McDonald'sunethical behaviour

July 28, 2018, McDonalds Talisay South Coast Center about 9:30 AM. I was in line to get a plastic bag because my son is not eating for some reason. I nicely asked a certain Alyssa a cashier crew at McDonald's just said, 'We don't have a plastic ' and just entertained a visitor (Not sure if American or what nationality).

She just left me there until I asked another crew and provided me with a small paper bag. The worst part is I told the manager about the behavior of the cashier but she won't even listen to me.

I really felt like there's a discrimination because they just completely ignored my complaint because they have a bunch of foreign nationals that were ordering food at the counter.

I just thought McDonald's have a better customer service but they're just all the same. Terrible service.

Jul 27, 2018

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