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Lululemon Athletica Complaints & Reviews

Lululemon Athletica / lululemon pant size 6

Jun 25, 2019

The last 2 pairs of pants I purchased have pilled. I have been buying lulu for 10 years now and never had a Problem! The last 2 pairs I have purchased have pilled in the upper thigh area. I am not happy and was wondering if anything can be done. My name is Angie mcgrath from at John'...

Lululemon Athletica / hoodie

Jun 17, 2019

Hi, I got a hoodie for christmas and now..6 months later... The hoodie shrunk and zipper didn't... So now the sipper is longer than the material and it is wavy and looks terrible. Not what I would expect from paying so much for a "good quality" hoodie. Some of my cheaper ones never did...

Lululemon Athletica / align pants

Jun 15, 2019

Hi, i purchased a pair of align pants not even a year old and they ripped between the thighs, material is all thin and fuzzy. I called customer service and they emailed me with steps on what to do. the lady who then replied to me said that it did not fall under "quality promise". How i...

Lululemon Athletica / tights

Jun 02, 2019

My daughter bought a pair of tights close to a year ago. She was sitting on her knees on a gym floor at school and when she got up, she noticed a small in the knee. There was no contact with a stone, etc just the gym floor . We have always had such great luck with your product but feel...

Lululemon Athletica / lulu pants

May 29, 2019

Hi, I am written you in regards to a couple pairs of my lulu's. Now the quality is suppose to be great quality but each time I purchase a new pair it seems after a few months the seems are starting to come apart and the material is like its picked. Now seeing that these are the most...

Lululemon Athletica / align leggings

May 11, 2019

I bought 3 align leggings and they peel like crazy after a only few wears .They are definitely over priced for the quality and I m definitely disappointed . I don't understand why they peel like this, I have many leggings From many different brands and lululemon is more expensive than all...

Lululemon Athletica / product

May 05, 2019

i purchased a pair of fast and free tights and wore them to play tennis where I grazed the ground--and created a hole. These were 138.oo before taxes and I am very disappointed with the quality...I wore them for the first time today as well which was extremely frustrating...I'm hoping that...

Lululemon Athletica / return

Apr 29, 2019

Company will not accept return on pants that were barely worn but are not performing well. I received a message that it does not fall under their quality guarantee, but that is untrue. Here is a copy of the email I sent to the returns department: The item was purchased online. As mentioned...

Lululemon Athletica / time to sweat crop 23" - tear in the pants

Apr 26, 2019

Hello, Recently, I bought pants from your branch in Hong Kong (IFC mall, official store). Unfortunately, I do not have the receipt, the purchase was made on December 26, in your IFC mall branch. I was very pleased with the pants, but recently unexplained tears began to appear in them. Of...

Lululemon Athletica / fabric issues/product defect

Apr 03, 2019

My husband bought a shirt under a year ago that is constantly pulling and the fabric is catching on everything making it rip and pull apart. The resolution to my complaint is that I would like to request a refund or a return as the shirt was expensive and is now unwearable. I shop at...

Lululemon Athletica / align leggings ruined

Mar 31, 2019

Hello, I am very disappointed with my first pair of leggings I have purchased from here. I've heard wonders about this brand and finally gave in. I followed the washing instructions and have never dried them and am dissapointed to see that the fabric has started getting ratted with fabric...

Lululemon Athletica / using family & friends military discount card when purchasing the swiftly tech ss crew shirt

Feb 21, 2019

Hi there, Last weekend (February 17 2019) I was at the Lululemon store in the Moncton Mall, when I purchased the Swiftly Tech SS Crew shirt and was told rudely that I was not able to use my Family and Friends Military Discount Card, which I have been able to use every other time in the...

Lululemon Athletica / running of the hem of pants I bought

Nov 27, 2018

I have several Lululemon apparel which I have acquired throught the years and I was surprised to find a run on the hem of my pants after just 1 use. I purchased this item in Lululemon Ala Moana Honolulu last Aug.2018. I hope that you will be able to do something about this matter since as I...

