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Customer service outlet store at woodbury not allowed in after waiting 2 hours

On Thursday 6/25 we tried to visit the outlet store. When we approached the store we were told we need to...

received wrong item / disconnected

My order, c16570329359 was for a white jacket. This was supposed to be a "final sale". I called the company immediately to advise of their error and was on hold for over 50 minutes. I was then disconnected. I then tried to chat with an "educator" and was told to wait over an hour since I was #167 in queue. I waiting for over an hour, and spoke with loveleen for 2 sentences and then was disconnected again! I immediately received an email from lululemon asking about my experience and to rate loveleen. Are you kidding? 2 hours of disconnection and
Receipt of a wrong item? I am very upset. I had used a gift card purchased for me by my son and this was supposed to be a treat since your clothes are so expensive. Your company obviously needs better education. Actually, calling yourselves educators is snooty and condescending. Just be honest and call yourselves what you are — customer unservice. I am so upset with the way I have been treated I will never purchase another item from your company again. I have bought lululemon clothing as gifts for several years but no more. Maria stiso, [protected]

Customer service wait

It has been impossible trying to reach out to lululemon as both the leggings I have only worn roughly 10 times have completely stretched out at the ankle, like it is not tight at all anymore. I got them both as a gift but I do take very good care of them & wash them correctly as well as dry them correctly. It is impossible to reach out for help about this item. I have spent 1-2 hours a day waiting for their gec live chat to set me up with someone to ask for help, and still nothing, I sent an email as well and it said it would get back to me in 48 hours, and that was days ago! It is impossible to receive any form of help. Not to mention for the expense of the leggings, I love the brand and the fit of the clothes but these two items i'm having trouble with, as well as the service.

[Resolved] e-gift card

On 2/28/20 I was issued an E gift card as a replacement for a pair of Fast & free 25" leggings whose stitching had come undone. Upon receiving an email from Lulu with a $104 e-gift card I registered both the number and pin on my online Lululemon account. Several days later when I went to redeem it showed as invalid. Upon calling GEC I was told that card was redeemed 6 hours away in San Jose, CA (I live in Los Angeles). I was told I was out of luck as e-cards are considered cash. I asked to have the issue escalated (Incident: [protected]), and the resolution team emailed me back stating I had no recourse other than to file a police report with my local police department.
I happened to have a physical gift card in my possession, and on the back of the card it clearly states:
"lululemon can't be responsible for lost, stolen or misused cards but---great news---your balance is protected from loss if you register the card with us on your account".
So I did the right thing by registering the card, lululemon should not have allowed someone else to redeem the card, and yet I'm out the balance of the gift card. Did I miss something here? All I want is either my original leggings back that I returned to them, a replacement pair of leggings (Fast & Free 25"), or a gift card mailed (but not emailed) to me.
I have included three attachments - the original email allowing the return of faulty leggings, the e-gift card issued, and the incident follow up report I received.
Thank you for your assistance.

e-gift card
e-gift card
e-gift card
e-gift card


Lululemon responded quickly and offered a replacement pair of leggings - super happy with their customer service on this one!

terrible customer service

I ordered a handful of items. When the package came one if the items was not in the package. So I messaged them and they apologized and said it was a split shipment and my other item was enroute. Three weeks later I still don't have the item. I notified them via their online chat and simply asked for a refund. They said they had to start an investigation with fedex (who clearly shows I have not received the item) and it will take 4 business days. They have been incredibly unhelpful and downright rude. I don't want to wait any longer for the item, their investigation policy does nothing for the consumer and they are unwilling to offer any other solutions.

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My daughter received a pair of shorts for Christmas, she tried them on and took tag off, they did not fit her...


I returned my 4 month old Wunderunders that had a hole in them and received an e gift card for the cost of the pants. That was fine. Then I went to complete my new order on the website and after 20 minutes of trying, I finally had to start a live chat because the website wouldn't take my mailing address. The agent on the chat spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure it out. Then to try to apply the e gift card - that took another 30 minutes because the PIN was "too short", but it was the exact PIN on the e gift card. Because of the inconvenience they gave me free priority shipping, they placed the order and said it would take 2 business days to prep the item and I would get an email saying it was shipped. The email never came and, trust me, I checked my Junk mail too.

5 business days later I called customer service and they asked why I didnt respond to their email. I didnt get an email at all...apparently just as the agent put my order through the item went out of stock and you sent me an email asking what I wanted to do.

