Windham Professionals Complaints & Reviews

Windham Professionals / Debt collection

Aug 11, 2016

They are looking for someone I rented to years ago, & now I happen to live back in that house. The tenet skipped town owing several months rent, so Im guessing they did that to them too. However, I've returned their calls 3 times now telling them this person has absolutely no ties to my...

Windham Professionals / Student loan forgiveness program

Jun 20, 2016

I was contacted by them last August 2015, that I was eligible for student loans rehabilitation program set up by Obama. I was qualified and have a monthly payment of $5 a month. They are charging me $6, 000 a month to handle my account, $1, 100 a month for late fees on interest charged...

Windham Professionals / Sallie Mae/Windham Professionals

Nov 4, 2013

So I have been on a payment plan with Sallie Mae for the past two years, trying to fix and do write now what I had done wrong at 17 yrs old….About a month ago I get my first call from Windham professionals, and spoke with a lady who was first seeking for me to give her my SSN and...

Windham Professionals / RUDE EMPLOYEES

Dec 4, 2012

Amy Pergola is the rudest person I have ever had the misfortune of having to speaking to. My son attended the local community college and due to an oversight by the college. My son was awarded a pell grant and he enrolled in courses. I paid the difference between what the pell grant...

Windham Professionals / release of personal info

Aug 29, 2012

I understand that i have a debt that i need to get caught up on and have no problem with that, but Windham Professionals have called my work and my ex in-laws and released what they were collecting for and to my ex family where i worked and what they where collecting for. If i want ex...

Windham Professionals / Harassment

Aug 7, 2012

This guy keeps calling me. He just says if I dont call him back soon the problem is just going to get worse, but he never states why he is calling me. He said he has my social security number..big deal. I could go online and get his social and call him and tell him that he needs to call me...

Windham Professionals / Nonstop Harassment!

Feb 23, 2012

These idiots kept calling my number asking for a person that isn't there. When I asked them to stop, they kept calling back. When I called to request that they stop calling, they hung up on my while I was in mid sentence. I reported them to both the Massachusetts and New...

Windham Professionals / Reporting re-aged debt to credit agencies

Jun 12, 2011

I applied to a college in CT, registered for classes. I decided to drop them before classes start to go to another college instead. So I sent the college a letter to drop my classes through certified mail. Well the college "lost" the letter and said I never sent them one. So I showed them...

Windham Professionals / Rude Liars

Jun 4, 2011

I admit I let my loan go in default, a very idiotic thing for someone who worked in financial aid for 3 years, but I was trying to make it right. I called Adrianne back to set up a payment plan. I was elidgible for a recovery plan that will essentially wipe the default off of my credit...

Windham Professionals / Took my money and ran


If this company ever calls you to pay off a debt...don't give them any information! I had a defaulted student loan, through my own fault but was trying to make arrangements through sallie mae to get it paid off. As I got older I was finally starting to try to fix up my credit. My...

Windham Professionals / Attached Wages


I admit that I owe and am in default of my student loads because I didn't agree with the amount that was owed and once the amount was corrected they were supposed to be consolidated and apply a forbearance because I wasn't employed but somehow these "UNPROFESSIONAL" people ended...

Windham Professionals / PHONE CALLS


This company has gone way too far and have now been calling my grandma in denver. I think that this is very unprofessional and I really don't appreciate the fact that they have not sent me anything regarding this or even called me or left any messages. Do they not understand that...

Windham Professionals / Rude Employee's


Just like many of the people who have voiced their complaints about this company, I too have been receiving harassing phone calls from this very company. I am dealing with a Steven Kirby. He is flat out rude and makes up stories saying I said this or that when I never said any of the...

Windham Professionals / debtors


i think all of you LOSERS, should quit whining. you've had plenty of time i'm sure to pay your student loans they give you plenty of time before a loan goes to a collection agency to start making payments. maybe, if you had paid your bills on time like you were supposed to, then...

Windham Professionals, Inc. / These people thretened me


This company had a 400 pound woman come to my office and was rude to my employees and said we were going out of business. I called and spoke to Brian Trepaney at Windham and he also threatened me that he was going to call all my employees at home and inform them to quit working for us. He...

Windham Professionals / they took money outta my account with my permission to pay my defaulted school loan and i just found out that the gov never recieved 1payment.


i see that someone wrote that they tried to pay there student loan and tx gov wouldnt give them a payment plan. that is too funny because i have talked to a girl at windham professionals and she told me she was collecting for my defaulted school loan. And i was more than willing to make...

