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I went inside instead of drive thru. Was given an empty cup to fill at the fountain drink station. This was absolutely disgusting.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Scranton, PA Old food, dirt, caked on disgust all over the place. Extremely unsanitary.
I sat down to eat my mediocre food and then noticed thetables were exactly the same. Old food caked on, dirt and other gross bacteria just lingering.


Dec 22, 2017
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      Dec 23, 2017

    Went to McDonalds at Palm Beach QLD, we usually use the drive by but had no car so ate in.
    We arrived about 5.30pm and their drive by was not busy.
    Our food was very fast but when we went to sit down the whole area was absolutely dirty & disgusting.
    Only stayed because the kids wanted to eat in. I managed to clean our table but the rest of the restaurant was strewn
    with litter on table and floors even our 10yr old was a bit freaked out. Watched quite a few people walk in & do a double take
    and walk right out again. One even commented the garage attached might be cleaner!
    I feel staff who were standing around waiting for the busy rush could have at least showed a bit of initiative & attempted
    to clean the table & chairs.
    No I did not ask them to clean our table as never in all the years I've been to McDonalds store I've never had to ask for a table
    to be cleared.
    At least the kids were happy with the soft serve icecream, which we ate on the way home.
    Yes we will go again and just hope the restaurant is clean and tidy!

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