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Motorola Razr 2 / stay away from this phone!

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Motorola RAZR 2 -

I purchased a Sprint Motorola RAZR 2 and the very first one had to be replaced. The second one has the same problems as the first and Motorola has not even tried to help me. They ignored my BBB complaint. So I am posting the problems with this phone here, in the hopes everyone stays away from this phone.

1. Does not support any of Motorola Bluetooth headset and headphones that I own. Even my new Moto stereo headphones that came out before the RAZR 2 even came out, don't even work.

2. Daily White-Screen freeze errors.

3. Text input in third-party app's in annoying. the "1" key cycles though characters that you will never use just to get to a period aor @ sign. the "0" key is used to cycle though the rest and again goes though characters that you will rarely use just to get one you will use a lot.

4. The touch-screen is way too sensitive. If you don't have a key-lock set, you will find that the TV app will load in your pocket and turn to a channel. Or it will just load the app and waste the already pathetic battery life. Even if the key-lock is on, the vibrate feature will go off so many times that when you goto use the phone, you will end up having 1 bar, maybe 2.

5. Horrible battery life. Unlike the A900, Katana, and pretty much all other slim-phones, the RAZR 2 gets really hot when using it. Heat means wasted energy, thus making the battery life the worst I have ever seen. If you are using bluetooth, and/or the TV app, or in an area with a weak signal, battery life can be as low as 40 minutes.

6. The UI is SLOW! I mean as slow as slow can get. This comes to it's full power of annoyance when you end up loading an application that you didn't mean to, and closing it down takes 5 to 10 seconds to close down. This will happen a lot, because the buttons are so close together, that you will end up loading the music or TV app without even trying. Scrolling through you content is horrible. Images take what seems like months to switch to the next.

7. No real media player. You can not fast forward or rewind video clips. So those days of watching movies and shows on your phone are over. Unless you want to sit and watch it from the beginning.

8. You can not hear the volume when setting the level for the ringer, alarm, ect. This most basic of features shows how low Moto has come when making phones.

9. The lower set of speaks has a groove where overtime it will cut into your fingers when holding the phone to watch TV.

10. The inner display has the typical data and time features, but with the RAZR 2 you can not get rid of the date. So if you have a cool screen saver, you will see "00/00/000 Day" on the screen. So if you have a cool pic of a Cele you are into, their face will be blocked.

11. The web browser is HTML, but it renders the site into pages. So a normal sized site will be cut into many pages. Some sites are cut into 10+ pages. Unlike Opera mini which can render the entire page in one window. You will be scrolling page to page just to see the content you like.

12. Since the browser is HTML, WAP sites can't be loaded very well if at all. So if you want to download a Java app through a WAP site, you might not be able to at all.

13. Third party apps can easily cause the phone to lock-up. Basic app's that load on even the most simple phone will cause the phone to lock in a white screen and you will have to pull the battery to get out.

14. Alarm doesn't always go off. This has happen to me a lot.

15. When you use the speaker-phone or use the speakers with Telenav, the sound quality is horrible. On the other end my friends make me repeat what I am saying. The speaker-phone has been known in the past to be one of the best features found in Moto phones; this is not the case with the V9m.

16. Buttons on the side are tiny. With a plastic snap-on case they are very difficult to press.

17. The phone doesn't even have a headphone port. So you can not use it as a portable music player without playing the content through the speakers, or a Bluetooth headset, which most likely will not work.

18. You can not set images from your memory card to display as wallpaper.

19. Music playback is dependent on using Sprint's Music Player, which crashes a lot.

20. The Music Player no longer works, so I can't even use the phone as an MP3 player.

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  • Ra
      24th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    wow...your problems with the razr2 seems to be terrible...i have a feeling yours might be one of the 'defects'. i've had mine since january and yes, i admit there are some minor problems...the biggest being the battery life (probably due to powering two screens instead of one) but none of them are as severe as what you've listed...maybe it's just different shipments of them?

  • Br
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I totally agree i have had my razor since march and i never had this many problems with a phone. It always turns white or will freeze and then i will have to take out my battery which is not always helpful. I don't have any battery life...i went to change my battery at Us Cellular for a better one and it shuts its self off! I can't even keep my phone on because it will die right away. my keys constantly stick, causing texts that i didnt want to send. i spent a ton of money on this phone and have already sent it in once, and it did nothing. I am so upset i would like to tell motorola i want my money back. My fiance's sister had the same problems with her phone as me. And i agree the speakerphone sucks you can't hear very well.

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