Nordstrom / not funny!!

Seattle, WA, United States
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After searching for a good looking designer dress for my sister's birthday, i found the perfect dress on nordstrom. I was super happy about it! But when i received my order i wasn't so super excited anymore. They shipped the wrong item. It wasn't even a dress, it was a watch. I called them many times and spend hours on hold! After all that nightmare i was told that the dress i wanted was sold out. They also told “keep the watch, it is a nice present too”. I was so angry! Later i finally contacted their manager. The manager said that they found the dress i wanted and they were going to send it right away. I thought he was a real sweetheart. But no, he was not. Five days after the day that they said it was going to be delivered, i got a pair of men's shoes! I don't understand it was a joke or something else? That was not funny at all! I'll never order anything else from them!

Dec 17, 2015

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