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Being B.A.D. (Big A$$ Divas): Self Proclaimed YouTube Junkie

I am an avid YouTube junkie. I find myself watching more YouTube channels than anything on Netflix or any other channel on the internet or TV. I'm a fan of being able to tailor my viewing experience. For nearly two years I watched nothing but Nigerian TV or Nollywood. Even though there was an overwhelming amount of cultism and witchcraft in Nollywood TV, I enjoyed the family messages of the older movies and television shows.

I moved on because I found myself disheartened by many of the storylines. Money and power were the focus of so many Nollywood TV shows. People were killing their own family members for money and power. I was ready to move on. There is so much garbage in the media, I don't want to sit down after a long hard day to relax and watch people sacrificing their own for fame and fortune.

I decided to watch Korean Drama or KDrama after watching a few Korean series on Netflix. Because they dealt more with family issues and were more focused on family values, I became a KDrama lover. I still watch KDrama and several YouTube channels such as Empressive, Lovelyti2002, and Unwinewithtashak whenever I want to see celebrity nonsense. I also watch multiple how-to shows such as D4Darius, Selfpublishingwithdale, and Bright Side for interesting how-to information. I watch
The Young Turks and other news channels for news.

As I stated before, I am a YouTube junkie. I find that YouTube allows for more diversity than any other media platform. I am even thinking of canceling my Netflix subscription to subscribe to the YouTube channel because Netflix does not do a good job of representing all of its viewers.

My question for Netflix is who decided on your Obese TV lineup and WHY? Where are the movies geared at making the plus size community feel included? Oh, and by the way, I don't mean the shows you currently have such as:

Netflix Fat Folks Lineup:
* Big as Life: Obesity in America
* Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
* Killer At Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat
* Obesity the Post Mortem
* Shut-In's: Britain's Fattest People

Plus sized people have accomplishments, careers, dreams, friendships, goals, and romances. Why are these things not being reflected on your site? It is absolutely ridiculous in this day and time for people or a corporation to be so narrow minded.

The way plus sized people view your communication is that being overweight makes them and enemy to America or somehow inferior. Netflix should seriously take a look at its line-up. Your communications are really foul from a big person's perspective. Overweight people makeup approximately 68 percent of the population and yet are treated horrendously by corporate America.

Netflix it is almost like you are FATSHAMING those viewers who are overweight. You should check yourself before people realize they can go to YouTube and find a similar service which even allows people to create their own channel if they don't see something they want to see.


Jul 25, 2018
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  •   Jul 26, 2018

    Seriously? I’m considered fat by American standards yet I’m not offended at all. Society has to pick on someone. Disability, color, religion, financial status, location— all have been done. I don’t feel ashamed of being fat.

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  • No
      Jul 27, 2018

    ^^ this kind of thinking right here fellas

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