Midland Credit ManagementRude and unprofessional

Midland calls me about 6 times a day on my cell phone during work hours so i do not answer. The kicker from this is they don not leave a message for a return call. Next the guy says when i did answer that i have been making regular payments, so i ask why the calls then. He say i owe him the money and i say nope its the company i had the account with not you and he gets really upset and hells at me and gets rude and talks to me like i him his child or something so i go off him. I ask him how did he get my cell number and i never get answer back or any answers on the account. So i just hang up amd that makes them really mad and when they call again they mad so right off the bat they rude and confrontational so i just tell what i will do and hang up. But really who do they think they are for real


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