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Complaints & Reviews

want money back

I paid one hundred and thirty dollars for a pair of nike shocks thinking they would last a long time ! The bottom of the sole came off and i cant even wear them anymore! I would appreciate getting reinbursed the whole one hundred and thirty dollars! Didnt even have them no more than 2 months!!!VERY ANGRY MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!!!

smell of cat wee

I purchased a pair of mercurial trainners and after a while started to stink nof cat wee, I have had this problem before with total nintys, My son who is eleven is now being bullied as they think it is his feet that smell. I have tryed to return them to the shop and have been told its to late for an exchange. After many years of buying the Nike brand I now no longer wish to do so as I feel that down by the company, this is on way our fault but theres, so they should do everything to rectifiy their problem. I now being a singal parent on a low income have had to replace my sons trainners. Is this fair I think not?

astro turf trainers

i bought a pair of nike total 90 trainers and after 3 weeks the smell is unbearable, like cat wee. i returned them to the shop where i bought them but they have had no complaints and wouldnt change the nike trainers. i know from watchdog that nike have had problems with these before and i would like some response on this as they cant be worn because the smell is so bad.

  • Ma
    mark flello Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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poor quality of nike shoes

I bought a pair of Nike shoes at Nike store at Centralia Factory outlet (between Seattle and Portland) for my...

the upper sole is coming out and the upper part of the strap is damaged

the upper sole is coming out and the upper part of the strap is damaged
its under 24 weeks garrenty and its been 15 days i havent received any reply regarding the matter..

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dear sir-madam
my name is andrew hilton and i have been playing golf for 5 years and in that time i become a
5 handicapper this has been mostly due to the nike equipment that i have purchased.
My most recent irons were a set of nike pro combo irons 3-pw witch i have now had for 2 years
and i was very happy until i was playing a round the head of my 7 iron came off.
I went to direct golf and they told me it was unusual as there was no rust around the break,
i paid to get it re-shafted and though nothing more about it until 3 weeks later when the head of
my 3 iron came off and like the 7 there was no rust i returned to direct golf and they told me that
my irons are faulty but couldn't replace them because i had had them over 12 months.
I have now lost all confidence with these clubs witch is a shame as all my golf apparel is nike.
On average i spend about £800 pounds a year on nike balls and equipment and really need my
faith renewing please help...

defective product

The Nike+ application is infuriatingly defective. A sensor is purchased for $20.00 to be placed in special shoes that cost over $100.00. This sensor then communciates to your iphone providing workout data such as pace, distance and time. The application is notoriously defective however, in that often the sensor does not communicate effectively, thus causing incomplete and inaccurate data to be stored. For example, the application often will keep track of workout time, but will not measure distance or pace, thus reducing your iphone to a very expensive stopwatch. With the current way this ineffectively operates, it is impossible to use the product to improve upon your workouts or adequately track your performance. It is a crime that two mega-companies like Nike and Apple could charge consumers the outrageous prices they charge and then provide a product that so disappointingly does not live up to the promises both companies have made.

faulty goods

i purchased 2 pairs of nike air max trainers a pair for me an 4 my son after only a month mine split at the front an a few wks later my sons did in exactly the same place not a happy customer ! an thats a under statement

nike mercurial purple boots

I had bought a nike purple mercurial boots last 3 weeks ago. It cost RM379 for the gred B. I had try the size of the shoe. It fit me, and the promoter said that the shoe will be a bit tied because it will suck my leg so that the boots cant get off. Yeah, I believe him. So i went down to field and had a try, my leg keep rubbing with the boots and it make my leg injured. I ask them whether it is will happen for such expensive boots ? they answer, We don have any feed back about this case. Its ok, i send back the boots and they say they will take back to kl to check and it will take bout a month. OK, I m ok with it too. few days later, they call me and tell me, its not the quality problem. WTH ? I'm sure that other brand boots wont cause this problem. This is wat they should do ? Can anyone tell me who can i complain with ? I m stuck right now. Your suggestion will be appreciate. Thanks

nike mercurial purple boots

total loss of faith in the nike

I am writing to express my total loss of faith in the NFL and Nike. A convicted felon to play professional...

bodily deterioration/physical harm

To whomever it may concern,
My name is Gowreetharan Shanmuganathan I have been using Nike products throughout my life, about 2 months prior to the event in discussion I purchased Nike mercurial Astroturf. But due to its ergonomically designed nature both my right and left legs have been subjected to both unexplainable burses and peeling of skin.
I am making a formal complaint against Nike on the grounds of: 1) no proper instruction were given prior to the purchase of the product on various hazard and bodily harm that might have caused whilst the product is still in use.
I would like a response back via email to [protected]@hotmail.com
Gowreetharan Shanmuganathan

  • Ex
    ex06187 Apr 08, 2011

    WHAT A LOSER!!! WITH A CAPITAL L... All shoes have been tested and designed for players that play football. Clearly this person in question has sensitive feet. he should seek help from the doctors.


