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I received a letter from the company 2 mos ago offering a 60% settlement on the bal but didn't have the funds at the time...I now have the funds to settle on the bal b/c of tax refund and rep directly told my wife could not settle, sad that could either pay full bal and would forgive $100 of bal (which is a settlement by any meaning of the word) or make 3 equal pmts to pay bal off...We were also told that payments had to be made by a specific date or would be sent to attorney for legal action and have since been unable to contact the rep we need to speak with to make the payment (always goes to vm and never returns call)...I went to their website at www.mcmcg.com and if you go into the arbitration link will give another link www.mcmpayments.com...When I entered in my account info it gave me multiple repayment options including a 60% settlement of the bal which I took advantage of and can s/u payment directly online. So if reps aren't willing to work with you check online, although I would recommend saving screen prints of offers page and payment confirmations in case they try to pull a fast one and say never offered settlement...hope this helps some of you...

  • Ma
    Mariah Jun 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a debt I am paying off slowly due to money being tight right now and MCM keeps calling me and yelling at me being rude and pretty much freaking out on me. They have threatened me and used profanity! I am getting a legal advisor for this one, watch out! They have messed with the wrong person. If your company is reading this please note kindness works your employee mr. dale johnson needs to be fired I have never been spoken to by anyone like he has spoken to me!

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Scam! Watch out!

I was sent a letter stating that I could pay as low as 50 dollars a month for my debt so I sent them the first payment. The second month I received another statement with the total amount due so I figured that they made a mistake so I sent them another 50 dollar payment. I then looked at my account and noticed that my payments were not being fully deducted from my account so I called them. They told me that since I had not set up a payment schedule with them I was just paying mainly interest. For two payments of 50 dollars my account was only credited 40 dollars. Midland told me that they need at least half of the debt or at least 250 dollars a month. So why did they mail me a letter stating that I could pay 50 dollars a month? Has anyone had this happen to them with these scammers?

  • Wa
    walguy38 May 26, 2009

    These (people) have been bugging me for years and won't give up. I did answer the phone once and almost agreed to pay where the A/H said I didn't sound like I really ment to pay. I couldn't believe it but soon told him to K/M/A and hung up. I put my phone on the answer machine and turned off the ringer. Only use cell anyway. :-) Don't pay they con't afford to pay a lawyer anyway--just threats...just wish there was a way to get their phone #...one that wouldn't go to an answer machine.

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  • Ti
    Tired_Of_This Jul 17, 2009

    They've been calling my phone # for my father, who is NOT registered on my phone. Plus my father has alzheimer's and the supervisor I talked to didn't even know what that was. Of course he wouldn't disclose any information to me, and when I told him my aunt who has legal guardianship tried calling them and of course she couldn't get a hold of anyone, he didn't know what to say. Plus I mentioned if they really needed to take legal action they would have by now, they've been calling for the last 6 months.
    So have nothing good to say about them. They don't help @ all.

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  • Ti
    tinatine Jan 07, 2010

    Yes, those Son of a Guns have been telling me the same thing. I pay $50 a month then they sent me a letter telling me when it would be due. I didn't agree to a specific date and agreed to pay whenever I could, but did acknowledge the debt. I missed 1 payment and they begun harrassing me via cell phone. Some kind of way, the ### got my work # and called me. I cursed them out and stated to never call me at work and they did anyway. Then they have the audacity to call you back to back. Today they called @8:20am, hung up and called at 8:23am and off an on all day long up until 7pm. This is unacceptable and unbelievable. They attempt to leave a message knowing they got your voicemail and say, "Hello, hello." They are some dumb ### people!

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  • Ro
    Ron Walters CPA May 21, 2010

    Do not EVER pay any of these companies a dime. If they buy charged off debt there is nothing they can do to you. If for some reason tehy would take you to court they have NO proof as it has been years and are NOT the original owner of debt. There is NOTHING they can do. Throw away the letters do not talk to them at all. If you do pay one cent the statue of limitations begins again. Send a cease and desist letter via certified mail - you can get a sample copy on google. Then they cannot call or send letters or report to your credit again. Check with your states statue of limitations - if is past that you can sue them if they are still harrassing you. Remember -NEVER PAY ANY COMPANY who has bought a bad debt a penny or any attention. They are losers who try to make money buying your debt for pennies on the dollar - THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO WITHOUT PROOF of your signature on a loan/application or if they cannot show proof of how they arrived at the balance they say you owe. A judge will throw it out immediately. Been there done that!!!

