McDonald's / very rude lady working my food on tables spilled my m&m my furry

Olathe, ks, United States

October 28, 2018 around 1231 o'clock p.m. Sunday a order food very small amount of food the person was very rude doesn't talk very as I leave for you can't always hear what she said is and would very rude about bringing the food out and Connor through the tray at the table So I wasn't very happy with her attitude and then she started pick up m&m candy I said I got it. Don't all McDonald's be wearing gloves at all time when the serving food I just Just curious that's all thank you a customer.

  • Updated by Dcool, Oct 28, 2018

    I aways being going there for a long time and today was very bad Experience with the cashier on duty at that time most of the time I have good service but today Very badd attitude.

Oct 28, 2018

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