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I was with Melaleuca for a couple of months and realized this wasn't for me. I sent them a notoarized cancellation letter and then canceled my credit card because I was warned that Melaleuca would continue to keep you stuck with them by shipping and charging you stuff you didn't order. WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW! ITS TRUE!

After notarized hand written cancelation letter and canceled credit card I get confirmation a few days later saying they have recieved cancellation. Then a few days after that I get a email saying products (back up order) have been shipped. WHY DID THEY DO THAT? THERES NO WAY TO CHARGE ME!

The stuff arrived and then came the phone calls crying for there $72 bucks. I told them send me the money and I would ship it back because I DIDN'T ORDER THIS! She said I had to make cancellation by the 25th of the month thats why a reorder was sent, and the policy was that I ship it back at my expense and she would credit my account. I said to her why did you mail this to me when the card had been cancelled, ..she had no response. Well then fine whatever to get you people off of me, so I sent them there stuff back via priority mail with signature confirmatin at my expense.

And you know what? These extortionist are still call wanting another $7 bucks and some odd cents to officially close the acount. PEOPLE STAY THE HECK AWAY!!!

I have all emails and confirmations to verify everyting I went through. Remember if you have to join a club or membership to get something it isn't worth it. The time it took for you to sign up witll take you 20 times longer to get the heck out of it.
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N  8th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
This sad situation has nothing to do with Melaleuca and has EVERYTHING to do with the dishonest person who signed you up. Signing up to be a committed customer every month IS what you sign up to do. You agree to stop shopping at Wal Mart (or wherever) and redirect that same money to Melaleuca every month. This should have been clearly explained to you and obviously it wasn't.

When it is explained properly and you redirect the same money from the grocery stores and instead get better, safer products from Melaleuca, it really is a lot of fun and very enjoyable.

I'm sorry some dishonest person mislead you but once you were in a contract with Melaleuca, they were legally bound to deliver the products to you so they had to send them and keep sending them until you canceled your account via fax or mail and the agreement you entered into clearly says in bold print that cancellations have to be received by the 25th of the month. You agreed to this when signing up.

They do let you cancel at any time for any reason but it has to be done in writing as it is a legal agreement obligating them to provide products and obligating you to pay for them.

If you have any other questions, email me at markloribusiness@gmail.com

N  15th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Haha.. "a legal agreement obligating them to provide products" makes me laugh. It is a paper contract that is part of a membership box you are required to purchase and sign in front of the person representing the products. They are "legally bound"- to bill you for these products too.

If many of this companies problems seem to be in not getting these letters by the 25th of the month- or not getting them at all- you would think they would provide online service to cancel your membership. The automation is already there to take peoples credit card orders, to place orders"to change their "reserve order" etc, why can't they also offer the ability to cancel this membership?- it would require no person opening an envelope and physically updating someone's account. This would also speed up the process, the customer would get an automated email reply as of their cancellation.

This solution above would not work with the scheme of getting people to pay for stuff they really don't want. They seem to be counting on this plan to have people slip up not get a letter in on time-and pay for stuff they tried to cancel- just to avoid the hassle. Sometimes it seems like the first letter "gets lost" in the mail - so theres another month people might be compelled to pay for items they didn't want. Its cleverly orchestrated to make it difficult for a consumer.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
This is the "complaints board", not the "mix your opinion with half truths to discredit a good company out of personal retaliation" board. I support a site like this but rrobinett, you are no different than the many posters on here who try to say their bank tried to steal from them by charging an NSF fee when in reality, they simply overdrew their account and the bank did nothing remotely wrong at all.

You claim to be in eCommerce yet you don't know that everyone from airlines to shipping companies charge you fuel surcharges? You keep changing the amount you "have to spend" from $60, $70 and even over $80 in one of your posts when the fact is Melaleuca's back up order is $50.49 and has been that for years and years now.

You keep trying to infer shady or dishonest dealings to potential new customers with comments like how hard it is to find the customer ID number when in reality it's plainly listed in the "my account" portion of your free online account. It is also clearly printed on every product invoice, plus it is always available by calling and asking for it.

You infer information might be unsafe yet again this is unfounded. In 25 years Melaleuca has never lost so much as a single credit card number or social security number. To the best of my personal knowledge, no bank can make that claim. In fact, most of Melaleuca's employees don't even have access to that information, let alone myself or anyone else. When your information is entered there, it turns into stars on the screen of the person entering it.

