McDonalds / service

Portagevile, United States

When visiting the portageville mcdonalds the last few time the service was bad
Here are a few things thst has happen to me when visiting and its the same boy each time
1- I went ordered my food and he wasnt in thwe 1st window to take money I waited for a second I pull to the 2nd window he come to the 2nd window an told me I didnt dstop and pay at the first window

2- he took my money and cheated me out of some 0f my change I called when I got home and had to go back never said sorry

3- he made a smart comment about my car yes its old but its paid for and I own it

4-I went to wondow and he was working it and his ass was shining he never pulled up pants thats is sick to let people like that work for u

Oct 19, 2018

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