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If you do not mind signing in to your email account and finding out your entire history and contacts have disappeared, then by all means use Mediacom. If you are perhaps retired and dont mind sitting on the phone for hours a month trying to get your phone and internet repaired, definitley use Mediacom. If you do not mind losing your entire email and contact history 2 times in one month I would suggest you sign on with Mediacom. If you are satisfied with no explanation for these problems then may I suggest Medicom! Ohyes, I have no phone and need to replace over a hundred email contacts, but what else do I have to do, right?

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  • Ch
      Mar 16, 2009

    Were you using Webmail, or Outlook, Outlook Express or some other email program?

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  • As
      May 13, 2009

    I was wondering why my phone is still out of order, even with my cable restored. I am in Herrin, Il.

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