I asked for a Customer ID number because a lot of your basic information is wrong. Your amounts, your claims about company policy, just lots of incorrect information leading me to believe you have a hidden agenda and since I think the average person reading this wouldn't know your info is wrong, it becomes a fairness issue that some accountability is introduced to your claims.

You don't like them and you don't want anyone else to join them. We get it. That doesn't change the fact that you simply refuse to take personal responsibility for misleading Melaleuca into thinking you wanted their products. You contacted Melaleuca after talking to someone about them. You entered into an agreement to buy their products and they entered into the same agreement to ship you exactly what you asked for in good faith believing you were honest and sincere.

They are human and certainly make mistakes. No one would ever claim any company on earth is flawless 100% of the time, but you didn't have to sign up. You could have said no. You could have explained to the person who introduced you that you were uneasy or at least needed more information. You did none of those things.

If your issue is that you didn't know what you were getting into, how is that not ultimately your responsibility? It's YOUR account with Melaleuca for Heaven's sake. It's your responsibility to read and understand the polices as they clearly say to each and every person who gets enrolled by phone. If you enrolled online or on paper, you digitally sign or give a physical signature to the contract to purchase and however you enroll you personally pick out which back up order you want them to send you if you don't order...

Sooooo, you contacted them, told them you wanted to become a customer, enrolled as such, personally picked out a back up order and committed to purchase their products. They agreed to let you and entered into the agreement with you. Now that is all twisted around as they did something wrong. I think it's pretty clear to the objective reader that doesn't have an axe to grind against Melaleuca exactly where you are coming from.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I don't think my problem with Melaeluca is personal at all. I do however feel that its good kharma to put out what happened to me online where people can be a judge themselves of whether or not my information is reliable.

I did not seek out Melaueca - my friend had a presentation in her home- there wasn't an option to read their contracts in my own home before sigining up - there was also the added pressure of differnt levels of sales people being present helping to chide me into paying to be a member.

I knew that I would probably want out of the membership the minute I signed it. To cancel it I would have had to call the presenter and embarrass my friend. You cannot read that long contract and be fully aware of all the policies while sitting at your friends house ina group of people. The option to take the contract home wasn't available.

I don't personally thing any company appears trustworthy when you can't go on their website and find out the prices of their products without having special access.

I also don't think any company that requires a handwritten letter to cancel when it does everything else on the web is promoting "good customer service". The option to opt out should be available 24/7- that is trustworthy.

Mark- what product combination equals 50.49 ? and satisfies the 35 points required by membership to spend every month?? I would love to know. How much is the shipping/handling/fuel charge on that combo? Add 9.75% for sales tax.

My product purchases were 60-70 bucks to fufill the points requirement, I never mislead you- add the shipping and tax- that brings it up to around 88 bucks. Even your example would get the total cost to about 70 dollars total.

I don't have a hidden agenda. You being condecending about the products and equating me to being like someone who doesn't understand "NSF" charges is pretty funny. Condescending and rude.. and entirely untrue.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Your opinions are your opinions and you are entitled to them. your changing and spinning of personal guess work as fact is what gets you in trouble.

I can give many examples of product combinations of $50.49 and even less than $50 for 35 points. The points are only in place because of the business side because thats what people are paid commissions on. Melaleuca is multinational and different countries have different currencies of differing values. The point system is the same across the globe and makes perfect sense when you see it for what it is.

We have gotten people in WITH tax AND shipping and yes, the few cents of a fuel surcharge (that you want to make sound like is $100 per order when its pennies on the dollar) for well under $60 before so again, if you are dropping almost $90 as you claim, you must be buying cosmetics because nothing else in the product line prices out that way.

YOU WILL PAY TAX AND GAS TO ANY STORE ON EARTH YOU SHOP FROM... just in case you forgot that little tid bit. :D

Lastly, you entered into a contract to buy something. If you helped your friend by cosigning on a car for example, the finance company is not less trustworthy because you cant retract that legal contract with a button on their web site... yet you can indeed apply on their web site. you would also not be allowed out of that contract until the loan was paid but Melaleuca releases you at any time for any reason, all you have to do is let them know on paper with your original signature because after all, you are voiding a legal contract you agreed to originally to buy products.

