongfully fired on July 26th 2018. The 1st & 2nd week of my training I was told by my Boss David Imler to travel back & forth from each of the 2panera breads a few times in the same week to help out @the other Panera Bread, I was able to do so once but due to lack of gas I wasn't able to travel to both cafes in the same then I was insulted because of it & fired by my boss David Imler. I was told by David that I would receive my 1st check Aug.1st. 2018. I havn't received any paycheck. Paydays are biweekly, also on Aug. 2nd I spoke to Kerry in Payroll who said I had a paycheck printed out on July 31st..that I would be receiving but I didn't get...I'm just not understanding why I havn't been paid!! Please help. My phone number is [protected].

spilled soup

So I had my lunch delivered today because I couldn't leave the office, I ordered a bowl of french onion soup...

wrong order

on 8/10/18 I placed an order for pick up. Order # 361738. One item ordered was the greek salad with chicken added. when I got back to my office, the greek salad was not a greek salad. It was a plain salad with chicken and some kind of dressing on the side. Very disappointing. I have ordered the greek salad many times and it was delicious. but this salad was very disappointing. I paid $8.79 for lettuce, a couple tomoto slices and a couple chicken pieces.

disappointed in service

I work for FedEx Trade Networks and use Panera Bread often for lunch meeting with guests from all over the world. I tried placing this order on line because the $20 coupon I was given on a previous order placed said it had to be an on-line order. I tried placing this order on line but once I got to a sandwich limit of 9 the website said I had to place an additional order. So not to get confused and I wanted this order to be correct and had to have it delivered to our establishment I called your Paneral location at 1747 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda 14223 and placed an order verbally with someone from their catering dept. The gent (MATT) that took my order had trouble placing this order as well because I had a count of 18 sandwiches and 18 chips. I wanted to make sure the sandwiches were cut in half and labeled. He said they would be - He gave me my total of $185.73 and I gave him my credit card number, ensured the delivery would be on Monday (8/13) at 11:45 am. Realizing I did not give him the coupon code I called him back and asked him if it could be applied to this order and he told me his manager said no, it had to be used on an on-line order. I explained the situation and he said he would ask the catering geru since they were in their store today (8/8) they too said I was unable to apply the coupon for $20 with the online code: saveonline. I have been using Panera for a while for business luncheons. I think of Panera as of quality but I now think otherwise and the people who try and help you with the on-line catering fumble through the website just like a person who does not work there. I am truly very disappointed.

incorrect delivery order

8-8-16 - I placed a delivery order via phone as the online delivery service was not working. I spelled my name and it was still spelled incorrectly on the order. I did not receive chips, dressing for one salad and the wrong dressing for the other salad. All were ordered. When I called to speak with the manager he did not want to hear about the problem with the order he just wanted to compensate me with a coupon that I had to come in to receive. I explained we do frequent lunch caters and that I will not be using Panera again. Again, he did not care what was wrong with my order. I explained that I did not want his coupon, I just wanted him to know how poor the service was. He said he would review my order later with staff. This made no sense because unless he listened to me he would have no idea what was wrong. We will not be using Panera again for corporate luncheons. Order number 971670. I would hope that Panera would consider this complaint and others as a way to improve its service and not pass off coupons as a resolution.


Panera Bread has always been our favorite lunch spot. Because of our busy work schedule our orders are always carry out with me going in to place our order. In the last several months our experience has been less than desirable with a long wait to place an order then a long wait to receive the order to not receiving all our ordered items. Usually the soup is very thin and the hot sandwich is cold with very little sauce on it.

Today August 8th I visited the Rolla, Mo. location shortly before noon, again a long wait to place an order and another long wait to receive the order. One of the staff saw me waiting and asked about my order so she personally prepared the order for me. I expressed my disappointment with my past service and stated I would no longer be coming to Panera for our lunch. She did get an assistant manger to speak with me who gave me a $10.00 gift card and said she hope I would come back again. Once I returned back to my work location an item was missing from my order, the soup again was thin and the sandwich was poorly made with little ingredients.

I intend to give the gift card to a friend and do not plan to return.



