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date(s) of incidents-5/8/17-5/13/17
I had an interview & had gotten hired at the Cherryhill, NJ location. When I first went for my scheduled interview I was told to come back some hours later by Dave, which I did. After getting hired there was a group orientation. In that group orientation Dave, the server manager, told us our schedule would be Monday -Thursday 8:30am-2:00pm. That Tuesday the trainer, Laura/Lauren, never showed after Andrew tried reaching out to her via phone. We waited two hours until Andrew realized she was not showing up. The next day we were told to be there at 9:30 (Laura/Lauren) shows up, but she was "off" and blamed it on a migraine and left the training early.
Thursday (5/11) Joshua is our trainer and Shamea, the manager, is there. While talking, she mentioned how she would have never made us come in at 8:30 am because it’s too early. During this, Shamea doesn't know what have been going on, as far as, training and paperwork and needed to call Dave for information. I had informed her that our original time was 8:30-2:00 and I could not stay pass that time because of other obligations I made surrounding the original time.
When 2:00pm came around I asked Joshua could we leave and he informed the group that Shamea said "it was not even 2:30, I can't let them leave". At this point the situation is unprofessional and mind boggling. Not only because of all the mishaps that kept occurring but because they wanted us to "follow" people on Mother's Day, which I and another trainee could not attend. Instead of Shamea asking me if I could come in the Saturday before she dictated that's the day I was coming in, but had she and Dave spoken, she would have known that wasn't going to work because I had given my previous job a two week notice and was working through the two weeks.
That Saturday (5/13/17) I received a call from another trainee that I had been fired by Dave, which was appalling and troublesome being that a manager told an employee that and I have yet to get a call from Dave, Shamea or Andrew. The reason for this action was because I told Shamea about our original scheduled time and which staying pass two was not talked about. While, all the commotion and disorderly training is going on Dave is nowhere to be found or did he try to reach out to us explaining why the training was dysfunctional. Not only that, but when I looked at my time card I noticed that it was only for Weds and Thursday, not all the training days.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Olive Garden Customer Care's Response, May 15, 2017

    eve2158 - Please reach out to us at [protected] and we will help put you in touch with the Employee Relations team. - Stephen

May 13, 2017
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      13th of May, 2017

    Wow, sounds like you dodged a bullet, because who the heck wants to deal with disorganized people like that. And getting a trainee to fire you??? I've never heard of something so cowardly. Contact Corporate directly.

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