Lululemon Athletica / return/exchange

Nov 22, 2018

I am a proud lululemon owner, I have been in love with the company and it's products since I bought my first pair of yoga pants at 13. I've always felt good knowing I was purchasing quality product, with amazing quality insurance along with amazing customer service. I've never had an issue...

Lululemon Athletica / pants

Nov 13, 2018

Hey there my 13 year old daughter saved up and bought her very first pair of Lululemon pants this summer!! She pulled them out of the wash to hang them and there is a little hole in them just a little lower than the knee area on the right leg!! She still has her receipt.. Will she be able...

Lululemon Athletica / align crops

Nov 12, 2018

Dear Lululemon customer care, I have been a loyal customer of yours since I was in my teens, I had pairs of crops and pants that have lasted me years. The quality of your clothing used to be like tanks, lasting forever. Unfortunately, I have been really disappointed in my last two...

Lululemon Athletica / live chat

Nov 04, 2018

Goodmorning, Yesterday I bought a pair of pants being helped by a live chat person. Then when I checked my order everything went wrong. I specifically asked for camo pants and she just picked a grey pair and a camo define jacket and also there she pickeda wrong going to send you the...

Lululemon Athletica / work out pants

Oct 07, 2018

Good Morning, My name is Louisa Benoliel, and I thought I would write to you and let you know about some of the problems I've been having with Lulu Lemon performance leggings. I have several performance leggings that have lost their form and have stretched to such an extent that I don't...

Lululemon Athletica / poor quality leggings

Sep 17, 2018

Hello, I bought a pair of wonder under black leggings and they have only been washed a few times (on cold, delicate, and hung to dry. )The leggings have been coming apart at the seams and pilling in the crotch. I am very disappointed in this as they were expensive and supposed to be high...

Lululemon Athletica / bag

Apr 13, 2018

I love my bag however the zipper started falling apart pretty soon after I purchased my bag. Considering it wasn't that cheap I was hoping for better quality. The bag I bought is YIN TIME BAG (HEAT), it's very upsetting to see how bad it is getting, the zipper is so bad there are holes in...

Lululemon Athletica / abc pants

Mar 12, 2018

Hi there. I purchased a pair of your ABC dress pants a while ago (month or so) and finally just realized that the belt loops in the front of the pants don't like you properly!!! I fear I was sold a defective type of clothing and paying as much as I paid for them I am severely disappointed. The...

Lululemon Athletica / customer experience review/feedback

Feb 25, 2018

Sunday, February 18, 2018 Mapleview Mall, Burlington, Ontario I went into the lululemon store to exchange a pair of pants and ultimately the service I received from the person 'on cash' was very good. Initially I had difficulty finding someone to assist me. Often there is some one to chat...

Lululemon Athletica / customer service

Feb 16, 2018

I purchased a pair of on sale sweatpants for my cousin on 01/22. I didn't know any return or exchange policy at the time of purchase as a first time customer. But it turns out didn't work out for my cousin. I went to the Alderwood mall Lululemon on 01/28. The so called manger was not...

Lululemon Athletica / wunder under crops

Feb 09, 2018

This is the only product of theirs I still wear. Everything else has been discontinued. These used to fit. They used to be of high quality. The last pair I bought in the fall stretched after a few washings and pilled. The latest adventure involved an online encounter and being told these...

Lululemon Athletica / sales assistant

Feb 04, 2018

Incident at Covent Garden long acre store London on Friday 2nd February 2018. Myself and a good friend were looking through sale and she found a top she wanted to get. Even in the sale the price was still quite high for what it was but we are both yoga teachers so would wear it often...

Lululemon Athletica / customer service in-store

Dec 26, 2017

I went into the store today (Dec. 26/2017) to purchase a couple items but had forgotten my gift card at home. The sales associate assured me I could put my sale items on hold and I could come purchase them the next day with my gift card, as they had been doing holds for other customers all...