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badly stitched trainer

I have bought my 3 year old daughter another pair of nik air trainers and again the same problem has occurred, the stitching at the front of the trainer has come away once again. I accepted the first time that this happened because my daughter was only young, but for it too happen again with the second pair I bought. I didnt nikeair the next time I bought another brand but when it was time for another pair once again I decided to try the nike air trainers again but she has only had these for about a month and the same problem has occurred. I would like a responce either by phone or email [protected]@live.com as I am deeply unssatisfied !!!

  • Mr
    mr t punton Nov 01, 2011

    i bought a pair of nike air classics at £91 99 on the 26th of october. got ready to go out in them that night only to find that the wording nike wasnt on both trainers. i was so angry as it was my going out trainers for that night. i felt so angry. i will not be buying nike trainers again. i pay alot of money for my clothes and foot wear as i am only 21yrs old and want to look nice. know way to impress nike... thanks alot.

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won't send my orders

im order shoes the flynike.com i send money to westernunion.
somebody got the money after that.not contack me anymore
name..wenxen xie

fake nike trainers

I have been wearing Nike for almost 20 years. Over the years i have bought many pairs without disappointment...

keeping security deposit

I have complained numerous times about Brittnay, the so-called on-site manager of this apartment complex. She has no business sense. The only reason she is managing these properties, is because her mother Angie, works in the main property office. It all started a few months ago when she claimed she never recieved my rent check, which I might add was also sent with my resigned lease, and a copy of my 30 day notice. Well she recieved the other papers issued, but no check. Ok, well I provided a copy of the check, but had to issue another one. Fine by me, they were going to pay for the cancellation fee of the "lost"check. In my 30 day notice, I requested a walk through of the apartment at the end of the month, no response. I call, no answer. I go to the property, no one working. Not a big surprise, considering SHE IS NEVER THERE. To this day, I have never done a walk through, and I havent lived there for almost a month. So today I recieve in the mail, an envelope containg my "deposit" details. This idiot is getting me for my whole deposit and saying I owe them more money. My deposit was $499. Im not letting that slide, considering I have 2 kids, and living on a single income. I went through the roof when I read this. Trying to say I owe for late rent??? I was out of there 4 days before my lease was up. How is that possible??? That is just one of the many things she is trying to make me pay for. Well it sucks to be her, because I have copies from cleaners and pictures of the place when I moved out.
I dont know why the owner keeps her there, do they want their property run by someone that has no idea what they are doing?? I guess they do, or they would FIRE her. I just know the owner should contact me regarding this situation, or the BBB will be getting a complaint. I have never been late on rent, never had a security deposit denied return. I left that place cleaner than it was when I moved in.
This is absolutely rediculous.

  • Bi
    bigblockdog23 Mar 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have lived at Nike now for several years and have never had any problem at all with Brittany, as a matter of fact I would go as far to say that she may be the best type of landlord Ive ever had. She listens when there are problems and does her best to resolve them as fast as she can. Honestly your probably one of those little ghetto women that live in the back area somewhere and have 2 or 3 kids and yourself all cramped up in a 1 bedroon loft type apartment. I would say that your security deposit should have been kept and dispursed to the remaining residents to make up for your hellish kids running around yelling and screaming and destroying things all day long. I know of 2 maybe 3 children in the whole complex that actually listen to their parents and act accordingly and they are still there so obviously they were not yours so your kids must be of the other type, not to say your any better. Calling some one names online and degrading isnt as fun when your on the oposing side now is it? I would say you were more than likely behind on rent and your water bill since no one in the whole place ever pays it, including myslef except for every 2 or 3 months so when you left all that was taken out, since you have kids then the apt was probably trashed and unless you lived there more than 5 years then the carpet doesnt get replaced and probably had to be so you were more than likely charged for that as well as the multi layers of paint that were probably required. Quit blaming someone you barely know for your issues and suck it up like the rest of us do in life. People like you make me sick. Whine whine whine boo hoo its someone elses fault. You have kids, hopefully they dont act older than you already.