By the way, your spin is that it's so hard to cancel. Anyone can fax in a cancellation letter and we have been in and out of Melaleuca 3 times over the years and cancelled each time with no problems whatsoever so again, you post is exposed to be nothing but your personal opinion.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
So- give me some combinations of products that equal 35 points and that are in the range of 50.49.

The points are in place to make it seem like you aren't spending dollars- it not a system beneficial to a customer. If it applies to salespeople- then that point system could easily be adapted to only apply on the sales information side of the business.

I honestly haven't seen shipping/ handling and fuel charge on any online invoice. Why does the shipping always seems to be around 9 bucks- when I have three cosmetic (small) items?

No the tax and shipping on an order would not be under 60 dollars- at my states rate 9.75%- The fuel rate was 55 cents- or 72 cents- not a few pennies. I don't understand why that isn't part of the general shipping and handling cost.

Yes I pay gas to go to the store, I am buying food there already. I can also buy products there that don't add shipping fees.. The "low price leader" also doesn't make me buy a certain amount a month to be able to shop there.

Funny- point - buying products for my home - should not require a "contract" which you compare to buying a car, or having "legal binding" to . I should be able to cancel membership 24/7 - at any point-who faxes anymore- why can't they accept an email with a pdf. of a letter? an online opt out option, or me verifying my identity on the phone and doing it that way. They should be able to instantly show me this was cancelled - via email/the phone call. This should not have someone opening envelopes and inputting it into as database. This leaves room for ERROR.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
"Brenda time'- makes me laugh...
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes

It sounds like Amway because rrobinett has spun it to sound like Amway on purpose to try and discredit Melaleuca and lower it to the likes of an Amway. I'm sorry you were fooled by the anti Melaleuca propaganda.

You said everyone has an opinion and while I agree with that to a point, there also comes a time when a person just wants honest facts to make a shopping decision by. In those times I believe a person should be able to talk directly to someone in the company who knows and understands the policies and why they are in place... thats where we that market for Melaleuca come in.

PAmway folks and others like rrobinett don't want people to get the simple policies and non slanted facts so they come here and try to tell half truths and misrepresent partial policies on purpose to try and confuse people knowing that a confused person will usually just steer clear of what they don't understand.

if they had an honest issue, they would start a thread documenting their situation and let others share their opinion on it and that would be that. Instead these folks go to many different threads trying to sow their confusion in many places at once. It usually goes unchecked until someone like me calls out the line of BS and once that happens, now I become the new personal target and get attacked for my faith and any other thing they can make up.

Its classic MLM nonsense that has gone on for decades and it is everything that Melaleuca is against. if you want to know what Melaleuca is about, ask a person who is in contract with Melaleuca to market for them and they will tell you. If you instead want the half truth express to carve up your brain, keep fishing thru these pages.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
You will never see them attack the real issues either... no one ever tries to question the science, the products themselves, the delivery times, you know.. the real nuts and bolts of the company. Those go untouched because there is nothing anyone can say bad without being clearly proven to be deceptive so instead its all about instilling fear.

"just so you know, they will steal from you" is rrobinett's clear inference. Their goal is to plant a seed of doubt. Ask real questions, get real answers and use your own mind. Melaleuca has recreated the entire network marketing industry single handedly. They have in effect not only built abetter mouse trap but they have built a better mouse. Since the MLM crowd has no anwer for that, they turn to the smash and bash game.

Its easy to spot, predictable and everything that Melaleuca is not.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
"I can give many examples of product combinations of $50.49 and even less than $50 for 35 points. The points are only in place because of the business side because thats what people are paid commissions on. Melaleuca is multinational and different countries have different currencies of differing values. The point system is the same across the globe and makes perfect sense when you see it for what it is."

This is where Mark states he can give examples of product ocmbinations of $50.49and "even less than $50 for 35 points"
I have asked him to do so and he refuses.

He has asked for peoples Melalueca Customer ID numbers on this website too. I am contacting Melaleuca to see if they are aware of hie postings and what customer information he has access to. If he can look up customers he is mad at here- can he gain access to our personal information? I would like to know. I'm sure Melalueca isn't aware of his postings.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Again the false accusations against me, this time that I am angry. You do not have the power to make me angry, but the false accusations sure do reveal your own heart pretty clearly to all.

