Mr Price Group / MRP / no response on request to close mr price account

I first contacted Mr Price customer care via telephone wanting to close my Mr Price account. I overpaid and there is a credit on my account which I want transferred back into my account.
I have sent through all the documents which were very difficult to understand from the customer service call center. I have waited for 17 Days now to receive any communication regarding the matter. I believe only 1 person deals with this type of query? I have left 2 messages with the call center (where I had to go over the story over and over) for her to call me back to no avail and 2 emails to address [protected]

The point is they have my money and it feels as if Mr Price Group are making it as difficult as possible to transfer my money back to me.

I do hope I can get some resolution. Sad how you have to complain on a public form for anything to be done.


Nov 19, 2017

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