McDonald'smanagement attitude towards customer

I waited twenty minutes in the drive through line for a frappe four cheeseburgers and a 20 piece mcnugget and after waitinf 20-25 minutes in line just to get my food and when i got up to the window kindly asked if we could get a discount for such the long wait and the manager told me "No because then I would have to give everyone else one." Then shut the window on us. After opening our food an examing it we found that the burgers were rubbery and hard from sitting under the heat lamp for so long and when i called the same manager hung up on me after i asked wht i waited for 20 minutes for rubbery food. I then called her back on a different number because they wouldnt answer my phone call on my number and when they finally answered on a different number from a totally separate phone i asked for her name an she sat an proceeded to argue with me for five minutes about giving me her name so i could call or contact your establishment to complain about her. I still havent acquired her name or any sort of id for her but shes a bigger girl thats shorter with short black hair and tattoos and braces and works the night shift as for i went through the drive through in st cloud mn off of division around midnight. I would either appreciate a refund or free meal or a discount to compensate your employees rude behavior. You can reach me at [protected] thabk you in advanced.

Dec 04, 2018

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