O'Reilly Auto Parts / horribly unprofessional asst. manager kevin arrevalo.

Portland, OR, United States

About a week ago I made my first and last trip to O'REILLY Auto Parts. I am a Customer Service Manager for a large company here in Portland and I wouldn't hire Mr. Kevin Arrevalo to sweep the floor at my office. Never have I experienced such a complete lack of professionalism and outright rude treatment. I walked into the store and proceeded to wait while one employee was helping a customer on the phone and another was on a personal call and couldn't be bothered by a measly customer. As I waited I saw a young man was out onto the floor. I approached him even though he saw me standing there obviously needing help. When I told him I needs help finding the correct light for my dome light inside my car he looked at me like I asked him for 50 bucks. I told him I had been sold the wrong lights twice and would really appreciate his taking a look inside my car he replied and I quote "I am not sure what good that would do?" I said"What?" He then said "I don't know about every car, where the dome light is supposed to be?" I was so blown away I thought I was hearing things. After I drug him out to look he begrudgingly popped out the light in 20 seconds. We went inside and in the middle of looking up my light he walked off the floor and was gone for 10 min with no explanation! I am not sure why I waited but I did. Another employee came out and took my money, after finding my light. As I was exiting the store I saw Kevin come out of the back. When I turned to look, I saw him and his employees all laughing and pointing like children. Unbelievable experience. Where do they find these people? He should have been fired on the spot if it was my business.

Sep 16, 2017

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