McDonald'sunethical behaviour

date / 4th december
I am a regular at the Elk Mill Retail park Mcdonalds when I ordered a chocolate muffin at the window. The man on the till read back the order to me of my cappuccino and muffin. I then went to pick up the order when they said I only paid for a cappuccino so I said ok thats fine can I just pay for it here then. They said no you have to queue back up In the drivethru . When this is their mistake why should I have to queue up again in a 20 minute wait for something that is there fault? I said this and the manager said no were not doing it. I said well I'm staying here until I get it I have a contactless card or change for you to put it through so why is there an issue. she said well were not doing it and shut the drive through windows in my face. This is absolutely ridiculous of her to shut the windows in a paying customers face who comes atleast once a week to this mcdonalds. They never put my order through and no apologies were given for the inconvenience of the situation and no blame was taken from their mistake. I will not be going to my local mcdonalds ever again after how rude the manager was. The manager was asian, small and rude. I believe her name might be Sadia but I have heard people have already had issues with her so maybe customer service isn't the right job for her. I don't know what you can do to fix this but it has really put me off from visiting mcdonalds again especially when I spend a fortune every week.

Dec 04, 2018

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