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McDonald's / service/food

1 West Milton, OH, United States Review updated:

I hope that this complaint is taken very, very seriously. I have reached out to management in West Milton several times, nothing has been done. I have called the 844 number, and received only ONE free breakfast or lunch coupon for the issues that I brought to their attention. The people of West Milton have had it was terrible service and terrible food!

Where do I start??

My husband was working overtime and requested that I go through the drive thru to get him dinner. I ordered two double cheeseburgers plain and a large fry. When I dropped his meal off to him, he sent me a picture of two buns. I asked him why he would send me that and he said "because that's what I got, no meat, just buns" I called and told them and they just acted like it was a joke and didn't take my complaint to heart, and said they were sorry and that they would train their new cook some more.

I was taking my daughter to Bradford for softball practice. She was hungry so I went through the drive thru and ordered her a chicken nugget happy meal. Headed down the road we realized that there was only apples, one chicken nugget, and her drink with the meal. I called and spoke with someone I believe by the name of Shai, she said turn around and I will fix it. I told her that I needed to get to Bradford and I couldn't turn around. She said that she wouldn't be there after her practice was over so there wasn't anything she could do for me.

I come home on my lunch breaks, I really love McDonalds coke, so every once in a while I would stop on my way back to work for a large coke. I won't do that anymore! I went through two weeks ago, with only 3 cars in front of me, and I waited 27 minutes to get to the window where I pick up my order. I get to the window, and the rude girl asked what I had. I told her just a large coke. She then proceeded to roll her eyes and walk away. It look her another 5 minutes to get my drink. I was 2 minutes late back from lunch.

At this time my family swore that we wouldn't return to MCDONALDS.

Week of the 4th of July my kids' wanted ice cream. I said I wasn't going, but my husband took my two youngest in. The place was full of flies, and full of preteens/teenagers who look at this place as their local hangout. My husband said that they were throwing yogurt and ketchup all over the walls and each other. The workers just walk around them and say nothing. My kids came home like "mommy, these kids were throwing stuff all over each other, and didn't get in trouble"


Friday night after my son's baseball game in Hollandsburg, my kids' were starving. They begged to go to Mcdonalds because we never go there. I thought maybe, just maybe, things will be better. NOPE still waited in excess for my food that still wasn't right. My kids were starving, I know I mentioned this. We get home their Happy Meals had NO FRIES. Their drinks had NO ICE. My drink had ICE. I had two double cheeseburgers, and the cheese wasn't even melted to the hamburger. I literally could pick it up off the hamburger. Meaning A. my hamburger was cold, B. they don't care about their customers. I called and spoke with Shai, and I told her my issues. She literally just sat there when I mentioned what was wrong with our order. I said "Hello" and she replyed with "I'm sorry babe" "I know you are frustrated hun. " I am not her babe or hun. She makes your establishment look like trash. Where is the professionalism?

A friends son worked there for about a month. He was great! Always smiling, and did his job. He left. You know why? Because the managers, and other workers go outside on their break to get high. what a great first impression of the workforce life he received!!!

I really hope that you, as the corporate office, take in to consideration all of these issues that just continue to transpire. People are starting to ban your establishment. I know you probably do not care, considering you are the only fast food establishment in West Milton, and are probably making great money. But, this has got to stop. I am embarrassed for you!

I look forward to see how you move forward with my concerns and complaints.


Lindsay Fulton

Jul 20, 2018
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