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Complaints & Reviews

#p-[protected]. gift card for $ 200 not received by receiptient. my (sender) bank account already debited for $ 200. what is the situation please?

I got this message after paying $ 200 on your site.
You just gave the ultimate UA gift! We got your order #P-[protected] and we'll make sure it gets delivered right on time.

It has not been delivered. I spoke to your office today, got only a reference number for my call, but no answer.
My order number #P-[protected].

P{lease let me know the position. Thank you.

Under Armourcustomer service

Dear UA,
I am so upset with your customer service that I am pretty sure that even this message will be overlooked, so that I am going to make sure I put this on all customer boards I can find.
I have been an avid fan of the brand, even changed my lifestyle and style for that reason, which I have to thank you for. However, anytime I had an issue online, your customer service proved to be the worst. I am not even beginning to complain about the website or the app, where a few problems arose recently and the reason I contacted customer service.
I must admit these problems might actually be nothing more than simple issues, but the way they were handled by the customer service really infuriated me. Whatever the issue, I had to find a solution myself the correct way, not the recommended one, such as "if you are having issues with your account, open a new one."
I believe this is a rare incident where you enjoy the products of a company, but hate to shop there because you cannot communicate with the people. And if I can't shop online, I can't think of any other place to shop nearby except the outlet shops in my region. Competition is everywhere, and I don't need to hassle with their online stores. Sorry UA, but this may be a reason you are losing sales lately.

deducting usd259.89 from my account without giving me the products

On 18th of Dec. around 9pm I paid USD259.89 in Under Armour store in Elizabeth mall new Jersey. After I recieved a message on my mobile confirming that the amount has beed...

Under Armourua football cleats suck!!!

My youngest son plays football. As a youth, he typically wore Nike cleats, and they wore beautifully until he outgrew each pair. Now, as a HS player, he has worn UA the last 3 seasons! He chose UA because he liked the fit, and the styling, and honestly we thought we could trust the Under Armour brand.
They're horrible.
The first pair (8th grade year) barely made it through the season. They started to fall apart as the season ended. Last year (freshman) he selected another UA pair. With 3 games to go in the season the soles separated from the shoe, and we had to gorilla glue those suckers together and limp to the end. Thinking we must just have bad mojo, we foolishly bought another UA pair for him this season. Holy crap!! They lasted ONE game! That's right...ONE!!! The soles separated, and the flimsy plastic/vinyl/whatever that covers the shoe peeled off. Never again. We are done with this brand. In the process of trying to replace this last pair (because we had a whole season ahead of us), we were told by the largest shoe store in our area that they wont even carry Under Armour cleats anymore because of all the complaints. The second store we went to had a small selection, but also admitted "They're crap". Our son ended up with a pair of Adidas that held up perfectly for the whole season, and after a good washing, look almost as good as the day we bought them.

lack of order!!!

I am beyond unhappy with UA!!! I placed my order on 10/18 and received confirmation I would receive my products Thu, 10/24 - Mon, 10/28. It is 11/5 and I have NOTHING!!!
I did a live chat on 10/29 and was told I'd receive a replacement shipment by 11/1...STILL I HAVE NOTHING!!
I called today and informed my order still has not been sent!
Ordered 10/18
UA received payment 10/23
No matter how popular the clothing is with kids, parents will not tolerate this lack of service!!
I currently have a 13yo boy walking around New England without a coat because of UA!!
I'm beyond angry/frustrated/extremely disappointed that 18 days after placing the order I have NOTHING!!

football gloves

My Latisha boykin my email address is [protected] on 8/28/2019 I bought my son football gloves he only had two games I paid 53.76 for the gloves my son can no longer used them on the 2nd game they rip on the side finger out. 53.76 maybe not lots money for some people but to me that's money I don't have to give away I have six boys that play sports I spend lots money I'm so disappointed

football gloves
football gloves
football gloves
football gloves


I purchased a backpack and the tag said limited lifetime warranty. I contacted UA customer service and was told they no longer honor this warranty. I have submitted this same request in the past and received a prorated credit towards a new bag. I was told this was no longer the case even though I had my receipt as well as the tag from the bag stating the warranty. I understand the prorated credit amount but was not even given this option. I am very disappointed and it will changed my future purchases of UA gear. This is not acceptable from a company so large and with merchandise so expensive. We pay for the quality and when it doesn't hold up it should be made right with the customer.

