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Nokia India / heavily frustrated from nokia!

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Hi, i am Veenit Verma, I am bought a nokia phone model no. 6260 & Serial No. [protected], I have given twice times to nokia center but still is not working properly, last time I gave this mobile to nokia service center District Center, New Delhi India for repairing. They took one month to give it back to me after committing one week. Apart from that its still having same problem. I got really frustrated from this company bcoz they are doing nothing and my warranty period about to expire.

Beware people!

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  • Ka
      12th of Feb, 2007
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    I have purchased a nokia 6708 model on 7th january 07 from greenpark in delhi. The instrument was faulty on the very mext day. I have been roaming since 15th jan at the nokia customer care at s-10 greenparkextn ( near uphar cinema ). I had been given a assurance that i will receive a new set as we are not able to rectify the problem. After 15 days and twenty times visiting to the centre the new set was handed over to me. The very next that new set was also faulty. Then again a new jobsheet was made and new set was handed over to me. To my surprise that new handset given to me by the nokia care shop itself was not working. The answer was this is a software problem in the new handset it will be moved to the head office. Then again a new jobsheet was given to me stating that it will take 4/4 days to repair the set. I have collection of jobsheets dated 22/01/2007, 25/01/2007, 27/01/2007, 08/02/2007, 10/02/2007 and the last is still pending in the head office. The lady so called manager esha at the nokia cust care told to write to me at nokiacare for further queries as they were also fed up of seeing my face everyday at the centre .i have two copies of the challan made of the new handset given to me but the handset problem is still not rectified. The customer service of nokia is pathetic. There are several complaints regarding the handset. Its like a festive going on in nokia shop as it so much overcrowded with customer screaming for their handsets. I would never recommend anyone in this world to go for asy product of nokia as the technology and softwares and services are pathetic. The head sitting in nokia should take some immediate action or the customer would be forced to go to the consumer court. In the end i would say nokia is the worst technology that no one in the world should use it.

  • Sh
      4th of Apr, 2007
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    I brought Nokia 7610 phone worth Rs 14,000 ruppees on 16 Feb,2006.As it was the beginning of my professional career I had invested my one month's salary in purchasing the branded product.I did not even give a second thought that i should be buying any phone other than Nokia as it was the trusted one.

    In March 2007 the phone switched off.I went to Nokia service center to know the reason. The person concerned told me the PCB board is not functioning. The company would have done a replacement if it was under the guarantee period and since the guarantee period had expired, nothing could be done from Nokia company's perspective. The cost of buying a PCB would be 80% the cost of the phone and i was advised to buy a new phone.

    The phone that i had brought is in perfect condition and there was no mishandling from my side.

    My question is are the Nokia company not concerned about the goodwill of its products in the market.
    Do you even expect me to buy a Nokia product again paying 14,000 rupees? I am seriously not lured by the new Nokia phones coming in the market.

    This incidence when I told my family and friends they too agreed on not buying any costly phones and instead of going by the brand go by the duration of the guarantee period a company gives.

  • Vi
      28th of Apr, 2007
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    I fully agree with various complaints given above. it is accident to decide to buy Nokia and catastrophie if one needs to get in touch with Nokia Careline, Ask Nokia or Corporate Office in Gurgaon. At Nokia careline executives say that there is no obligation of Nokia if the product is not usable. Ask Nokia replies other than the question asked for. Nokia nowhere provides access to any e-mail Id or Contact Numbers to hapless and helpless customer so that they can contact, if no proper response is received from Nokia careless lines Or Donot Ask Nokia. i got the contact number of Corporate Office from Nokia website but i bet if you get through to any senior there. they will collect the mobile number to contact but will never call back. People there are so smart in frustrating and testing the patience of customer that customer surrenders never dare to call back.

