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Midland Credit Management, Inc.

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San Diego
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Midland Credit Management (MCM) Complaints & Reviews

Midland Credit Management (MCM) / They claimed I owe almost $400 more than I owe.

RLeeh on Feb 28, 2017
I originally had an account with Sears/Citibank. In 2012, just before I lost everything and became homeless, I addressed a letter to my creditors explaining my financial dilemma and basically asking them to cancel credit cards. I had not used the card since October 2011. Although I wa...

Midland Funding / Unethical behavior

betty butler on Jul 7, 2016
As agreed upon in county court, I have been maintaining my payment arrangement with Midland Credit Management since July 2014 - with one exception. In October 2015 Midland sent me a final judgment for all the remaining money owed. I had no idea why. As far as I knew payments were being...

Midland Funding / Poor Service

Nancy Hankins on May 12, 2016
So I'm trying to get payment demand statements, or a bill from this place to re-fi. For some reason they are incapable of faxing this paper or e-mailing. What the heck? It's the 21st century and this company will harass you, call you during work, call you anytime and aren't always nice, ...

Midland Funding / Citibank / Lien release not processed to courts

Bethany Harper on Jan 27, 2014
The account for Midland Funding/Citibank was paid off thru Midland Credit Management, the item was dated 02/16/2007, Docket # 82D03-0612-CC5323, in Evansville, IN 47708, (812) 435-5215. The account has been verified as paid, thru the credit bureaus & repositories, but no lien release ha...

Midland Credit Management / Fail to settle

Jesnes on Oct 31, 2012
I do have a debit that I owe but every time I try to settle with them they don't want what I have to offer. Right now I am a victim of the Sandy storm hurricane and I explain that to them but I am still willing to pay even though I am now in a shelter. They just don't care and...

Midland Credit Management / Invalid Debt Collection

insanesugarpain on Apr 4, 2012
DO NOT PAY UNTIL DEBT HAS BEEN VALIDATED!!! My boyfriend received a letter from this company for a service he never had. We contacted the cellphone provider and they could not find him anywhere in their systems. They could find MY old account which was closed and sold to a collection...

Midland Credit Management / This company is one of the worst bottom feeders

Kalgake on Mar 11, 2012
This company is one of the worst bottom feeders. They have harrassed me on several accts. They have sued me and thru careful research I was able to get the lawsuit dismissed. There are step by step instructions on several web sites on how to fight this company and win. Now they called me...

Midland Credit Management / Can't verify collection account

Serdoled on Mar 7, 2012
Midland is trying to collect an account that is not mine and is over 7 years old. The account number is 8530022159 They cannot verify this account because it is an illegal attempt to collect a debt. They have not verified the account, but persevere in reporting false information on my credit report.

Midland Credit Management / wrong person

Rainy Wise on Sep 6, 2011
I received a call about 1 week ago from someone saying that they where from MCM. I asked them how where they looking for? The person advised me that this was a very important matter and was trying to reach my cousin who is a male. I asked him if he wanted to leave a number and name and I...

Midland Credit Management / Wrong Number

mad in south florida on Aug 15, 2011
I have been getting phone calls from these people for over four months. They keep asking for an entirely different person. I have had this cell phone number for over four years and this is the first time this has happened. I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling and have been told...

Midland Credit Management / I get calls from them like 15 times a day!

Shutup42 on Jul 7, 2011
This is so out of reach to comprehend. I answer and they ask is this so and so then hung up. I don't owe them. I did a credit check they are not listed as owning one thing of mine. I'll just change my number then they can try to find me, don't know how they got it in the...

Midland funding, LLC / Served a summons to appear in court

MLB69 on Jun 30, 2011
My husband has been served a summons for garnishment fronm this company who is being supported by a place called Dominion Law. This debt we are not even sure what it is for. The other thing is tht is is past the statue of limitations. This will affect my husbands job that he has had with...

Midland Credit Management / Illegal Practices

MKerr on Jun 18, 2011
Midland began calling me about a debt they say I owe from 2004. I stated that I had to knowledge of any debt with that company. Later, I sent a certified letter asking for verification of this debt, which they never responded to. They continued to call, multiple times a day, everyday. It...

MCM / Bad service

San B on May 23, 2011
This company is the worst collection company in the world. When you try to call and resolve the problem you have representatives that instead of trying to help you resolve the problem, they want to talk to you as though you are 5 years old. This debt that I have is very old, because of a...

Midland Credit Management / phone harassment

E & R Rohler on May 13, 2011
This company has called my cell phone one day and then my husband's cell phone the next day. They kept saying that we had a debt that they were collecting for. We never had an account with that partiular company. We are practically debt-free and owe nothing on credit cards. These...

Midland Funding / I was never personally served

Inikare on Mar 30, 2011
I was never personally served; I did call them and tell them about the illegal part, then proceeded to offer to pay only what I originally owed. They refused to work with me. I have offered to pay what I really owed to the Co. and the last collector (Midkland told me it was already charged...

Midland Funding / I never received

Mary Jane Elliot on Mar 27, 2011
I never received any notification from First Consumers National Bank. I pulled up my pay information and was being garnished. I called and found out that it was from some attorney Mary Jane Elliot, in Novi, Michigan and I never received a piece of mail from her. Some nasty woman answered...

Midland Credit Management / Sieze property

ShayShay on Mar 15, 2011
How can this company sue someone without having them served to appear in court for suit? I received a judgment for my property and I do not even know what this matter is about and had no contact with this agency! I am pissed that they are not doing this procedure the legal way! They are...

Midland funding, LLC / Sons of ###

Tec9 on Feb 17, 2011
These no good ### should be detroyed from even existing in this country. The lawyers they employ also should be destroyed. They are Public Enemy Number One. They take charge off debts by companies and reap the harvest by harassing you to death, Preying on poor and unfortunate circumstance...

Midland Credit Management / Rude service

Principel on Jan 24, 2011
Does anyone know how to stop this company from harassing people? Their phone operators are the ruding people on earth. I have been threatened by them and don't know what to do. They kept asking me my account number - I told them I didn't have one because I didn't know why...

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