customer service

First and foremost, I am a first time buyer, that used your online store. Last week, I purchased a pair of Ua Spotlight MC spikes. I mistakenly purchased black instead of red spikes and immediately recognized my error and quickly tried to cancel my order. Unfortunately, it was processed. This is where I will never purchase another item based on the poor customer service I was provided. First, UA does not have a feature to edit your order, which would have avoided my aggravation. Secondly, the same day of my purchase and after waiting on the phone for 45 minutes, I decided to request a call back not once but twice. But didnt recieve any callback. I then proceeded to send two messages from your online support. Nothing. In addition, I called back only to stay on the phone for nearly an hour and a half on my ride home from work. Secondly, the same day of my purchase and after waiting on the phone for 45 minutes, I decided to request a call back not once but twice. But didnt recieve any callback. I then proceeded to send two messages from your online support. Nothing. In addition, I called back only to stay on the phone for nearly an hour and a half on my ride home from work. On Monday 8/26/2019 my 5th attempt finally got though. Csr rep stated that the spikes that was purchased in error could be returned and the correct colored spikes could be purchased. He apologized and offered expidited shipping due to my time constraints and deadlines. I asked for the Csr to wait while I located my card and when I got back to the phone no one was there. Poor Customer relations. How does the purchased spikes get to my house within 5 to 7 business days and I couldn't even contact someone that could help me. Lastly, today again in the phone wanting to purchase from 9am to now 3pm. I finally recieve a call back. Colored spikes could be purchased. He apologized and offered expidited shipping due to my time constraints and deadlines. I asked for the Csr to wait while I located my card and when I got back to the phone no one was there. Poor Customer relations. How does the purchased spikes get to my house within 5 to 7 business days and I couldn't even contact someone that could help me. Lastly, today again in the phone wanting to purchase from 9am to now 3pm. I finally recieve a call back.

under amour joggers

I bought Under Armour joggers from Dunham's in Meadville, Pa in May 2019 for my son. He only wore them a handful of times before the weather was too warm for joggers. After a few washes on cold with other black joggers, they are so faded they look old and gray. Theses joggers cost $55.00 a piece and shoul last longer than 4 to 5 washes, 3-4 months. I'm very unhappy with this product, especially since my son only wears under armpit hoodies and pants.

Under Armourathletic shoes

I bought a pair of black charge shoes from kohls and have worn them 3 times and the back of the right shoe has collapsed and will not return to shape very dissappointed in the quality of this shoe I don't abuse them they still look brand new seems like a waste of $60 guess this is why I usually buy Nike this was my first and last pair of under armour shoes

Under Armourboots valsetz

The boots I bought to work at a prison. The first time the boots got wet, all the thread began to rot and the boot is literally falling apart. All the pieces are coming unsewn. I've tried the shoegoo to keep everything together, but isn't sticking to the boot. The boots are the best feeling boots I ever had. Just wish they lasted longer than 6 months. 128.00 for a 6month pair of boots sucks in the wallet!!

t-shirt from website


I ordered a t-shirt from your website on Saturday 18/05/2019. This was meant to be a present for somebody, this is why i wasn't happy when today (22/05/2019) I received an e-mail from yourselves cancelling my order.
There was no real reason as to why this was the case, the e-mail just stated "Your order was not accepted and we are refunding your payment". I do not find this acceptable, as the reply is so late i am not satisfied with this service!


Under Armourcustomer service

I made a purchase for 8 golf shirts while I was deployed for the military out of the country. When I got home from my deployment, the order was supposed to be there and it wasn't. I checked the UA app and saw that the order was cancelled. I called UA to find out why it was cancelled and they thought that it was a fraudulent order so they cancelled it not notifying me via email or any other means. I explained to the rep when I called that I needed those shirts for a golf trip the following week. He then re-placed the order for me and rushed delivery, that happened on March 18. On Wednesday March 20th I received 3 of the shirts that I ordered. I called a second time to find out what the status was of the remaining 5 shirts. The UA rep said that they hadn't shipped yet. I explained to her that I needed them for a trip and that I was told that they would be to me in 2 days from the March 18 order day. She said that should would follow up with me on Thursday March 21 and make sure that they were shipped and for my inconvenience with this order that they were going to refund me 40% or $136 back to my credit card. I appreciated the gesture and figured that UA would keep their word. I just called back today to find out the status of this and was told that I would not be getting refunded the $136 for the order and that I was basically out of luck. I have a closet full of UA attire, from socks to underwear to shorts to shirts. I have literally over 100 golf shirts. I buy my wife and 2 kids UA stuff all the time. This is not how you treat someone that has been a loyal customer. I could have ordered these golf shirts anywhere but because I love your product I went with you. This leaves and extremely sour taste in my mouth for purchasing products in the future. I hope that this makes it to the correct person and they do what your company said they were.