    Even worst is the experience at Nokia Careless line who are more interested in collected the customer details. Today when i was struggling with them phone line was disconnected or got disconnected. I dialed again and executive started asking again they same details. when they were asked why repeatedly they ask the same information- they say it is for record purposes that executive has asked these details.

    i wanted to know the screen size of N72 and 6300, the team Manager started gave the pixel details. What a sorry state of affairs that a manager level person does not know the difference between screen size and screen resolution what to talk of front line executives. when i asked the executives to transfer the call to senior, she resisted vehemently when insisted and warned , she asked my permission to put on hold- i said there is no need of asking permission when i myself is asking him to transfer the call- executive again persisted for my permission- I repeated that there is no need of permission. It went on 4-5 times then i realized I will have to say 'yes' only otherwise this poor chap will not transfer. I wanted to complain against her when she refused to tell me which handset screen size is bigger which she refused to tell since rules does not permit her to tell this because both products are of Nokia. What Mechanical way of handling.
    Another example when i asked an executive can i talk to Sh Anup, Team Manager, executive says i will check this information for you. How mechanical weather it is product related info or request to talk by Name any Manager, answer is same.

    Another example when asked to transfer the call to senior, executive says i am not allowed to transfer or I am the senior most. on one or the other ground they prevent any escalation.
    Executive either do not know the information so they draw blank. some have little more diplomatic way to avoid by collecting the mobile number with a promise to call back which they will never. some or bold enough to give info out of hand which is completely wrong information eg in E50 executive says call recording can take place endlessly till memory is available (actually it can record maximum for one minute). Another wrong example of misinformation is when an executive says the expandable memory of N72 is 512 MB while as per Team Manager it is 2GB. Both claims to be correct- all of us know only one can be correct.

    whatever i have narrated above is recorded by Nokia is available with them for verification. there are umpteen number of cases- if somebody monitors they will come to know how rotten the affairs are. there is a long list and history of various level who are doing lot of disservice then doing service for such a well known organization like nokia.

  • Pm
      29th of Jul, 2007
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    My nokia mobile ( model # N 70 Music ) is a worst product. It always shows as " infected by comm warrier even after removing the virus.

  • Ge
      1st of Aug, 2007
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    Nokia the dumb product and it's the people foolishness to buy such products. Y do u all buy and then suffer for it. Raise the blogs and propaganda to stop buying nokia phones all over. If u can do this do it else keep mum. Go to consumer court. Close of all the nokia care centers. This will give a solution.

  • Sa
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    Nokia India - No software upgrades

    I have a Nokia 2112 Model Using Tata Indicom Network But Network not be display in My Mobile is also restarting i m going to nokia care but care centers do not reply me this is poor service

  • Ha
      2nd of Nov, 2007
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    dont evey buy any nokia phone, nokia fools the customers, i've purchased nokia n-73 music edition, but within 10 days of purchase i 've found several problems in that, and there is no support from nokia.

    i've been fooled by nokia, but peoples u dont get fool, never buy a nokia phone

  • As
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    Myself Asha R. Gandhi. I am from Junagadh(Gujarat) India.

    I want email ID and address of nokia head office in India and Gujarat. for Business Problems.

    Please give me ans. as early as possible.


  • Di
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    Nokia Battery Replacement was announced in newspaper, sms and tv news etc. Since now i'm unable to replace it. I checked with nokia battery replacement site and found my battery under replacement and also gave my address to send it by courier. Passed 3 months i've been trying frequently to reach nokia care center for replacing it, but no use, they all say NO STOCK, COME ANOTHER DAY. What should i do next, keep the damn battery with myself and get blasted.

  • Ra
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    Hi ,

    I have purchased 3110 Classic. I have taken it to nokia care centers twice. And it is showing a new problem. It is not able to identify the SIM card inserted. I saw it on the day I got my cell from the Nokia Care but I was expecting an interview and they took 8 working days to sort it. Now I have to give it to them again.

    God Save NOKIA customers.

  • Ra
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    One more thing,

    the site itself it not working properly.

    once again

    God Save NOKIA customers !