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  • Co
    ConsumerSavvy Oct 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Midland FTC Roundtable Comments - The following is a direct quote from materials submitted to the FTC in 2009

    "Statute of Limitations
    A statute of limitations, which provides a deadline for the commencement of litigation, is defined is various ways across many states, with distinctions based on the nature of a contract, availability of supporting documentation, location of activity, and other factors that are reviewed and applied by courts at different jurisdictional levels. Our company uses litigation as only one of several methods to collect debts and, for those accounts that are past the statute of limitations, we do collect on such accounts through methods such as telephone calls and letters because there is no prohibition on such actions. We do not, however, knowingly pursue litigation against those consumers whose statute has expired. As you know, the FTC issued a Consumer Alert in October 2004 that specifically concluded that collection of debt for which a statute of limitations has run is not deceptive, misleading, or prohibited by law. With only a few exceptions, the expiration of the statute of limitations does not extinguish the debt or our right to continue collections, and we do collect such debts in the same general course of business that we collect all other debts.

    Through court decisions, the statute of limitations for credit card accounts has been reduced in several states, and a number of state legislatures have also proposed a reduction in the time period for litigation. It is our view that shorter statutes will not have the intended effect and will lead to a significant increase in the number of lawsuits filed. Companies will be compelled to file lawsuits earlier in the collection process to protect their interests, and will no longer have the time and flexibility to work with consumers having financial difficulties. While shorter statutes may initially appear to be favorable for consumers, the result will likely not be beneficial to them because agencies will no longer be able to wait for individuals to financially recover. Additionally, the litigation costs and court activity will only add to the burden faced by such consumers.

    Finally, consumers are currently provided with detailed information about their debt and numerous notices regarding their rights, and it is our view that informing consumers about the legal status of their account is problematic. Consumers receive a validation letter each time that an account is transferred to a new servicer, and consumers have also already likely received many letters and notices from the original creditor and prior owners and servicers, so we believe that sufficient disclosures have been made to consumers and that requiring an additional notice will result in legal questions and other issues that collection agencies should not be required to address. Letters to consumers should be concise, informative and provide details regarding the subject account and payment options, but should not be complicated with legal advice related to the statute of limitations, tax consequences, or other similar issues, which will complicate letters and make them less effective and more difficult for consumers to read and understand."

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rude and insulting

A woman from this company got very abrubt in telling me about my irresponsibility in having a child and not paying my debt off to this ###!! Like she will ever see a dime!! ppft!! Good Luck!! haha

I would rather have bad credit and a buttload of cash than good credit helping this woman feed her irresponsible self!!

By the way, I have all the money to pay this debt off, but choose not to untill another company will deal with me in a more ### kissing nature!! lol

You want the money, you show me some honey!!


I received a call at work today by Midland Funding. The guy didn't even identify himself or the reason he was contacting me. He just asked my name and proceeded to say "are you aware that you are in default on a $3500 debt?"
I thought I was hearing things...I said "excuse me?" He repeated himself, still not identifying who he was or where he was calling from. After I asked him several times, he finally said who he was. I explained that I just got the letter in the mail yesterday. He started to threaten a lawsuit and wage attachment if it wasn't paid within a week. Then he tries to tell me it needs to be paid by the end of the day! What a liar. I came home and looked at the letter only to find that I have 30 days. Isn't this against the law??? A debt collector MUST identify themselves right away and they are not supposed to contact you at work. Am I wrong?

  • My
    myst1cdr4g0n Oct 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everyone Join me in the fight to shut down Midland Funding LLC a Junk Debt Collector and all of there locations! They are violating our rights and using illegal methods to harass us and using manipulating legal practices to packet your hard earn money!


    Thank You all for your support and dedication!

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  • Ni
    nicky8 Jul 18, 2011

    midland red yes my son was on the bus dines green to st jones worcester. he pressed the bell to get of his stop the driver closed the doors threatned to break hs legs 999 wascalled a lady was on the bus to phoned 999 to the driver drove round and round the police came tk driver was arrested this was all due to a neighbour dispute the driver was a friend of the neighbour which they ar bus drivers after all this the same bus driver was still driving what a insult

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law suit

Midland Funding is sueing me. They have hired Jay taylor. how can these corrupt companies get away with this. This is for a credit card 5yrs old. I don't owe this.

