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1800 062 3550(Mexico) 2 2
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800 035 703 048(UAE) 2 3
1800 18 886 453(Philippines) 0 5
+1 800 344 6453(United States) 86 54
+1 212 367 4447(International) 1 1
+1 844 430 6453(Canada) 0 6
+61 130 065 6453(Australia) 3 2
+64 800 113 661(New Zealand) 1 3
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+43 13 602 773 720(Austria) 2 1
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+90 212 365 0490(Turkey) 0 1
+27 112 560 701(South Africa) 10 4
+86 800 820 8865(China) 1 2
+852 82 122 122(Hong Kong) 2 3
+91 800 100 9538(India) 3 3
+81 120 645 377(Japan) 0 1
+82 15 771 360(South Korea) 0 1
+54 810 555 6453(Argentina) 0 1
+55 113 004 5566(Brazil) 1 1
Nike European Headquarters
Colosseum 1, 1213 NL Hilversum, The Netherlands
Nike Greater China Headquarters
No. 99, Jiangwancheng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200438
Phone: +86 215 288 2828


PO Box 443, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067, Australia

New Zealand
PO Box 47829, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144, New Zealand

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Büyükdere cad. Nurol Plaza , No:257 B Blok Kat:9, Maslak 34398, İstanbul, Turkey

GMG Building, Oud Metha, P.O Box 894, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

South Africa
12A Growthpoint Park, Tonnetti Street, Midrand 1686

Ground & 1st Floor, Olympia Building, No 66/1, Bagmane Tech Park, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore 560093, India

10/F Marajo Tower, 312 26th St. West cor 4th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig Metro Manila,

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México (Guadalajara, Jalisco), Ontario 1107 Col. Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44620, México

Nike Complaints & Reviews

Nike / Natural Motion Offset

Jul 19, 2019

7-19-19: Recently, I returned a pair of sneakers that I had purchased to Nike for inspection. I had purchased them at a shoe store. The policy of that store is not to accept shoes after being worn. When I tried them on in the store, they felt fine. Walking and running was very comfortable...

Nike / pricing of ar9293100

Jul 18, 2019

We have bought a pair of trainers for my son today at the nike clearance store on international drive, Orlando. The trainers have been sold at $180 however they are $134 and £92 on the website. I have called the store to question this and told it is standard to be different and the...

Nike / nike air force low

Jul 18, 2019

Hello I am contacting you because the beginning of June 2019 I purchased a pair of Nike air force low at sneaker villa, and there should be no reason why the sole should be detached from the shoe a month and a week later. I have been buying air force as a child and never had that issue. It...

Nike / nike pegasus

Jul 17, 2019

I bought the Nike Pegasus because I started to run and I wanted the best product of the brand to take care of my feet (I didn't care about the price). I bought them in Perú, I was on vacation so I didn't use them until I came back to France. Today I went to run and I wore them. They destroyed...

Nike / cowardice

Jul 16, 2019

Dear Nike, Thank you announcing that you are recalling the shoe with the Betsy Ross flag, . It came at exactly the right time for me personally -- I was just getting ready to buy two new Nike shoes -- a running shoe, and a walking shoe. As an avid runner, I usually buy 3-4 pair a year. I...

Nike / defective tennis shoes

Jul 15, 2019

I purchased a pair of Nike tennis shoes at Finish Line inside Macy's in McAllen, Texas on 06/15/19. On 7/10/19 I noticed that the white stripe was coming off the tennis, I don't this should be happening in less of a month. I took them back to the store on 7/13/19 to exchange them for...

Nike / unprofessional and rude staff

Jul 15, 2019

I visited your store yesterday morning and had to deal with two members of your staff that were both rude and rather annoying. First of all a female staff member called Bryanna came over and asked if we needed help, when we replied "no thank you" she stayed with us and just stared at us a...

Nike / nike tuned 1

Jul 14, 2019

Date of incident: 14/07/2019 Description of incident: I was walking indoors (a furniture store) when i had a crack. I looked down but did not realize anything and had also not stepped on anything besides the carpet on the floor. I had felt that the middle of my left sole had also felt...

Nike / nike ultra comfort flip flops

Jul 11, 2019

Purchase Nike Ultra Comfort Flip Flops at JC Pennys last month. I wore them about a week and got them wet and the odor is disgusting. I washed them trying to remove the odor it didn't work and sprayed them with Freebreeze it was no better. This also happened to me last year. The only time...