  • Pr
      9th of Feb, 2008
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    I purchased a Nokia N73m Music and its been five months since the i bought this cell and for the last three months this cell is in Nokia Service Centre. The cell had 100 songs which I needed to activate and for that the activation key was provided but it never worked. I tried once, twice ..cant remember how many times but till date its not yet activated. Then, the charger was faluty and they took more than one month to replace it. Now all of a sudden my cell started drainign out the battery . I gave it to them and the battery was replaced. But the same thing again happened. They have now taken my cell and I wonder what they are doing with it. This is really frustrating. I have spent 16000 bucks to buy this set and I did this from Nokia coz I was under the false impression that their products are of a good quality. But I have been cheated and i wonder if the cell is faulty and since it is in the guarantee period then why dont they replace it . I wonder if Nokia has begun to take its position for granted. So people plz be really careful and take a wise decision.

  • Ni
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    Hi, I am Nikhil Jaiswal from Tagore Garden, New Delhi. Following are details of my Nokia mobile set:
    • Model No: N73M
    • Purchasing Date: 13 May 2007
    • Code: 0543843
    • IMEI: 353641016623286
    • FCC ID: QFXRM-133
    • IC: 661Z-RM133

    Following are the problems which didn’t repaired till date after giving so many times in Nokia Care in Delhi.
    Job sheet No.1500268140 (Date: 06-03-2008)
    • Mobile showing Closing Application, showing this message ‘Unsafe to remove memory card without selecting ‘remove memory card’ in between talking or messaging.
    • It is not able to identify the Memory Card inserted. (New problem arises after repairing)
    • Not showing delivery reports after sending messages. Even people getting my messages. (New problem arises after repairing)
    • Key pads are also not working properly specially abc key pad. (After repairing status)

    Mobile No. 9999834759

  • Vi
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    My self Vikas Rai, i have purchased a NOKIA 5310 XXPRESS MUSIC phone of serial number 358653013017813 . i saw yoyr add on television set, where you want to saw that its sound is high sound. but its not true, its quality is good in headset but not in surrounding. My handset is not working properly. Its main problem is of automatic restart when play music. I purchased it on 17 dec 2007, only after one month this problem is occuring. I have submitted my handset twice to your service center at PREET VIHAR, NEW DELHI. but i gone there for about 5 times, but this problem is not solved. then i go to Center managar. He will give me a hope that your problem have been solved. PLEASE YOU WILL SOLVED THIS PROBLEM AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

  • Sa
      11th of Mar, 2008
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    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I bought nokia 3230 mobile at Essar Telecom Retail Ltd,choolaimedu,chennai-29,india on 20- JULY-2007 under my poor financial stage.After one month, I had faced few problems like mobile hang, auto reboot. So I went nokia service centre, named as HCL Infosystems ltd,aarthi chamber,anna salai,chennai -06,india.They told, we will resolve the problem, just you will come back after two days.After call confirmation I went to there, but,they given another one mobile without my prior knowledge.I really upset, because my old mobile color is black and new one is other and I never expect this kind of aspect form them.

    But I have no other option, So i got it. New mobile IMEI model is : 354553011772340. But after two days only i realised the same problem arised again on new mobile also. but I kept it, because i hate to went that service centre once again

    Past six months i have faced 'n' no.of problems.They are , Mobile hang, dead slow, auto reboot, back door problem and so on. So I have went to once again to the same service centre on 10-Mar-08. They collected my mobile and gave job sheet to me on around 10.30 PM.

    After two hours over, i got call from service centre and she told your mobile doesn't come under warranty service due to water injection. But I really shocked, because, past six month i took precious extra care on my mobile. Any way i supported myself and went to service centre today 11-Mar-08. They gave my mobile. I collected and went out of the service centre. I switched on my mobile,I highly shocked because, every screen is shaking and shown twice per page.I highly disappointed. I went to once again, they told it's due to water problem, But I haven't been facing this new problem till 10thMar.So they are only responsible for this new problem. But,they are rejected my voice.