Under Armourripple tennis shoes

My 7 year old son is missing 1/4 of his brain, has hydrocephalus, so he has a shunt, he is autistic, developmentally disabled, and has had leg braces his whole life. About 3 weeks ago my child got to get rid of his leg braces. Nothing would do my 14 year old but to have his brothers first pair of regular shoes be under armour just like his big brother.. my child cannot carry a conversation with you but words were not needed in the video of my child wearing his first pair of normal shoes ever.. he ran back and forth looking at his feet in the mirror dancing around. I honestly cried because he was so happy. Now we've had these shoes not even 3 weeks and the color from the under armour symbol on the sides of the shoes are practically worn off. Not a big deal to some but come on his first pair of "real" shoes and not 3 weeks old.. this mom lost her job due to all of the surgeries and special needs he has. My husband works an awful lot of hours so we can supply our boys with all their needs. Not a pity party but I cleaned a house for someone so I could actually buy him these shoes just to look like i bought someone's hand me downs. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just feel like they should last longer than that. Thank you

ripple tennis shoes

batting gloves

605423 I bought under armour batting gloves april 2018. They stay in my bat bag in thenhouse when not using them. The emblems are already peeling off and parts of the gloves are cracking...

racist employee

Store number 0218 in West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. On December 27th, 2018 between 4:40 pm and 4:58 pm, your employee by the name of Louis stared directly at me for at least 2...

you stole my invention product

605423 Hello my name is James Percell I am the creator of the ultimate Health bodysuit I created this suits many years ago and have submitted too many people to try to get a licensing...

zipper broke

I purchase my Under Armour jacket less then a year ago right before Christmas at Dunham's in Jefferson City Missouri. I spent close to $200. When I took my coat out of my closet...

Under Armour[protected] art.[protected] 3gr600kpe00197

My boyfriend purchased these mens basketball sneaker at kohls in August and they are coming apart he paid around $70.00
The shoe is seperating from the sole and the toes are wearing off. He really loves how they fit just not the quality of the materials
If you can contact him about this.
Paul smith
He would like to have them replaced.
Thank you

[protected] art.[protected] 3gr600kpe00197
[protected] art.[protected] 3gr600kpe00197

waterproof hunting boots

605423 last year i purchased a pair of underarmor waterproof hunting boots from dicks in millville nj, i used them thru out the year and they started leaking, it has only been a year!!...

deceptive offer

I have been a longtime customer of UnderArmour (UA) and was subscribed to its site to receive various promotional materials. In recent days sent several emails regarding a TAKE 30 discount offer. This morning I accessed the UA outlet store by clicking a link in the email advertisement to use the discount. I selected several items which were featured on the site and which totaled in excess of the $100 minimum to use the discount code. When I enetered payment information, the site notified me that I had to spend at least @ $76 more to qualify. After substantial delays when I called customer service, the UA "team mate" I reached told me that I had apparently tried to order items that had been mistakenly listed on the outlet site but did not qualify for the offered discount. So I had wasted more than 1/2 hour in shopping and follow-up telephone call. No offer was made to remedy the situation.

I have now unsubscribed from the site and do not plan to purchase UA products in the future at this time.

Bob Girard


Under Armour — return cleats

My son cleats ripped 2 pair in April of 2018 and I returned them. They sent me two pair as well. 3 weeks ago he received a pair of cleats for his birthday and they were to small...

poor quality - under armour women's highlight lacrosse cleats

I purchased these cleats in the middle of the lacrosse season in 2018 (which would be in the spring). I played on them for about a month before summer came and the season ended. I put them back on for fall play and in a week a peg broke off. I only used them for about 7 or 8 games and I believe this reflects extremely poorly on the company and their shoes. My resolution to this problem would be a refund (so I can buy a new pair of cleats since I need them for the season) or have a new pair of Highlight Women's Lacrosse cleats delivered to me. I am willing to pay shipping if necessary.

poor quality - under armour women's highlight lacrosse cleats
poor quality - under armour women's highlight lacrosse cleats
poor quality - under armour women's highlight lacrosse cleats


I got my five year old some under armour sneakers with Velcro straps for his first year of kindergarten so they'd be easy to get on and try and make this new adjustment a little easier on him with a good brand of sneakers.. little did I know that they Velcro strap would start tearing off after THREE wears.