    1 Votes
  • Jd
    Jdoe123 Jun 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If I move into Nike meadows two days before the next month how much should it cost me? Also how much if there is a security deposit?

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  • Jd
    Jdoe123 Jun 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Has anyone had to pay $469 for the security deposit?

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  • Bi
    bigblockdog23 Jun 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your move in rate is typically first months rent and deposit unless you have bad credit then it may be first and last months rent plus deposit. The deposit is usually whatever amount your rent is so say you want to move in on the 1st and the rent is 469 then you would pay 469 rent and 469 deposit for a total of 938.00

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  • Mo
    Mommy4life Dec 17, 2015

    I applied to Nike Meadows and was told by the Property Manager that the unit I picked would have the upgrades. I wanted one that faces what small greenery they have for my dogs to go outside in private (yes, they are so cute that they get stopped a lot by people who love to chat me up about them) and this was one of a few available. Well, that manager is no longer there so a new girl called me on the phone to tell me my application had yet to be processed. In the time that I had applied, there had been an increase in market rate for the newly remodeled units. Additionally, there was ANOTHER market raise for the units that were not getting all new upgrades. The "older style" units increase was only $20.00 but the difference between what brought me in the door and what I would be walking away paying for a newly upgraded unit was over $80.00 higher! It is not my fault that the old manager sat on my application allowing the increase to occur. The new Property Manager allowed me to talk to the Regional Manager who continuously quoted policy to me saying that their "rates were subject to change" and since I had only applied and not given a deposit, there was nothing she could do. In the end, I only wanted my stupid $30.00 application fee returned to me since my application hadn't been fully processed yet and this was not something the company was willing to do. Terrible business practices, Nike Meadows! I don't think 30 bucks was worth ticking off a potential tenant.

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see it for yourself via twitpic

http://twitpic.com/zlzxc -- in the photo I took with my BlackBerry, you can clearly see what I'm talking...

dangerous running shoes

I recently purchased a pair of Nike SKU# [protected] Men's Nike XCCELERATOR TR shoes. These shoes are so...

fake and no returns

i had a bad experience as they deliberately sent me the wrong pair of shoes and it was a cheaper pair. They...

shoes fall apart in 1 week

$80.00 pair of shoes fell apart in less than a week the seller of the nike shoes who is rack room shoes would not take them back because they had been worn . duh these shoes are no better than any other 10 dollar a pair wall mart, made in china by some 8 year old who makes 4 cents a day, shoes if i cant get my money back i at least want about 10 new pairs so they can be thrown away when they break and i will have shoes for a year

  • Xu
    xuexue Aug 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nike Max Air

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smelly trainers

In July 2oo8 I paid 120 pounds for a pair of Nike Mercurial football boots.After a while they smelled very strongly of amonia (cat's pee !!) A BBC consumer programme Watchdog" highlighted the issue and Nike have said that the boots can be taken to any Nike outlet for refund/exchange. However, when I took the boots back to "Sports Direct" where they were purchased, the staff were extremely rude, intimidating and didn't want to know.After 3 trips to the store, I still have the boots and have had no satisfaction from the shop.What should I do next ??

  • Ke
    kerry Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    having purchased trainers and fgootball boots for my son they smell really badly of strong cats pee has anybody got any information on what i can do about them

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  • Da
    david talbot Nov 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    3 of my sons have the nike trainers and 1 also has the boots, they really do smell of cats pee, does anyone have
    any suggestions how i get them replaced? for me to buy another 4 pairs would cost £120+.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Avlonitis Jan 20, 2009

    My son has also bought the Nike Mercurial orange peel football boots, and after his first game< I left them on his balcony to air - I presumed a tom cat had climbed onto the balcony and sprayed the boots - they smell so strong of cat wee - it is so strong you can smell it, well before you approach the boots. Do you have any suggestions for us. As we live in Greece we order them through the mail thus costing even further expense!!!

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  • Do
    dollylolly Nov 25, 2009

    I suggest you contact Consumer Direct. After wearing them for a grand total of 4 times my sons Total 90 have been relagated to the garage as we cannot live with the smell anymore. They advised me to write a letter of complaint as I have had the same problem with our local Sports Direct store. Also go to the Nike website which shows you how to confirm the date of manufacture so you know they are definately produced at the time of the fault ( Sports Direct tried to fob me off by saying they were from a newly produced batch which has been proved untrue).
    Nike have also offered to test the boots so in the letter I am also advising SD that should they be proved fault ( although just by the smell there is no doubt they will I will seek compensation for the cost of phone calls etc and the replacement boots we will have to purchase.
    Hope this helps

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