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I don't know who they are

These people showed up on my credit report and I have no clue who they are. I was in the middle of purchasing a new home and FHA required me to pay the two accounts before they would finance me. I paid them through their attorneys and received the letter stating the payment. Midland will not accept the letter that I forwarded to them as proof and it's still on my credit as unpaid. When the 3 bureaus contact them as a dispute on my behalf. They have been told I never paid them. What now? I have now paid something that I have no knowledge and can't get them to acknowledge the receipt of my payment.

Pre-legal notification

I just checked my mail today and received a Pre-legal notification stating I owed 777.94 with 221.75 interest equalling 999.69. Original creditor was Citibank/Goodyear. 1st I never had Citibank for anything other than an old mortgage that they took over years ago and I refinanced that and never Goodyear. My first name is misspelled the letter A & E are swapped and no Middle Initial. All the searching I did on this company seems to be a little bit shady. So I’m wondering if I should just call them and see if they have some wrong information.

  • Ja
    jason Jul 08, 2008

    This page here has great discussion on Midland credit management

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  • Us
    USDOJ626 Apr 06, 2011

    If a court sends you a letter to appear you absolutely need to appear to tell your sice of the story. Failure to appear is the same as telling the court I am guilty and I do not care what you decide.

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Rip off

I see my search to find others who are having a problem with these people was not in vain - really...

Ridiculous company

I am so upset with this ridiculous company full of bottom feeders. They have had my debt for over a year now. When I first got word that they had the account, I called them to set up payment arrangements. I paid an agreed upon amount expecting this to be expunged from my record. Months later after receiving no correspondence they told me that I agreed upon amount did not include the 'interest fees' accrued by them. I told them I wasn't paying any additional fees since they bought this account for pennies on the dollar and they were not the original creditor. Over a year later, I have sent them letter after letter after letter with no response. The last conversation I received with one of there very rude reps were interest was continuing to accrue by the day and this was going to collections soon. Can someone please help?

  • Ch
    chamkili Feb 25, 2009

    LOL i used to work for them. Trust me, they will happily take 100 percent of the debt knowing they would still come out ahead by taking 30 percent of it. MCM adds their own interest charges to some accounts. ask that all those charges be removed. then tell them you will pay only 30 percent of the remaining amount ONLY if they report to the cb that it has been paid in FULL, and make sure you get it in writing. if they pay 5 dollars for a 100 dollar debt, they dont need to mark up the price much further in order to profit, the only reason they do it is because of the original contract binding you legally (they may try to scare you, but they do not take many cases to court because of costs, so if your debt is small you wont have to worry). find out the statue of limitations for your state. for example if its 5 years, that time starts from the charge off date (charged off meaning when it was sent to collections). so if it was charged off 4 and a half years ago, you have 6 months to wait untill they cannot do anything leagally, although they may still imply they can sue. the easist thing to tell them is that the number or numbers they are calling, are all cell phone numbers and its costing you money for them to call you. when asked to remove the numbers, by law they have to. also you can send them a letter telling them to "cease and dessist: all contact. then they cannot call or write.

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  • Ir
    iratewoman Mar 20, 2009

    Midland Credit bought out a $640 account I had with Nordstrom. I paid off the entire balance almost a month ago and they still haven't updated the information on my credit report yet they cashed my check right away! I can never seem to get a hold of anyone there. I just get put on hold then hung up on. They promised to update my credit report with the payment made and I even tried disputing it with the credit bureau. The only thing MCM did was add another $1 to my account after I had already paid the entire balance!!

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Never be a co-signer

My husband co-signed on an Emerge MasterCard for his Mom years ago. Things were good for a long time and then she went into deep debt and maxed out the card. She wouldn't pay the bills, ignored the phone calls from collectors. Eventually it went to collections at Midland Credit Management. THEN it went to an attorney, which at that point is when we FINALLY were even aware of the situation!! A settlement was offered - half the balance due - and my husband busted his to pay the $3000.00 due. We later got a letter from the attorney saying the payment was accepted as settled-in-full. We cannot for the life of us get that *** balance off the credit report!! I'm just venting.. Pissed off and would never put myself in that position again. I wouldn't co-sign for Jesus after that fiasco!!!

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I am constantly and daily being called by MCM for a bill I never owed with a company I never did business with. I sent them the paper work they requested and still they call me and tell me to pay the balance which they have dropped from 900.00 to 585.00. I can not get a word in with the person I am forced to speak with and I can't understand him. Now I am forced to involve an attorney for a bill I never owed. It makes me sick. You do all the steps required to show you don’t owe this money and still they harass you. And I was told it didn’t matter if I wanted them to stop calling. This is now on my credit report.

