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How do I file an official complaint with nike about a product I purchased?

I bought a very expensive pair of nike acgs and I have had them for probably 4 years but have only worn them half a dozen times. They look and smell new. Today I wore them and when I came home I kept finding new trails of white particles. I am wondering where this is coming from.. Then I see a chunk of what appears to be chalk. My wife says, look at your shoe. The soles of both my shoes are literally coming loose from the body and the tread and a large chunk of the white "rubber" has come off the side of my shoe sole. What? So the materials are so cheap that they disintegrate if you don't wear the shoe??? I can imagine that in combination with cheap third world labor. I need no more convincing. Nike is only a name of a great product that existed for a short time awhile ago. The products that bear the name are now just some more of the garbage that is manufactured by whoever will do the work the cheapest in our new "global economy" and display a name that commands absurdly high prices. I will no longer support these products but I do feel entitled to a new pair of shoes I can actually have the opportunity of trying to wear out by wearing them. Any clue as to who I write at nike to get a response?


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  • Om
      Jul 01, 2009

    You could technically write a few emails to them ( ), or even do a live chat with an agent, and patiently wait for a response - or better yet, a resolution. If you don't get the same world-class customer service treatment as what their prices look like, then contact the BBB. A faulty product is not only a terrible matter in itself, but it's also a major safety issue for the user. If they don't do anything about it then advertise this situation on any social sites, maybe even make a video of your issue and post it on youtube! Drag those dirt-bags through the same mud they are dragging you through now!

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