So the lady on the phone said I would need to wait until the following Tuesday and place the order AGAIN. So I had to go through all of that AGAIN and didnt get priority shipping.

Needless to say, I'm NOT impressed with lululemon and will not be purchasing again. The quality of the pants I originally had were crap, even though I loved them, and even though your agents are friendly and helpful your business just plain sucks. Your website isnt user friendly, I wasted WAY too much time trying to place an order that I then wasnt even aware went through. Good thing I ended up calling customer service or I'd still be waiting for my order!

How would I rate lululemon out of a 10? Probably a 2.

customer service

I am writing to you in regards to the customer service I received in your store September 29, 2019. I visited...

West Vancouver Clothing, Shoes & Acc

customer service and banking holds

I recently purchased an order for 126.26. My bank account was then held for an additional 126.26 and 52.43 and will probably be held for the remaining balance, again, holding up a total of THREE TIMES the amount of my order, in a pending status for 3-10 business days. I have contacted customer service twice today with NO resolution. I contacted my bank, who stated lululemon had to simply call to tell them to release the hold. I contacted lululemon again and no one ever replied to my text messages - which was an option your company provided. I don't know how it's legal to hold $400 for a $126.26 order, but this is terrible practice, you provided no solution and horrible customer service, and this is unacceptable behavior for a retail purchase.

customer service and banking holds
customer service and banking holds


I just bought them 3 weeks ago and the are already pilling from the original material. Do I get a refund or...

gift cards

I had an issue I had on 09/15 with 2 of my lululemon gift cards. I have the cards physically in my possession and they were registered to my account. When I went into the store on 09/15, they were showing a $0 balance (should've been $147.66) and $0.49 balance (should've been $214.36). I contacted customer support and was told that they had both been redeemed in store in Toronto. I am located in San Diego, CA and I don't know anyone in Toronto nor do I have any idea how someone in another country could get ahold of my card numbers and be allowed to use MY gift card codes from physical gift cards on an in-store purchase. This sounds like a protocol issue that shouldn't be allowed on their part. The customer service associate I spoke to on the phone basically told me that Lululemon was not liable for my balance as this is a theft. If there was a theft, it was on their end and how they handle gift cards. The cards are physically in my possession and were added to my account. Per the fine print on the back of the gift card - "lululemon can't be responsible for lost, stolen or misused CARDS..." Understood, I have the gift CARDS physically in my possession. The CARDS are not lost, stolen, or misused. The fine print goes on to say - "great news - your BALANCE is protected from LOSS if you register the card with us on your account." This is where I have an issue. I did exactly that; I registered the cards on my account. Therefore, my BALANCE is protected under their rules. The customer service rep on that I talked to on phone was no help. Lululmeon clearly needs a change in protocol. How can they allow a physical gift card code to be used in store without the card present? Especially when that code is registered to someone else's account? I truly believe this was either an inside job or their random number generator for their gift card numbers isn't really random and someone was able to access my gift card numbers on their end.

  • Updated by Ryan Loy · Oct 15, 2019


    I was contacted by Lululemon regarding my complaint against them with the BBB. They basically said they would follow-up with me within 3-5 business days and I still haven't heard anything after 5 business days. My county police department is still investigating as they consider this identity theft so we'll see what happens. I don't think they understand that I'm not giving up. Their policies about not standing by their gift cards when there is clearly fraud happening on their end is ridiculous. I'm not giving up.

  • Updated by Ryan Loy · Nov 08, 2019

    After over a month of back and forth, including filing a police report and my local department investigating this incident as identify theft, lululemon finally refunded my money in the form of a egift card. good luck to those experiencing this issue!

  • St
    Stephanie V Oct 11, 2019

    Hi Ryan,

    This happened to me too. I had possession of my physical Lululemon gift card and thought it was best to apply it to my account for safekeeping. I was about to place an order yesterday on 10/10/19 and noticed that my gift card was no longer valid. I checked the balance on their website and noticed that it was "Forced Redeemed" (i.e., gift card number was provided but no PIN number was given) on 9/8/19. I asked a customer service representative how this was possible and she claimed I redeemed it in Orlando, FL when I'm based in California. The customer service representative required for me to file a police report and once I obtained that and informed them, they told me there's nothing that they can do. It definitely seems fishy!