Nike / nike air max 2017

Jul 11, 2019

Myself and a friend bought the same shoes (black Air Max 2017) in September 2018 at the Nike Outlet in Conway SC. After a few months he told me that his air pockets on the heels had busted and had no support anymore. I joked with him but now mine have done the same thing. I am very...

Nike / no more nike in my home

Jul 11, 2019

This disgusts me that I even am having to write this. The company of Nike is controlled by athletes and swayed. This is ridiculous. That CK guy should have NO PULL on what you sell and dont sell. He is nobody just a rude unamerican non -educated boy. Get some balls NIKE. This family of 4...

Nike / jordan retro 5 michigan

Jul 10, 2019

Just received pair of retro 5 Michigan. Both shoes are creased!! I'm extremely upset. Talked to customer service, he said I can either keep the flawed pair or return these for a refund. I feel Nike should do a little bit better. I paid $237 for a quality product! They shouldn't look like...

Nike / marketing anti-american

Jul 10, 2019

No longer will I buy Nike due to the angry, unamerican, hated sponsorship you provide for CK and Megan ( whatever her last name is ). Both are a disgrace to this country and should get the h___ out. If this is representation of NIKE so be it. My goal is to ensure that all big businesses in this country that sell your products end contracts by 2020.

Nike / legend trainer (black)

Jul 08, 2019

I bought the Nile Legend Trainers for $106 because they looked well constructed and were reinforced at the toes and around the laces. After less than 2 months of use. The mesh material is tearimg apart at the place where the shoe bends. This after mild to moderate use 3 times a week...

Nike / champs customer service

Jul 08, 2019

I am just writing to advise you that I just left Champs Store in Intercity Mall and thought you should be aware. I attempted to purchase a pair of your Nike women's $200.00 runners and was told I couldn't try them on because I had flip flops on without socks. Keep in mind it is 32 degree...

Nike / free give away

Jul 08, 2019

Hi, my names Anjulie and I filled in and completed all the necacery steps for the free give away and it told me I hadn't done it, I completed it 3 times and the same thing happened. I love Nike, and use Nike products everyday, either on the soccer pitch or casually, I hope you receive...

Nike / kaepernick's position

Jul 08, 2019

I am very disappointed in recent Nike public images. The lastest in removing the Betsy Ross Flag is unexplainable. I am no longer an investor in Nike and will not purchase Nike products until a ":new image" is established. Attached is a photo of President Obama's second inaguation where he...

Nike / loss of a product choice caused by some overpaid dimwit

Jul 07, 2019

I SHALL (provide as much information as possible) I've never sought out a NIKE brand product before but I SURE AS HELL WON'T do so from now on! KP can kiss my ass and so can NIKE! Removing a product from the shelves that sports an AMERICAN theme is awful. NIKE should be ashamed. I'll do my...

Nike / nike corporate policies

Jul 07, 2019

You have once again shot yourself in the foot - this time more literally than before. By bending to that low life disrespectful Kaepernick you have joined with the devil and I will never support or purchase any of your products. I will also share my opinion of your poor decisions with all...

Nike / marketing

Jul 06, 2019

I've probably spent 10k on Nike apparel in my life. That all stops today. And I will be swapping all my curent gear for other brands. The shameful, ignorant and cowardly act to pull your shoes on a misplaced objection is the end of my patronage. I only hope that others join me until and...

Nike / complaint

Jul 06, 2019

Hello Adidas, my new friend. I'm done with Nike, finally. I cut the cord. The Betsy Ross, Colin "the communist" Kapernick debacle was the last straw. By succumbing to this privileged, politically driven, racial puppet, Nike has turned a corner into the political realm that it...

Nike / betsy ross american flag shoes

Jul 05, 2019

Everything i own is Nike. All I buy is Nike. I will not purchase another Nike product until Colin Kaepernick is dropped from contract. If you do not respect your nations flag, you should not live in that country. I spend 1000's of dollars on your products every year but that will now stop...

Nike / air max 1 quick strike fourth of july shoes

Jul 05, 2019

I, along with many, many others, are utterly at a loss for words for Nike's unacceptable, pathetic, anti-American & foolish decision to cancel the production and sale of this shoe. This is a complete joke that a company that has/had millions of customers would listen to one...

Nike / political cowardice

Jul 05, 2019

I am SO disappointed in your decision to pull Betsy Ross flag. SHAME ON YOU. It is disgusting to me that your company would bow to a few extremists and let them steal this flag for un-American political purposes. Sure either way you will offend many people. Too bad you chose to offend the...

Nike / your 4th of july sneakers you pulled

Jul 04, 2019

Your company should be ashamed of them selves listing to a Anti American so called football player and pulled you 4th of July sneakers. He is ANTI-AMERICAN and against everything our Country was founded on. My family, relatives, friends and their family and friends Will Not Purchase Any Of...

