Netflixchanged my streaming plan w/out permission

I received an email stating, "As you requested, we've changed your plan over to the 4 screens at a time plan at $11.99." I made no such request, so I called the customer service line and was repeatedly told that I or someone I gave access to must have requested the change! The customer service representative proceeded to rattle off multiple common devices with streaming capabilities to insure me that I must have left one logged into my account, "even a smart t.v. you no longer have..., " but I informed him that I have every device that is even capable of streaming in my possession. Also, I have never given out my password, I am a disabled veteran that lives alone with no visitors inside my home for the past 3 years, and the only streaming device that is or has been online for the past 2-3 years is my laptop. He continued to suggest that I either made the request for the change or that I had been negligent with regard to maintaining security of my account. The nerve! It has become clear, from a simple Google search that I am not alone. I told him as much and he told me, "don't Google this Netflix issue...I am aware of that article..." Clearly Netflix has millions of streaming customers and it will be quite easy to scam many out of collective millions by illegally altering the terms to which their customers agreed. It is a calculated risk because they know so many people use multiple, unsecured devices and because so many people share their passwords, that it would be easy to convince the average customer that it is entirely possible that one of the many people with access to the account made the change. Well, I am not the average customer, so the SCAM did not work on me!

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