Olive Garden / everything except the food

I surprised my wife for our anniversary and I splurged by taking her here. Ends up we were the ones surprised. First we ordered a glass of wine each, it was good so we ask if we could buy the rest of the bottle. Long story and lots of complaining later we ended up paying for 2 glasses of wine, 1 bottle of wine and and extra glass of wine we didn't have. Ended up we were paying for wine we were drinking from the bottle we had bought. Ordered some bread, which wasn't brought out until we had finished our meal, ask to speak to mgr. Who offered a small piece of cake as compensation. Meal I ordered was brought out wrong, told waiter I specifically told him no peppers... Ended up just eating around the peppers. This place screwed us from the time we walked in the door and didn't even get kissed. Mgr. Lee peterson helped fuel the fire by offering a ###ing piece of cake for compensation.

Mar 18, 2017

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