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I bought Norton 360 about a year ago ($90). It installed great, but would not update. I emailed (and emailed and emailed...) asking for help, yet received NONE! I did everything the tech support guys told me to do, but it still would not update. I eventually took it to a professional and he was able to get it to work (at an additional cost of $75). I asked Norton to please extend my subscription since it had not worked for about 6 months. The Norton folks told me the subscription would be extended, yet it wasn't. I emailed, called and wrote letters, and heard nothing but "please fill out this survey to rate our work since we solved your problem."

Never, EVER buy Norton. Their customer service STINKS!

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  • Mr
      Aug 30, 2009

    They advertise that if you buy their product then it will prevent why when I got a virus did they charge me £114.99 and the very next day I had a warning flash up on computer saying VIRUS????

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  • Mr
      Aug 30, 2009

    Their advert says buy our product to stopo viruses getting through, so why do I buy this and then get charged £114.99 to t=remove a virus, which came back the very next day???

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  • Wi
      Jul 02, 2012

    I have Comcast which comes with Norton; it's part of the monthly charge we pay Comcast I guess.
    I set my computer to an earlier time recently to try and deal with what seemed like bad virus problems that Norton couldn't seem to fix. The date I set my computer to, by the way, was just about two weeks ago. This seemed to cause problems with my Norton Security Suite.
    I was prompted to install Norton's UPDATES but it couldn't install "all" updates. I had an error message that stated I had no IP address. I must have had or I wouldn't have been online and I was online. When I tried to do a "Quick Scan" on Norton it wouldn't let me. I tried repeatedly with the same result. This seemed to be due to the fact that Norton couldn't install all updates. Every time I tried to do a Quick Scan the screen superimposed another Norton screen about installing the updates and "one click settings" . I tried this a dozen times with the same result.
    I called Comcast, which assigns you different IP addresses routinely since Norton error message stated I had no IP address and was told by the Comcast rep that I should contact Norton and I was given a Norton Help telephone number. I called Norton but when I heard their recorded message stating that all assistance was "chargeable" I hung up. Why should I pay for help with what seemed to be a problem on their system?

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