Nike / nike's recent decision to discontinue the betsy ross flag shoes

Jul 04, 2019

I have been a customer along with my 4 children I must spend several thousand dollars on Nike logo items. But this time you have gone to far in your perception of Political Corrections and history revisionism. I have as of today returned $1, 500 of recently purchase Nike shoes and other...

Nike / removal of betsy ross shoes

Jul 04, 2019

I have been a loyal customer of Nike for the past 30 years but no longer. My husband and I will not be purchasing any more products by Nike for the sole reason of Nike removing the Betsy Ross shoes as a product. Nike needs to stay out of politics and if anything, salute and support America...

Nike / nothing nike ever again, you are standing for the wrong values.

Jul 04, 2019

As a veteran, I am super offended by Nike's Choices and there Political views. I will not support NIKE or any of its subsidiaries. Please move your company to another country where you can offend those who at one time put our lives on the line for this country. Nike and Jordan brands, our...

Nike / service

Jul 04, 2019

I used to love Nike. Now, I'm disgusted by the company. I'm hosting a Nike clothes burning party. I'll never buy Nike again and encourage others to do the same. Nike has lost its way and in doing so, Nike has disrespected the American people, our heritage and our bond. Nike promotes the...

Nike / anything nike never again

Jul 03, 2019

How can a corporation such as yours cower to an anti-American who throws a football for multi-millions of dollars which he could never do in another beyond belief. My family and friends I have spoken to will NEVER buy ANY product of yours again. we will not forget a...

Nike / betsy ross flag

Jul 03, 2019

I am very disappointed to hear you are pulling the patriotic Betsy Ross shoe. I will go out of my way to be sure I do not purchase a Nike product in the future. The Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of unification. Stop bashing America Nike. Stop catering to the leftists who seem to be intent...

Nike / the cancelled betsy ross shoe

Jul 03, 2019

I am appalled you will cave to a small sample of our Republic who express possible offense, rather than recognize what our Flag and National symbols reflect. Shame on your corporate leaders for not honoring our American heritage, which is filled with far more good than bad. If one applie...

Nike / nike shoes

Jul 03, 2019

I would like to buy the Air Max 1 USA shoe, and will not purchase another Nike product until it is released. Below is a respectful conversation I had with a Nike employee. Unfortunately he could not even tell me who I could voice my displeasure to. I would think Nike would desire to hear...

Nike / advertising and endorsement

Jul 03, 2019

As an honorably discharged veteran of the United States army and a police officer I find your stance on the Betsy Ross flag extremely un-patriotic. I also believe your cowing to Kaepernick to be nothing but cowardice and political correctness run rampant. As a parent of a teenage boy who...

Nike / pulling the betsy ross flag sneakers

Jul 03, 2019

There is something fundamentally wrong with the NIKE owner and his company. How in the world would you remove the Betsy Ross flag over one unfounded complaint from an historically ignorant and politically stupid failing athlete such as Colin Kapernick? Kapernick is so moronic he does not...

Nike / the decision to cancel the betsy ross line

Jul 03, 2019

I'm a 45 year old Nike consumer customer I bought Nike shoes and gear over the years but due to your decision to appease Kevin Kaepernick I will no longer buy Nike products and I will be donating all my Nike products and gear to Goodwill Kevin Kaepernick ruined his career disrespected my...

Nike / nike american flag withdrawal

Jul 03, 2019

colin kaepernick is not the only voice in america. why should his opinion matter more than anyone elses? maybe no one should wear cotton since slaves picked some of it. i am extremely diappointed that one person changes your company"s products. where are my rights to own shoes with a flag...

Nike / betsy ross shoes

Jul 03, 2019

I am highly offended that these shoes were pulled from the market. The only shoes my boys will wear are Nike's but they will be getting something different this school year. Those shoes are in honor of our country and, if that is offensive, it is terribly sad for any American to feel that...

Nike / betsy ross flag

Jul 03, 2019

I cannot begin to express the disappointment I feel in your company for the decision to pull the Betsy Ross Flag shoes. Even though it was hard to let it go when you began your business dealings with that low life Kaepernick but my love for your shoes overrode that. I have only bought Nike...

Nike / unpatriotic unethical un-american

Jul 03, 2019

So disappointed with Nike's decision to pull an americal flag image from its product line. Bowing to the few with unreasonable accusations of racism is a sign of weakness. To ban an historical object such as the betsy ross flag just because salvery existed during the same time period i...