  • Ge
    georgie0822 Apr 15, 2010

    This is on behalf of my husband's credit. We got a mail stating that he had a credit of 236 some dollars at Citibank from a Children's place in CA. My husband never remember of a children place in CA or having an account in Citibank. Now the MCM is calling us and harassing us to pay. I am talking to someone I couldn't understand the accent. My husband wants me to go ahead and pay it since we need our credit report get back since it affected our credit and we are planning of getting a house and a car. I was researching for this and hoping to get some advice and what other people who got this experience did.

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I am unsure as to why Midland Credit Reporting Agency continues to report on items that have been paid for years. The original debtor has removed this item from my credit report, yet Midland CONTINUES to attempt to ruin my credit for a paid debt of nearly three years. Does Midland continue to make money from individuals who have paid their debts? It makes me wonder if they somehow reporting agencies also benefit from continuing to list these PAID accounts? Midland also refuses to answer any certified letters, leading me to believe that my only option is to contact the Attorney General's Office in order to have Midland explain why they will not remove a PAID ACCOUNT from a credit report? Spite? Are they making money from this, still???

  • Valerie Apr 24, 2008

    My wife and I had a credit card with Shell, there was only 300 dollars on it between both of us. Anyway times got bad for a while and of course it went to Midland Credit Management. Well as time went on we got back on our feet again, so the made a deal with us to pay it off. We gave them a total of 3 checks totalling around 350 or 400 dollars and that would then satisfy them. Anyway about 3 months later we got another phone call from the saying we still owed the 350 as if we never paid them at all. So yea you could say I’m pissed.

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Got rid of Midland

Don't fall for the Midland stuff, especially if you don't anybody.

I got rid of them harassing me by complaining first to my state atty. general's office, who then turned the matter over to dept. of consumer affairs.

Midland responded in a letter to dept. of consumer affairs stating-they would case any collection.

This info is from another site and I used it in my letter to Midland, the same letter which I forwarded to my atty. general's office.

“For starters, they should require, in writing, the name and address of the original debt holder, the account number, the date of the last transaction, and the amount of the original debt. Being consumers, they have a right to that information.”

If the statute of limitations has expired on a debt, it cannot be entered on the consumer’s credit report. If the new creditor threatens to report non payment to the credit agencies, it is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Hope this helps.

They're a joke

Midland has filed a small claim against me in court for a credit card account that I have never had. I have been trying to get this cleared up for over three years. I have requested documentation from them and all I have got is harassment from them. I contacted the attorney's office they have hired to represent them and again no proof and no help so what do you do. I guess I will have to fight this one out in court. This place has harassed me for over three years but has produced no proof to back up their claim and I told them that this was a fraud case but since they had my social they said it was my account.

  • We
    Wendy Nov 05, 2008

    I began receiving calls from an unknown caller before 8 a.m. When I answered, it was a recording saying a representative will be with you shortly. I stayed on the line several times and was disconnected. Finally, after their 5th call I got a person and she asked to speak to Jerrid. I tell her, Jerrid doesn't live here - click. Next day, same thing. I ask who is calling before saying no, Jerrid doesn't live here. She hangs up. Again, they call and this time I say may I ask who is calling and she repeats she wants to talk to Jerrid. I ask what company she is with and what it is regarding. She says she is with MCM and it's none of my business what it is regarding. I told her that Jerrid doesn't live here and she needs to remove my number from her list. She tells me she will not remove my number and she will indeed call back. I completely lost it. Of course my little outburst got me nowhere except a promise that she would indeed call again. I tried using anonymous call rejection so they would at least have to unblock their number when calling so I would have a phone number to report but it did not work and the calls are still coming at all hours. I have complained to my phone company and threatened to disconnect my phone service but there really isn't much else I can do since I can't prove it is really Midland without a phone number to report. These places disgust me. No wonder some people don't pay their bills. If I actually owed them, I'd let them haul me to jail before paying them. Very unprofessional company with SUPER rude employees.

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I was looking at my annual credit report today and found that midland credit management is on my credit report, for a debt that is old. one that is over 6 years old, which 6 years is the statute of limitations for my state. I am seeing midland credit management as a zombie debt collector. I only found them on 1 credit report, but will find out if they are on the rest. I am disputing, but it still irritates the crap out of me that I have to do this. Its stupid, ridiculous and a waste of my time for someone to start this over again.

  • La
    Laurie Oct 02, 2008


    Midland is one of the worst JUNK debt collectors out there

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Beware of them

Ruining my credit, trying to collect on an account that they can not verify at this point I am hiring an attorney to sue these *** (www.cceg.biz)

I have sent validation request after validation request with no response. MCM is in:

Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This is the most frustrating process to have to deal with after being a VICTIM of Identity Theft.

I should not be getting the run around from low ### debt collectors! Must not have been smart enough to be real attorney's had to be bully debt collectors... Lowest pieces of dung in the US

  • Ma
    Mari Maison Aug 28, 2018

    greetings, I have not been able to make payment, Puerto Rico does not appear in the states and I can not complete the information to make the payment from my bank account, because Puerto Rico does not appear?

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