Not only am I mad about the sneaker itself, I've called Dicks Sporting Goods where we bought them to try and return as it was in the exchange period and he never wore them outside and they wouldn't return them. So I've emailed under armour 3 separate times and never once have I heard back.

My five year old loves under armour because his uncle and cousins all wear it but at this point I am so frustrated with their product and customer service that I will not be buying anything else until this is resolved.


heatgear collared shirts bad stains!

I purchased two of the Heatgear shirts with a collar and they have fish hooks making up the UA logo on the right breast. A light blue and a white one. I have worn the blue one...

product defect: ua curry 3 crib - size 3.5

605423 I purchased the Under Armour Steph Curry Sneakers for my 15 month old daughter. She is a new walker, and I once believed these shoes would give her the flexibility and security...


I have over the years spent endless money on your products. I am a single mom of 3 and myself and all of my children plus gifts that I give are all under armour usually. One...

product shipping time

605423 I ordered the below shoes on Monday, and this order has not yet been processed. Why does it take a week to process?? I attempted to call on this matter today & after 2 hours (ye...

customer service 888 issues

Today, I was on hold twice today with customer service rep to talk to and was disconnected with a message that the team was going to take a time out. The first time I was on hold for 1 hour 20 minutes and the second time for 1 hour 30 minutes. Why did no one ever take my call for help? Did communicate with someone on chat who was not helpful. I insisted on talking to a customer service supervisor and information was taken but no follow-up call was ever received.

Under Armour — running shoes slightly different sizes

I bought the shoes on January 14 from Dunham's in Battle Creek Michigan and thought maybe I just had to try harder to break them in. I wore them for a few weeks off and on but...

soccer cleats

605423 First off, I just want to say I love your products usually. My entire family(including my 8 month old) loves your comfortable clothing. My husband bought me a new pair of cleat...

bandit 2 shoes

605423 My husband only wears under Armour shoes and clothing. He loves the way it fits and last. He bought a pair of bandit shoes that he wore out. He loved them enough to buy the 2...

Under Armour — running shoes and cold gear shirt

I would like to file complaints to Under Armour for their products which lack of quality as bad as their lack of unprofessional practicing of Under Armour customer services. I...

my under armor slipons

I am very disappointed with these shoes I hav worn them barely and they are faded and the treds are gone and I got them last Christmas of 2017 I would really appreciate it if I...

ua sideline 64 oz thermos

605423 We bought this for our daughter after buying one for our son. We had no problem with the one we bought originally for our son. However, the one we bought for our daughter came...

under armour 7" tac zip 2.0 boot zipper breaking

605423 My name is Officer Derek Culver. I work Security for the University of Kentucky Police department. I have been wearing your boots for a few years now. I had been wearing the Speed...

my order was canceled because of a promo code

My name is David Fey. My order # (order P-[protected]. The order was placed and confirmed. Then 3 days later they send me an email saying my order was canceled because of a...

first responder discount denied

This is the fourth oder I have been slapped in the face by this companies poliies. They like to say they stand behind our first responders and extend a discount for us because of...


I just recently bought (i.e. within the past four days) a pair of Under Amour HeatGear Ankle training leggings and wore them for the first time today, 1/28/18. While walking up a...

Under Armoursponsored athlete behavior

As a long time Under Armor customer I was highly offended by the Lindsey Vonn comments this past week. Does Under Armor not realize that more than 50% of voters in this nation voted for President Trump. By making the public, negative remarks about him and his presidency your sponsored athlete is slapping all of us in the face who voted for him and are your customers. From her remarks I will assume that you agree with her, so that being the case I will always think twice now before making a purchase where other brands are available.

  • An
    Anita Bawnghit Dec 22, 2017

    Poor snowflake

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  • Se
    Sean Hull Sep 27, 2018

    Actually, if you recall Trump lost the popular vote (ie he had less votes than another candidate, Hillary I believe). And if you read the news, Trump is dropped considerably in the polls, even among his own party.

    My question is why does everything have to be SO political? Isn't this America? How can America TRUELY be great again if we want to censor the hell out of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE? What happened to freedom of expression and freedom of speech? Why does one person speaking their mind have to reflect badly on everything they touch? That is a truly ridiculous expectation.

    Right now I have to say my favorite thing is what's going on with Nike. People in SUCH an outrage and making all kinds of demands. Of course 85%+ of those people are over 30, and 80%+ of their market is UNDER 30! The outrage of the older folks have spurred some of the younger kids to make purchases just to rebel.

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