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  • Lu
    lucy J. Oct 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I met the same situation, I call the customer service and they let me wait for 4 business days. I don't know will they resolve this kind of issue. Have your issue be resolved?

    1 Votes
  • Br
    Brigitte Killian Nov 06, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is absurd. My daughter was the victim of this with her Lululemon E-card. She went to redeem and they showed a 2$ balance. Said she'd redeemed the 200$ in California, we live in Canada. The Customer Service person said nothing they will do. Something has to change!!

    1 Votes
  • Pa
    Patricia Chao Dec 15, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Happened to me too and they couldn't even tell me which store it was force redeemed at! Customer service said they are not liable and all I could do was go to the police. Go to the police with no information??? Such a shady business!!!

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lululemon duffle bag

I bought my duffle bag a few years ago thinking that because your company had a reputation for good quality, it would last me for years and years (especially since I would only use it about 6 a year when I drive to visit my daughter in N.C.). Otherwise, I would have never paid over $100 for it!

Lately, it has been falling apart. Literally!! I have never seen anything like it. The top half is disintegrating in front of my eyes! I am simply appalled!!

lululemon duffle bag
lululemon duffle bag
lululemon duffle bag
lululemon duffle bag

product order in the store

You did not have a product in stock. Your employee ordered it online as it was showing to have plenty of...

regarding the manufacturing of my everyday belt bag.

To whom it may concern

Regarding the manufacturing of my everyday belt bag. The buckle was attached backwards and does not sit comfortably on hip.

It took me a while to notice but now that I'm wearing my everyday belt bag without my jacket this summer, I'm finding it uncomfortable. I'm disappointed as I had a very hard time finding this color, I finally found what seemed to be the last one in my area. I'm not sure what this seasons colors are but loved this one.

Thank you Laeslie Simpkins

regarding the manufacturing of my everyday belt bag.
regarding the manufacturing of my everyday belt bag.
regarding the manufacturing of my everyday belt bag.


I have been inquiring about a pair of pants I have ordered on the website it's been seven days and still have not received them. I have chatted with two individuals who have been extremely rude. The second one even hung up on me. What kind of people do they have working for them. What ever happened with making the customer happy and treating them kindly so they will stay costumer. Extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with the customer service.

fast and free 7/8 tight

I am a yoga teacher and I have been wearing Lulu Lemon for many years. I recently bought (19th July 2019) the Fast and Free 7/8 Tight (size 6) from the Pitt St Sydney store.

After wearing them twice the stitching at the back came undone and two small holes appeared.

I would like a replacement pair sent to me please. I live in Newcastle NSW and there is unfortunately no Lulu Lemon store here. The closest one is in Sydney which is 2 hours away.

Thank you for your assistance.

Laurie Emmerson

fast and free 7/8 tight
fast and free 7/8 tight
fast and free 7/8 tight

customer service

I purchased pants online and received a wrong product. It was even included wrong invoice so I chatted and emailed customer service. I was told they won't refund my moneThey will refund it if they don't find my order. What? Is this my fault to receive a wrong item so I won't get my order or get refund? This is the worst customer service I have ever received. Except lululemon..all other stores I have been shopping they will ship your item with ovenight shipping and apologize. Why won't they refund or send correct order when they made this mistake? I disputed charge. I think I am done with lululemon. I am sure I will be able to find other brand has good customer service. I think this is a joke.

black capri pants

I have been shopping at lululemon for years. I am originally from Canada and have been teaching gym classe...

[Resolved] pace breaker short 9” linerless size medium colour heather all over iron blue true navy

I got these shorts for my birthday, love everything about them except that the seat has recently started to "pill". I hang them to dry and don't swim in them? What to do? When I first noticed this I "picked" each pull by hand only to have same thing occur ? Please see attached photos. Please contact me at my parents as I am here for holidays. Jenny Chessell, [protected], [protected]

pace breaker short 9” linerless size medium colour heather all over iron blue true navy
pace breaker short 9” linerless size medium colour heather all over iron blue true navy
pace breaker short 9” linerless size medium colour heather all over iron blue true navy


not resolved

lululemon pant size 6

The last 2 pairs of pants I purchased have pilled. I have been buying lulu for 10 years now and never had a
Problem! The last 2 pairs I have purchased have pilled in the upper thigh area. I am not happy and was wondering if anything can be done. My name is Angie mcgrath from at John's Newfoundland [protected]
[protected] please contact me to let me know you have received this email.

lululemon pant size 6