Funny that you would care enough to email such an evil company like Melaleuca after posting dozens of attacks and half truths about them all day long accusing them of impure motives, stealing, purposely ripping people off, etc, etc.

Nothing like creating a problem then trying to be the one that solves the very problem you created. As I said, you are good at what you do, but you're not that good. ;)
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Mark's comment "I can give many examples of product combinations of $50.49 and even less than $50 for 35 points. The points are only in place because of the business side because thats what people are paid commissions on. Melaleuca is multinational and different countries have different currencies of differing values. The point system is the same across the globe and makes perfect sense when you see it for what it is."

I have asked him to show me the examples of what he claims he can give examples of.

I would email them to let them know you Mark Kenney - might be compromising customer information by asking for it on this forum. I want them to be aware of you asking for this on a website and not in the context of your job.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Come on... this is a veiled jab at best... This is a mild attempt at sowing fear into others but doesn't really rip into me or insult me personally like you have done all day long... stay consistent now.. keep up the attacks on the company trying to steal from you and attacking me because of my faith. Dont' change your story now... both Melaleuca and I are both terribly evil.. stay consistent!
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Here are some samples of products and their points value- these were products that the reps were raving about. When you purchase a Melalueca membership you commit to buying at least 35 points of these products every month.
As you can see- these products and point system are not clear. You can buy a products that =3 points and spend 3.99, 4.69 or 5.69. This is all preffered member priicing- since you pay the membership these products are the "discounted" price you get as part of your "perks" .

You can buy a product that is 3.79 and thats 2 points- only a 20 cent difference in that instance betweenthe 2 and 3 point products. And note toto that sometimes you want to buy the pump or spray bottle to USE the product, that costs extra- 0 points.

Maybe Mark can give us the product combination from this company that would equal 35 points and cost 50.49.
The system of points isn't a clear one.
Oh yeah I bought some of these products below- I liked some of them- the pricing structure was another turn off.

MelaSoft® Liquid Fabric Softener—48-load Spring Breeze (Pump sold separately) 5.69 -3 points
MelaPower® 6x HE Detergent—96-load, Scent Free (Pump sold separately)$15.99 -10 points
Tough & Tender® All-Purpose Cleaner—Pantry 2-pack
10.49 - 5 points
Tough & Tender® Wipes Size: 30 wipes 3.49 - 2 points
MelaMagic® Heavy-Duty Cleaner—16 fl. oz. 5.69 3 points
Bath Bars—Pantry 3-Pack 11.34- 8 points
The Gold Bar® Citrus Scent 3.99 - 3 points
Renew™ Intensive Skin Therapy—Pantry 2-pack
$16.98 -12 points
Body Satin™ Antiperspirant & Deodorant
$ 4.57 3 points
Whitening Tooth Polish—Cool Mint with Fluoride
$3.89 2 points
Sol-U-Mel® 3-in-1 Cleaner—16 fl.oz., Original Scent
16 points -$19.99
Sol-U-Mel® Mixing Spray Bottle 1.49 0 points
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
In YOUR PERSONAL OPINION, Melaleuca is evil and so am I. We all fully understand that is your opinion. I have a different opinion of course so lets let people decide for themselves.

They should use things like company track record, policies, and detailed information from credible non bias sources. They should have plenty of access to marketing executives that know and understand Melaleuca first hand and they should be able to try the products themselves risk free for 60 days with an empty bottle money back guarantee. They should be able to cancel if they want to in accordance with company policy.. MOST people reading this would find that reasonable and fair and you know that... thats why you try to word things in such a way to mislead people into thinking that doesn't happen ... HOWEVER... in the real world where Melaleuca has already done over 900 million this year alone and over half a million people all shop, love and enjoy Melaleuca products for themselves, outside of your attempts to smear and discredit, real people buy and enjoy real products because they really want to and it really is as simple as that.

Now you are posting examples of products and pricing completely out of context with the sole purpose of getting the reader to believe Melaleuca is too expensive. This is more of your scare tactic.

Our Gold Bar for example is $3.95 and last 13 times longer than a $1 bar of Dial soap. 13 times longer so you would have to spend $$13 on Dial or just $3.95 with Melaleuca. Our laundry detergent is six times concentrated so you only use a half ounce per load, making it cheaper to use than even the $1 store brands. You of course know it is cheaper and leave out those details on purpose to confuse people which is why what you are doing here is shameful in MY opinion. :D

...and I will not share on here what totals 35 points for $50.49 because you are not asking for a valid reason, its just more baiting and posturing.