Lululemon Athletica / fraud

Dec 01, 2017

I ordered Lock 'Em Down Boxer Light 9" from Lululemon. First of all, I would like to say that the item was too overpriced. Second, I didn't like its quality. Decided to return. Called them to ask what exactly I should do. I found out that the shipping would be at my expense, but the most...

Lululemon Athletica / over charging

Oct 14, 2017

I made a purchase last Oct 4 2017 at your lululemon store in 408W 14th St NYC and I was charged the regular price for 1 sale item. When I got home I checked the tag versus the reciept and noticed the discrepancy. Attached is the reciept and the tag. I was over charged by $14. Also, i...

Lululemon Athletica / customer service

Oct 14, 2017

Evening. I attended your store in Richmond Centre on October 6, 2017, Friday evening around 7 pm. I had entered the store without any greetings and an enormous attitude from the girls on the particular, an Indian girl was flipping her ponytail and whipped right by me with a snit...

Lululemon Athletica / discount for instructor

Sep 29, 2017

Although I teach grades k-8 fitness and nutrition all year round, I do not qualify for the instructor discount. I have BA, BS, Masters, and 6th year Degree, still not enough although my curriculum demands that I teach fitness. We participate in fitness Friday weekly and wear fitness attire...

Lululemon Athletica / my daughter's leggings and her cropped leggings have hole in seam

Sep 24, 2017

I bought my daughter a pair of leggings from your company and there is now a hole on the inside of the leg where the seam is. I also bought her a pair of your cropped leggings and there is a hole in the back of the butt where the seam is. We paid a lot of money for these products and are...

Lululemon Athletica / service complaint

Aug 27, 2017

I don't normally write about my customer service experience. However, I thought it was time I let Lululemon know that I am dissatisfied with their customer service in regards to my mail orders. For the pass 6 online orders I have not been receiving the cute lulu bags & then my package...

Lululemon Athletica / terrible customer service

Jul 14, 2017

Hello, I had bought a couple items for my mother for mothers day but my mother wore the item once and there was pilling on the shirt right away. Because there aren't too many lululemon stores near my area, I revisited the eaton centre location on July 13th to discuss this issue. I didn't...

Lululemon / terrible quality!! stay away!

Dec 27, 2016

I had the worst experience with Lululemon!! I have purchased $300 worth items from them and everything was of a terrible quality and was not worth the money! I contacted their support service and they gave me a run around and said that I was just a liar and that they stand behind their...

Lululemon / package was sent to the wrong address

Jun 29, 2016

I ordered items online in the amount of at least $300+ last June 25, 2016. I got the email confirmation June 26, 2016 that my items are on it's way. I tracked the package everyday to make sure that I will have it before we go on vacation. I received the package June 29, 2016 but the...

Lululemon / seller ignores me and no idea where my order is

Oct 19, 2014

I bought yoga clothes and mat from the website I paid about $400 for the order and postage, but the seller provided only useless confirmation email, which didn’t contain anything helpful. I sent several emails, but no response. After 20 days my order hasn’t...

Lululemon / I didn't receive anything from them

Dec 02, 2013

Purchased several items from Lululemon Outlet but soon received an email which suggested I have to resubmit my order because item I’ve purchased previously is out of stock. I ordered again but to my surprise they’ve charged me again. I decided to make things clear and asked... / don't pay through this.

May 09, 2013

Hello! I have bought shirts from website where transaction is processed by SSLBillpay. It’s a complete fraud. I have never got my goods. This is a fraud transaction company. Don’t pay through this.

Lululemon / won't stand behind their products

Mar 23, 2011

My wife bought a $100 jacket there in February. As she is shedding weight from a pregnancy, it was to get her through to the summer. Unfortunately, the zipper is defective and we only managed to get back to the store in March, after the 2 week exchange window (try going to a store with...

Lululemon / horrible return policy/customer service/defective product


I bought a lululemon jacket that was pilled and frayed after one wash. When I tried to return it to the store, a refund was denied despite selling me a defective product that could not withstand one handwash. They still had the same jacket on the rack at full price when I attempted to...