Windham [Un]professionals / Harrasment/Inappropriate rudeness


Very rude people work here!!! I was contacted about a month ago AT WORK from a lady by the name of Betty. Betty asked me if this was a good time to talk and I said I'm at work but I have a minute because no one was here. She stated that my student loans were in default and they were...

Windham Professionals / Collections


On 12/01/09, my mother, Luz G. Malaret received a call from this collection agencie at 10:00 PM (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) states that a debt collector may not contact you at inconvenient times or places, such as before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night, unless you...

Windham Professionals / Illegal Collection Practices


This company is trying to collect on debts I do not owe. They call me over and over again each day at work and home. They call before 8:00 AM in the morning and as late as 11 PM at night. I have requested they send me some type of verification of this debt that I owe and the collector flat...

Windham Professionals / Insults and Harassment


I have been receiving phone calls from this agencies every day even multiple times per day. All communications with this company have been negative. The first person I spoke with actually yelled at me and was telling me that I would not be able to do ANYTHING with my life unless I paid...

Windham Professionals / Repeated calls


This month a man named Triston keeps calling about every other day. This will be the third and last time that I am calling them back to tell them there is no one named "Juan" at this number. I have been getting these calls now for over 8 months from this company. Each time I call to tell...

Windham Professionals / Unauthorized Debit of $5,000 To My Account


Today, I signed on to my on-line bank account to check my balance and discovered a debit to my account of $5, ooo. This debit was made by Windham Professionals out of New Hampshire, MS. It's true, I do have a unpaid tuition in the amount is $508.00 in which I made arrangements on...

Windham Professionals, Inc. / Harrassment and false collections


Both of my past education loans(from back in 1995-96) have been completely rehabilitated with Sallie Mae and the Dept of Education and are currently in excellent standing with a positive credit record. These people call me out of nowhere 3 months ago and continue to harass me with threat...

Windham Professionals / Student Loans


I've been getting these phone calls from a company called Windham Professionals based out of Salem, NH, regarding student loans. I've been dealing with this person named CHRISTINE DAVIS. Now I know that I do owe some money on loans taken out although I've been out of work...

Windham Professionals / LOAN


all my loans have been sent back to the department of education and even with all the paper work that was done by my doctor and my medical proff that im unable to work these people keep on calling. i have all the proff i need and they think that they need it to what these people need to do...

Windham Professionals / Student Loan Discrepancy


While I acknowledge that I do have a defaulted student loan I need to pay off, this company has been less than helpful in getting that accomplished. They're telling me that I can sign up for the William D Ford Loan Consolidation, which is a good and viable program. But the amount that...

Windham Professionals / Constant Calls & Harrassment


I am a 60+ woman who rents an apartment in Emmaus, PA. About a year ago, a representative from Wyndam Pros began calling me regarding Richard Lyons, a man I do not know. Wyndam would leave messages on my home answering machine. I never listened to the entire message as instructed since I...

Windham Professionals / Terrible experience


I have had the displeasure of dealing with this company for quite a while. I am in the process of trying to repair my credit and make good on my debts. To that effect, I'm consolidating my student loans. When I called Windham 'Professionals' to ask my balance and interest...

Windham Professionals / Rude Representatives


About Windham Professionals Collection Agency - I truly feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with these so called "Professionals" as I did. I never thought this would happen, but, I spoke with Crystal and Mrs. Campbell and they were both so unprofessional. What a waste!

Windham Professionals / Awful customer service


This company employs a very rude lady. I don't know her name but she is an account rep. I called to make payments on a Perkins that went into collections and her attitude was reckless. Not only was she rude but the company had the nerve to charge me a 960 dollar collection fee for a...

Windham Professionals / say I owe them money that have already been paid by IRS


Windham professionals has call many times after I already paid all of my loans by withheld taxes from the dept. of Fl. Educ. They still continue to call after I have paid the balance. Isn't this against the law? They say I still owe them? I have paid my student loan off twice over I...

Windham Professionals / Rude and seems like a scam


This company has been calling me non stop for a few yrs now, claiming that I had a student loan that was in collections that I never paid. I was young, stupid, and just got out of college and I didnt know any better. So, I started making small payments here and there regarding it. The only...

Windham Professionals / Student Loan


Hello- I received a call from someone at Wyndam Professionals regarding my college loan in default. I was told I had a garnishment on her desk, etc. She would not let me speak- she kept telling me details, etc.etc. She also contacted my friend when she clearly had my phone number. please...