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McDonalds Hartlepool Shopping Centre Middleton Grange / new assistant was cheeky + refused to give me head office number saying it was against there rules

1 middleton grange shopping centre, hartlepool, cleveland England, Cleveland, United Kingdom

i went to mcdonalds n ordered 3 happy meals for my kids n a big mac meal for myself without seeds (of which i always get no problem of any other staff at any other mcdonalds), the person dealing with me was a new assistant (as i knew everyone at this mcdonalds as i go about 2 or 3 times every week ). when i asked for the seedless bun she came out with "what do u want me to do stand there all day picking every god damm seed of it like" i explained that i normally get it in the happy meals bun n i asked if she had a problem with me so she said "we not going to do that do you want the big mac or what" so i said i didnt want the big mac but wanted the happy meals n she replied saying that im not getting anything now with a big grin on her face n i wasnt getting served n will i just get out of the que, so i asked for head office number but she also refused this as she said it wasnt customer pollicy to give it out. So it looked like she was having a bad day taking it out on me as you could tell she was buzzing with being able to refuse my kids the food i had promised them, she was also trying to make a big deal out of something minor even the staff were looking at her like she was in the wrong


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