    Before six month back, i had very good remarks about nokia, but still, ?...
    I faced 'n' of problem from my mobile and service centre. If you will n't resolve this kind of problem, i am sorry to say, you will lose your customer one by one


  • Cu
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    F. No. B/ E No. 655001/19.03.08 Ahmedabad
    Date 25.03.2008

    M/s NOKIA India Limited


    Sub:- Implementation of Intellectual Property Rights ( Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007: m/r

    During the course of examination of import cargo of Chinese Mobile of different models, which was imported by M/s Shukan Marketing, B/3, Mahavir Flat, Nawa Sharda Mandir Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad-380007, it was found that in Model No. Y-200, on putting the battery into the mobile and on initiation logo and name of NOKIA appeared on 51 pieces, similarly in model No. 108 only logo (handshaking) of Nokia found. The details are as under :-

    Sr. No. Model No. Qty.
    1. Y-200 51
    2. 108 200

    As per para 7 to the captioned rules laid down vide Notification No. 47/2007-Cus (NT) the clearance of this consignment has been suspended.

    You are informed of this own, in view of your designation as a right holder bearing registration No. A0004 INBOM4TM. You are requested to take up the issue as per para 8 of the said Notification either directly or through your representative within 03 working days from the date of receipt of this intimation either through post or by electronic media.

    Please be informed that if nothing is heard from your end within 10 working days, the Customs shall be free from all constraints to clear the goods as per provisions of law prevailing.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Assistant Commissioner of Customs
    Air Cargo Complex, Ahmedabad.

    Copy to:- The Additional Commissioner I/C of ACC A’bad for favour of information please.

  • Ab
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    A brand new set of above said description was purchased from local nokia priority center M/s. Sansar Telecom, 3-Hira Building, Yamuna Nagar on 22 Jan 2008. this set is having major problem in operations. If there is a missed call on the set, this set gets Hanged and no further operations of any kind is possible on the set including battery charging. To make the set operational again, battery has to be physically removed from the set. The new set itself had the problem. the matter was reported to Mr. Sandeep Hooda of M/s. Sansar Telecom. I asked him to replace the set but he expressed his inability by saying that he only gets a nominal margin on the set and can't do anything. The set was shown to local Nokia priority centere. The service personnel also expressed his inability to repair and guided me to send the set to Chandigarh which required atleasr 15 days time. the matter was highlighted to All India Helpline on 080-30303838 but a lady attending the complaint was more interested in getting her attendance feedback to be graded as 5 on a scale of 5 rather than to provide any support. The matter was emailed to M/s. Nokia on 26 Jan 2008 but of no result. I am a telecom Engineer working with M/s. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and one of my colleagues is also experincing same problem. There is no proper support. I reuest your esteemed authority to kindly attend to this problem on site to reduce downtime or replace the set.

  • Ro
      12th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    hi i am rohit from ludhiana i have purchased nokia 5610 from ludhiana, the music button of the same is broken i have inquired from many stores in ldh but there is no availabilty of the same, i am really frustrated i request you to kindly forward the same to the company and please arrange the same

  • Pi
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    my complain is reagarding the receptionist ...who don, t know any thing else ...then why she is sitting in nokia care ...she says i don, t know sir, she don;t have manners how to talk to a customer, she should not be there when she don, t know any thingor the electrcian don, t know about the software of my nokia N73 M...adress od NOKIA CARE IS 104-105 first floor, hans plaza 11, ambedkar road, , ghaziabad, UP, india

  • Vi
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    Whom so ever it may concern.

    My job sheet no. is 361434038 / 080612 / 38
    & IMEI No. is 01108105103

    I have taken a phone from Reliance web world and i chosen the nokia hand set as i found it good in past. but this time it is my worst experience with nokia as i have taken this phone i think 6 or 7 months back, it got problem in 10 day after only. than i have givin it to care centre i think 5 time after that and every time they keep my phone for 15 days and give it back to me after that in the same condition and says it has got repaired.. but still i am facing the same probs. if nokia is not able to sovle my problem then make it clear to me. and if anything you want to do in the regards of mine phone on that i have got warranty ... i would like to re-emberse my money or please do replace my phone.

    please consider my problem on priority..

    Vishal Gupta
    +91 9319483398

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