Moe's Southwest Grillservice

Today I was rudely treated by the cashier that was working there. My friend was walking from shoprite with me over to moes so I didn't have to go alone. She had a chipotle container with her that she was eating on the way over I went in to get my food and was rudely treated by the cashier. She told my friend once that she shouldn't have that in there and okay we understood but I had to get my food and we were leaving.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Branchburg, NJ So she continues to tell my friend how insulting it is and saying you can't have it in here you can't have it in here and we heard her the first time I just needed my food. So I get my stuff and go to fill my soda and she stares and continues to tell us what she already told us and she said again you can't eat that in here and again We knew I just needed to get my soda. The way I was treated today was not right I work right across the way and I'm pretty upset that I need to take my services else where and my friend and I should not have been treated the way we were.

Nov 30, 2018

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