McDonaldspoor standards of food handling (hygienic)

I went to McDonalds with my staffs this morning February 2, 2017 around 4:00 in the morning (McDonalds Alabang Branch - Acacia Street) to take our breakfast.

Upon entering said premises of McDonalds, I merely slipped because of the wet floor (NO signage of precaution at first, after a while, they put the wet floor sign). After ordering, the cashier advised us to be seated and food will be served in a short while.

I was surprised and angered when I saw this girl (one of the staff) approaching us to serve our orders. She was the same staff I saw mopping/brushing the floor and drying it out with her bare hands. I immediately rushed to the cashier to look for the supervisor or head of that branch. WOW, he was really a mad dog, No manners at all.

He told me that there was nothing wrong with a girl mopping the floor (who dried it up with her bare hands) serving us? He said it doesn't matter she serving us because she already used a hand sanitizer to clean her hands. All the while, we saw that she only wiped her hands clean with her apron.

If you where in the position just like what I witnessed, will you be happy knowing dirt and bacteria of ALL kinds are on the floor will be transferred to the food we were about to consume? I strongly suggest you investigate on this matter and if proven, Fire that guy with a crab mentality. He even dare me to file a complaint! Name of the guy is Caristensen Gonzales (attached photo of his handwriting.
Note: The securuty guard approached to pacify us, The guard says sorry to me, This angered him and ask the guard, Manong bakit ka nag sorry?

Jan 31, 2017

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