McDonald's / i'm complaining about the service at the mcdonald's in lancaster, sc on bypass

I normally don't like to complain because I know fast food is a hard job because people can be very mean sometimes. but the McDonald's here in Lancaster South Carolina on the bypass they they just can't get it right I'll let it go the first time lady told me to stop saying hello to the intercom system because I sat there for 10 minutes and nobody said anything so I come it's just saying hello is anyone there and she comes on to the intercom system and says what do you want stop saying hello rude as she could be. I understand she could have been frustrated because they were busy but a simple hi ma'am welcome to McDonald's could you hold on one second I'll be right with you would have sufficed and I would have been happy but when she said that I left and went to Hardee's across the street and didn't eat there again for 3 months. now I'm a big fan of McDonald's thing so I finally decided I would go back well everything has been fine so far but this morning about 9: 30 I'm using my new mobile app with the coupons and I order to breakfast biscuits I wanted a sausage and cheese biscuit it was buy one biscuit get one for a dollar and a sausage and cheese biscuit. Appleton first window and I pay is 462 I believe I tell her I don't need the receipt because it's just too busy. we pull up to the second window to receive our food and there are two young lady standing there she doesn't have me a bag and says did you have the such as such such as I believe it was a hash brown in a biscuit and I said no I don't but you need to start you messing up too many goddamn orders when the wide-open I heard everything okay. the other girl she is going to stand up for yourself like any normal person would told the other young lady that you know if she wanted to do it if she she needs to be right her way she's just stepped into glass enjoy yourself that's how I want to find but it seems to me like this McDonald's has a problem with their customer service and their young ladies attitudes particularly in the morning. so she tells us to pull away from the window and go park and mobile app parking spot number 3 on because I guess you didn't want us to tell us to hear her and the other girl yelling at each other so we pull down there beside us maybe afterwards okay it's and the manager I believe was came out and said no that's not what I got I had sausage and cheese biscuit she goes back inside with her 15 minutes later with my order and my biscuit has egg on it and apparently I've been charged for the egg and I didn't want it I want a sausage and cheese but I figured I'll just take it off and my fiance will eat it no big deal but I wasn't going to deal with these women anymore they apparently have no communication skills no conflict resolution skills and I mean no no they don't even know how to interact with the public with a professional manner you have lost a good customer because I will never ever go to McDonalds anywhere again because I'm just tired of the this is worse than that I mean this is horrible service. It may be a good idea that part of the training process when people get hired at McDonald's is simply try to be nice and decent human being and be professional in the workplace because this is frustrating. it's just not worth dealing with anymore I will never spend my money ain't no McDonald's again and neither will my fiance or my three children as long as I have something to do with it.

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    I apologize for the grammar in my post but I am using talk to text speech because it's just way too much to type and when I tried to call customer service, I was on hold listening to this god-awful elevator music for 15 minute yall need to do better.

Jul 29, 2018

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