  • Oh
    ohioneedshelp Mar 04, 2010

    they are sueing me via javitch, block, & rathbone llp out of cleveland. for a credit card i had at lease 4 maybe 5 years ago. having surgeyr and money is tight as it is, dont need the attaching my wages when i do get back to work. i was having financial problems when they called a while back, and told them when i became more financially stable, i'd like to set up payment arrangements, but they wanted at least half of what i owed up front as a "promise" to repay the total amount. i love how these companies call an inability to pay a refusal, there is huge difference. one is lack of funds, the other is ignorance. anyone with any advice how to go about dealing with this, please let me know. asap, my surgery date is coming in 5 days and i will be out of work for 6 weeks. which i'm sure the court date will be within that time period. this hit me out of no where.

    stunned in ohio.

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Scam and cheating

It took me over 2 years to have this removed from my credit which I was finally able to do after I sent a letter to TransUnion. Midland continues to send me notices so when i called the other day and had some rude woman tell me that I still owed it I decided to write another letter to MCM, TransUnion, Equifax and the BBB. If you fight them you will win!!

  • Ge
    getreal May 06, 2009

    These people are horrible, rude, and lie. I had a credit card from Providian now Chase that was from 2000 and they purchased the balance after I settled in 2003.The card had a $500 limit and they now want $4, 893.60 from me. Not only have they re aged this account illegally they have failed to give me proof after I mailed a request for them to Validate the debt.They are still reporting this as a new delinquent account. The sad thing is I am trying to buy my first house and this is the only thing holding me back. What good does all of the President's plans to recover the economy by helping first time buyer if there are companies like Midland Credit Management that are preventing this with their dishonest business practices.

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  • De
    Deelynn Jul 23, 2010

    My mother has been sent repeatedly, statements saying she owes over $700 for something that she has never owed!! She is 80 years old with alzheimers and has not had anything credit wise in her name in over 30 years and now this keeps coming in. This company is a theif trying to prey on people that get scared & try to pay it because of threats they cannot follow through on but people like my mom & dad get harrassed into worrying about something that doesn't exist!! Please keep a close check on your credit report with at least getting the free one once a year and make sure there is nothing on there. If you can, keep a check on your parents credit too so you can help them keep from this kind of treatment & stop it quick!! It really can make a difference.

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Was served with what I think is a fake summons regarding Midland Funding LLC which I have no idea what this is about.


When is enough enough? I am so tired of agencies like this one collecting money that has been paid months ago. My account has been tapped into and now trying to get this money back will be a task in itself. With all that is going on; these people continue to attack and take from those that are just merely making it. I want a resolution... we as people of this so called great country need to stop these certain individuals collecting doubled charges just so they can make a high profit on those who have fallen on hard times.

Scam charges

I just received a summons for a company called Midlands Funding LLC. I am really confused. I have not clue who they are but they are telling me that I owe $1401.66. This is really messed up!! If these dumb A** are going to serve people with papers--they need to tell you who they are representing. Does any one have any advice on what i should do. I would appreciate it. I just don't understand who or what this is all about. I personally don't have the money to just throw away on something I have not clue about.

  • St
    Steven Paul Ross Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir or madam, the company that you are looking for is midland funding llc, based out of San Diego California, you had mentioned midlandfunding.net, we are a start up mortgage company based in NYC and we are not collecting any debt nor do we report to credit bureaus, we ask that you place edit your post, and remove midlandfunding.net as we have nothing to do with your liability.
    Thank you kindly,
    Steven P. Ross
    Midland Funding Corp
    Baychester, NY
    Licensed Mortgage Broker-NYS Banking Dept.

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Unauthorized charges

Midland keep harassing me about a 6 years old fraudulent charge on my account it happened when I was overseas for 10 month, I have a police report and passport proof, they kept threatening and harassing me even after I sent them all the proofs, Are we the consumers protected against companies like Midland? their answer is: it is on your social security number so it is your debt and you must pay it, they keep selling the account to new agencies and after sending all the proofs again, it seems like the new agencies send my account back to midland... to sell again or to keep reporting it, they took it way personal with me (or at least that's how I feel), and it shouldn't be this way.

Why should I pay what I don't owe and why it is so hard to comprehend it?

