Pakistan International Airlines [PIA]charging for tax which was not due

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Dear sir /madam
I booked my ticket with pk709 on my way home on 31st August 2018 I was charged 230rupees at the lahore pia desk when I came to board. I was told that on my ticket it states I need to pay 230rupees tax.

Which is not true when I came home I rang travel trolley who I booked with they told me that the taxes were included in my ticket price and I shouldn't have been charged.
Could you please let me know why I was charged?

Kind regards

Oct 21, 2018
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  •   Apr 06, 2019

    The author Adnana,

    In order to requets something from someone the complaint shall correspond to certain creteria along with explanation of events: -

    1. When (date and time) and where (airport, flght number)the incident had taken place,

    2. Description of events by the author.

    3. Who was involved: the air carrier, with the known identities,

    4. What was the exact wrong action:
    posible loss of money with the evidence, example,
    5. Request or few requets: it is the exact act, which author expects from the responder.

    6. List of written or oral evidences, which you had received and own:-
    - e-ticket
    - PNR
    - receipts / invoices / EMS

    If the author does not know the basics of complaining,
    he or she can appoint the attorney or the legal professinal for the agreed remuneration in the case.

    Noone has the duty to respond to the unidentified complaint, complaint without IDs or to the anonymous complaint.


    sr manger for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd
    email < aryan (at) >

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