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Nicor Gas / Unauthorized billing

1 United States
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I moved into my apartment in September of 2007. My first gas bill was very high. I called Nicor to make a complaint they told me it was not their problem but the landlords responsibility to make sure furnaces, installation etc were up to date.

Each month during the cold months since September of 2007 I made a complaint to Nicor. I told them that no matter if I was out of town the whole month with my gas turned completely off I continued to get heating bills for two to three hundred dollars.

Last month my heating bill was over $300. I was home only four days and had the heat off the other days. I called Nicor who again blamed my landlord and refused to come out and take a look. My landlord again called a heating company who updated any parts, filters and a new water heater. I stayed at a friends house from the time I got that bill. My next bill was over $236. I this time called Nicor and said I must have a gas leak knowing they would come out and take a look.

The service tech checked the pipes and confirmed I indeed was paying for someone else's meter. I again called Nicor. They responded by telling me that I need to continue to pay these bills or they will report to the credit bureaus. They also stated they could not give me a date as to when they would be out to confirm the meters were indeed switched. As though their own tech's information or test was not enough.

I asked them to terminate my service and I am told the reimbursement check when ever I get it will not be exactly the difference but charged at the rate today not two years ago when I was only heating my house to 62° and 54° during the day.

I will update when I get the check. I do know my neighbor paid $65 on her last bill that I should have got while I am stuck paying $236.54 or I will be reported to the credit bureau.

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