I attempted to purchase 2($20 Gift Cards yesterday at the Pooler, GA Panera Bread. The manager had difficulty making 2 different gift cards. My Visa was charged $40 & transaction was cancelled but I was unable to receive any type of proof/ documentation that the transaction was cancelled. She said I could return if my credit card was not credited but how would that work? The manager said proof could be checking cameras & see if I touched the red button. Really? The manager said she would try to make out one gift card at a time since she had difficulty making two gift cards at the same time but she would need to charge my Visa again. I did not have any confidence in her ability to do so. A second manager came but was unable to provide any solution to my request. I waited one hour for some type of resolutions or documentation that I would receive credit for $40. I asked for a simple note or a receipt (I was unable to receive any type of receipt !) I waited an hour for the managers to provide me some type of documentation. I finally called your customer service number at [protected] & spoke with Jo Hanebott, Incident #[protected]. I found Jo to be very helpful & she quickly resolved the issue. I have had a similar experience at this same Pooler Panera Bread several months ago with the staff unable to print up a gift card. I waited until a manager was called to resolve the issue which was staff inability to know how to make a gift card. I have purchased many gift cards from other Panera Bread restaurants & I never have had this problem. I rarely ever write a complaint but I feel there is something very wrong with the management t at the Pooler Panera Bread. FYI I love Panera Bread restaurants.
Deanna Hoosty


Went to order food and drinks at Panera on a Monday. We ordered BBQ chicken Mac and cheese and regular Mac and cheese and neither we're available. We ordered a frozen caramel latte and the frozen mix was unavailable. Then we ordered a strawberry banana smoothie and the yogurt was unavailable. Had to reorder our food and reorder drinks three times. Server who had to remake our drinks three times was also impolite.

food desserts/ customer service

Modesto Mchenry Avenue Panera Bread store drive-thru this is the third incident that I have had with them so I'm going to make a complaint and I plan on going further I'm very upset because this time we received food that was so stale and old we took a bite out of it and almost wanted to puke it taste like chemicals it was so bad I've never tasted anything so bad like this it was like you pulled it out of the garbage put it in a box and gave it to me it was totally bad the second time before this incident I went through the drive-thru and the representative for Panera had fingernails that were so long and I can't believe how long they were and she was working at the counter giving change back and she cut me with her long nail and I bled that was very very upsetting I spoke with the manager about it it happened not too long ago now this is the third and final incident of something that has happened at Panera and I'm very upset because not only did he get me sick but my son there stairs stale food and I'm very unhappy please contact

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discount coupon card

on 08/04/2018 at 08:30 pm me and my family were doing a family outing at the Panera Bread restaurant located at 4208 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL . I used my coupon card to get a simple discount with my food, as we finished our food, we went to buy some pastries and then were told that we cant use the coupon card because we could only use it every three hours, I will let my friends and family know that this is not a place we will be spending more money at, if I wanted to have a limit to how i can use a card that I buy items with then I could have went on a cruise and got a drink package from them, and then the manager at the business stated this information is not online for customer to even see. I will be posting this on Facebook you know this site has crushed business,

strawberry poppyseed chicken salad

I went to my local Panera bread in East Windsor New Jersey yesterday and ordered the strawberry poppyseed chicken salad for takeout I was dying to have the salad because the last time I had it a few months ago it was absolutely delicious this time not so good at all . I believe it had something to do with the chicken that was in the salad there was a lot of pepper on it or some kind of spice that tasted awful I smelled it from the minute I opened up the salad I should've followed my instincts and returned it immediately but I didn't I tasted it and immediately threw in the garbage and was extremely disappointed I was so looking forward to having the salad because as I said the last time I had it every single bite had something new and delicious this one didn't even have the cheese and it was just sheer disappointment.

new general manager service

I've been a faithful at my Woodbridge cafe for about over a year now and I must say I've been pleased with...

object in food

I was eating my sandwich and chomped down on something hard I thought maybe it was a stem on my spinach so I kept chewing and as I started to swallow my food felt something scratching my throat so I spit what was in the my mouth out and dug through it and found a sharp object I don't know if its like a bone sliver or plastic or what. but that could have seriously hurt me had I swallowed that. If it didn't hurt going down it could have caused me problems internally.

object in food

not receiving all items ordered

I frequent the Panera Bread by my office, Cafe number 4589 New Orleans LA 70119, and the past few times I have noticed not everything is in my bag when I order rapid delivery. Items missing in the past have been, my baguette side, or spoons for the soup. But today, I decided to go into the store and order at the counter to see if that made a difference, I grabbed my bag, and rushed back to my office because I was running out of time on my lunch break, and when I got back, I had no croutons for my tomato soup, and the salad I ordered was the smallest amount of salad I have ever received from ordering the exact same thing multiple times. I am extremely disappointed in the quality I have received, and it upsets me because I genuinely enjoy the food and that's why I keep giving it another chance, but I am at a point where I don't want to spend any more money to not have the service that is promised. It seems as if whoever is expo, is not paying full attention to what is going in the bags.