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Optimum / Installation contract appointment

Contact information:

September 14, 2018

Phone Carrior: Optimum
Correspondence Address: Altice USA
200 Jericho Quadrangle
Jericho, NY 11753

Date of Incident: September 14, 2018
Location of Incident: 920 Metcalf Avenue, Apt 10F
Bronx, NY 10473
Re: Account: [protected]
Dear Sir/Madam:
On behalf of Eulalia Fernandez, this letter is regarding the service your technician provided on September 14, 2018 at 10:45 am.
Firstly, when the technician arrived, he indicated per his order, he was to install a new router. I inform him that was incorrect, and he was contracted to install a new router and do some wall construction (so we could use the landline phone throughout the home). He insisted he was not contracted to do wall construction and refused to contact Optimum. He said, "I am not contacting Optimum because that is going to take too long."
Secondly, when he installed the new router, he refused return the old router. Since he was not performing the other services, I did not want the new router. He said, "I cannot do that because it's already connected." I asked him again to contact Optimum and when he refused, I contacted Optimum myself at which point he returned to the living room.
Thirdly, when I handed the phone to technician and he spoke to Optimum is when decided to go down to his vehicle and returned my home with a roll of cable wire. He said, "you're lucky I had this in my car, otherwise I could not do the work."
Lastly, I do not appreciate the lack of professionalism and poor service your technician has provided.
1- The technician should have contacted Optimum upon request and not have installed my router without informing me it could not be uninstalled.
2- The customer is always right especially when they are paying $80.00 for a special installation.
3- Lastly, the technician did not have to drill into the wall, he just had to past a wire through 2 rooms (kitchen to the first bedroom) wall. And there was already an opening(hole) in the wall running from the kitchen to my bedroom.
4- All technicians should come prepared will items such as a roll of wires, etc.
5- We did not get phone outlets which we're promised. We moved furniture and items to insure all phone outlets could be installed. We waited almost four hours for the technician who was not prepared and insulting.
This was a simple job which because extremely frustrating and caused my mother (whose ill) and I a great deal of time and effort. And for that reason, I am asking for a credit to our account.
Thank you for your time.
Odalys Fernandez

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