  • Valerie Nov 21, 2008

    I received a report from Credit Inform alerting me to possible fraudulent activity. They listed an account with Midland Credit Management of San Diego. I've never done business with anyone in San Diego and have no knowledge of any outstanding accounts in the amount of $8017.

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  • La
    Laurie Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Midland is a Junk Debt Buyer and the absolute worst in regards to violating FDCPA law.

    Do the research http://budhibbs.com/debtcollectorpages/midland_credit_management.htm

    They buy old out of statute debts that legally cannot be collected on for pennies on the dollar. then try to collect the full amount or more from you

    Be careful because they are trying to use arbitration to get settlements that they cannot get in court. arbitration is another scam - as they always side with the collection agency - who is paying the arbitrators salary.

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  • Am
    Ambit Jul 24, 2009

    Is anyone else being sued by these ###s for an account that is not yours? I have every intention of taking them on and winning. I cannnot understand how someone can use such underhanded tricks to get people to pay off debts that do not belong to them. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they tell the judge that they presented old bills as proof. That could not have happened because 1) The account was not mine and 2) they sent me an excel spreadsheet with a column titled Date of Payment. The whole column was labeld as "no payment received" supposedly for years. How lame. I will give you an update as to the outcome of my case.


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I am pissed because I got a letter saying I needed to call the office before the 18th of Sept and it said I...

Harassing calls

This company called everyday in August 08 & left hang-ups; when I finally spoke with an Oscar Tiyrs he wouldn't answer my question about how he obtained my number, instead telling me to pay my bills if I didn't want to receive calls, and eventually accused ME of harassing HIM. Another, Laurie Brazier snootily asked if I would be resolving my debt with her company. Uncompassionate and hostile, Midland Credit Management is one of the worst creditors out there - I had no debt with them, and to be judged and scolded by ### such as they don’t make living in dire financial straits any easier.

  • Fa
    fauna Oct 09, 2009

    I am writing this because I am getting calls at my job on a daily bases. They won't give me there address so I can send them a letter saying there in violation of the fair debt collection practices act and they may be subject to a lawsuit . I don't know what to do about them.

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I am in the process of buying a house. I was informed that I had an account with Midland Credit Management on my credit report. I paid off my account with Midland Credit Management. I had to call three weeks in a row to get a letter from them stating it was paid off. Now, I get an e-mail stating my credit report was changed. So I log on. Guess what...Midland Credit Management is reporting that my account is still in collections as of August 30th. It was paid at the beginning of August. Who do I call to sue this mother ***?

  • Lm
    Lmoser84 Sep 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel that the employees that answer the telephone for MCM are rude and very hard to understand. When I was having issues with Tyrone, which did not speak very clear english, I asked to speak to his superviser. I then was speaking to Gary Johnson, who was supposed to be his superviser and knew no more than Tyrone and was just as rude and also did not speak very good english. Makes me wonder where they were physically located. In the US???? Probably not.

    I would sure hate to think that at the end of my work day, all I had to show for it was rude behavior and everyone upset with me after each phone call. Sad way to make a living.

    0 Votes
  • Ba
    bareshinski Dec 28, 2010

    Dont waste your time talking to them. Send them a DV letter it your within the 30 day window. Screw em! They have nothing original to go on. Only the inflated lies that they continue to make up. DO NOT PAY THEM. DO NOT GIVE IN. THEY ARE [censor] OF THE EARTH!

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  • Ma
    Martha1234 Apr 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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False claims for 20 yr old debt discharged in bankruptcy

This company is trying to collect a deft that was discharged 20 years ago in bankruptcy after my divorce. They claim the account wasn't closed until 1991. Since that time I have purchased three homes, three cars and this debt never showed up on my credit report. If the debt is real, I suspect my ex-husband may have used it so I am requesting that Citibank show the application for the actual credit card.

I am going to contact the Attorney General of both Missouri and Pennsylvania. When calling the above number you are transferred to a someone who asks you to leave a message. However, it is quite obvious that he is reading from a "cue card" and has no idea what the words mean!

If this does show up on my credit report, I will also challenge it and I am contacting the bankruptcy court as well.

  • Gl
    gloria boyd Aug 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ive recently requested a refund of the 2 amounts that was deducted out of my account. i was told by a rep. over the phone that i would get my refund and services would be canceled. i havent received my refund yet. please give me my money back thank you. i didnt request for the money to be deducted.