Honest customers who enroll with us are privy to that and loads of other information as we HELP people by sharing information with those who want to be helped... not with those whose ultimate goal is to undermine and destroy.

The fact that you still refuse to admit that the 35 point back up order is $50.49 says all that needs to be said about your knowledge of Melaleuca. While outside of this forum you may be a wonderful person, someone would have to be a fool to believe what you say about Melaleuca here when even your most basic claims are completely wrong.
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
"...and I will not share on here what totals 35 points for $50.49 because you are not asking for a valid reason, its just more baiting and posturing. "

Because you probably can't- If I were to select the products and make them out to equal 35 points from above- they would total over the amount of 50.49. I would bet 50.49 is just one combination of products that =35 points.. look around this website- people are saying 60-80 dollars were the amounts of their 35 point order- is a 35 point order always the same price? NO!

"Our Gold Bar for example is $3.95 and last 13 times longer than a $1 bar of Dial soap. 13 times longer so you would have to spend $$13 on Dial or just $3.95 with Melaleuca."

So if I spent 13 dollars on Dial.. I would have 13 bars - you are saying that the 13 bars would last the same amount of time as 1 bar of Melalueca?
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
You are trying to make Melaleuca fit in a flawed business model that screws the little guy like most retailers use. Melaleuca;s business model is completely different. When a person is shown a proper presentation, there is absolutely no confusion at all. Again, over half a million people every month get it just fine.

If YOU PERSONALLY are confused then just say that directly and stop trying to spin it that the average person couldn't possible understand it. Just say "I personally don't understand" and I'd be happy to call the company and have find someone in your local area to sit you down and give you a real presentation that way that it is supposed to be done so you can then understand like the millions of others do.

Melaleuca is very simple, but there are hundreds of products, patents, scientific studies and breakthrus surrounding the products too. The products are the core of the business as well and to understand that wonderful relationship, one person sits down with another person and simply explains it. This is called "a presentation" and it is part of the business model.

If you indeed had a bogus presentation by someone who did not explain it well, that happens from time to time but as has been said a number of times now, that is not Melaleuca's fault, that goes back to the person who did the presentation.

There is NOTHING on earth exactly like Melaleuca. no one has better products from a scientific standpoint and no one has the business model either. MLM people hate that and thats why they try to label us MLM but we are not. Retailers try to give false comparisons like you did above but we do not participate in that business model either.

If you don't understand Melaleuca, then for heaven's sakes, get a real person who knows how to do a presentation and sit down with them so you can understand it. Instead of accusing everyone you see in it as snake oil salesmen, start to see that people are honestly trying to help you understand it.

Of course, that all assumes you truly do want to understand it and by your incredible accusations thus far, that sure doesn't appear to be the case.

//So if I spent 13 dollars on Dial.. I would have 13 bars - you are saying that the 13 bars would last the same amount of time as 1 bar of Melalueca?//

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying there... and Im sure you will say the person you talked to didnt tell you that..which points me right back to the point here... you are attacking a company on a complaint board to the general public that you clearly know very little about. if you understood it all and had some proof that they somehow did you wrong, I would be right there in your corner but you wont even admit that a 35 point back up order is $50.49 so how would anyone else take your opinions as factually credible when you don't even have the core basics right?
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Thats quite a claim that 13 bars of dial would last the same amount of time as 1 bar of Melalueca Gold Soap.
Funny, Heres the pdf. file of Melalueca Bath Soaps I am attaching below - I don't see that claim that it lasts 13 times as long as a dollar bar of Dial. I also don't see it on the web page of the bath bars either. Do you have a reference to direct us to that backs this information up?
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I tried to upload the pdf file.. the website would not take it.
if you would like to find it -

N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Thats quite a claim that 13 bars of dial would last the same amount of time as 1 bar of Melalueca Gold Soap.
Funny The pdf. file of Melalueca Bath Soaps Information - I don't see that claim that it lasts 13 times as long as a dollar bar of Dial. I also don't see it on the web page of the bath bars either. Do you have a reference to direct us to that backs this information up?

That would be a major selling point! - you should tell Melalueca to put it on the webpage that advertises that product!!

To see this pdf. you have to copy and paste this url into your browser:


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