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  • Pa
    Pati Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can dispute the debt on all 3 credit reporting agencies. Midland has to prove the debt is legit or take it off your credit report.

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Claims they do not have to validate

I checked my credit reports and seen MCM and Original Creditor SBC-AMeritech $156.72 from Nov 2002. I sent...

Terrible experience

I have also received a summons from the local sheriff's office stating I am being sued by Midland Funding. Since I have been doing some research, I learned that they have bought my account from someone else. I got a copy of my credit report trying to see if I could figure out the original creditor is. I found two accounts on my report for the same exact amount. One is Midland and the other is presidio/CM, no clue who they are. This looks like a double reporting for the same debt. I will be contacting the credit reporting agencies disputing them both.

I have prepared my answer that will be mailed certified return receipt asking for full disclosure on the original debt, any documentation of the debt etc... on the presidio/CM listing on my credit report is shows my last payment date of 4/2004. Oddly enough Midland Funding did not report a last payment date. In Alabama, correct me if I am wrong, the SOL is 3 years... even if it is 4 years they are out of luck.

My question is can someone point me in the direction where I can find out if Midland Funding LLC is registered to do business in my state? I read on another website where one guy researched and found out they were not registered in New York and the judge threw the case out.

  • Ji
    Jim Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Someone have called me from Midland Funding, LLC. At first they were asking for my details. When I refused to disclose my details to an unknown person, they started abusing me. I am planning to sue them. Here is a thread I have found that says my such incidents of their abuse http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/collection-agencies/midlandfunding-llc.html

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  • Mj
    mjteigan Nov 03, 2009

    repeatedly automated calling every day and now citation papers being served. are they even real?

    0 Votes

Credit at the bureaus not reported good

In Feb 2005, I made an arrangement to pay an amount to resolve an issue with them, which I did timely. Impressively it has taken until April 2008 to resolve the issue with them. Because the information was not properly reported to the credit bureaus I have an impressive house mortgage rate over 9.8% and other loans with incredibly higher than average percentage rates. I can only dream of nice things and know that someone else will have grand opportunities. Its funny, I do what I am supposed to do and its others around me who have the strength to make it unfair for me, and their is nothing I can do except for happily have less than those who are more fortunate.

  • Wo
    woodrow Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last, sat I had finally had it with midland credit and thier lawyers, I sent them a letter of :"validation" to be more exact the secound time I sent them the same communication.This has been going on for possibly a year now and it's time to settle this matter once and for all, Time is on my side now, I want my day in court, No aritration!!, I want my day in court win, loose, or draw, it is time to rock and roll, lock ad load, I started to educate myself, and it feels good, so good.WE HAVE RIGHTS!!!I am 62 years old now and in frail health, I got nothing to loose midland hs ruined my credit, with some help from my bad health, but no more, I am fighting back and so should all of you, EDUCATE YOURSELVES, FIGHT BACK .

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Repeated calls even when informed they've got the wrong number

Midland Credit Management has been calling day, early in the morning (before 9:00). I've told them four times now that the person they're looking for doesn't live here. And what's their response? An apology? A promise to look into it? Nope, I get an immediate hang up so consistently each time that I'm sure that's company policy. That's real polite. Today I actually got one person to reply before hanging up. He said "I hear the same thing every day. Click." If that's true then maybe they should pay attention to that in some cases it's true.

I am extremely confused and upset

First of all I had a fraudulent account on my credit report that was through verizon, so I disputed it with transunion. I then received a report saying that it was no longer on file and so I checked my credit report it was also no longer there however a week later I received something from midland credit saying that I need to pay it along with financing options. I don’t understand how it can be no longer on file and taken off of my credit report but I still have to pay for it even though it isn’t mine... I am extremely confused and upset...

Sent letter about fictitious credit card obligation

I recently received a letter from mcm Midland Credit Management trying to collect a non existent debt. They sent a letter offering 40% off my??? past due credit card obligation, I do not have business with that company, when you tried to contact by phone the office the communication is impossible, Be carefully because the machine is asking for your social security number. I went to the sheriff office and they gave my information about the fishing letter and this web site to make the complain. They also explained don't answer the fishing letter and if I have more communications make a sue.

  • La
    Laurie Oct 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You have RUGHTS!

    www.ftc.gov or www.budhibbs.com YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THEM YOURSELF. YOU CAN SUE THEM!

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