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Hi. I don't know if this is right way to make a complaint but can't find another way too. My wife and I are from Ireland and on way back from Bulgaria today we stopped into McDonalds...firstly we love McDonalds and have eaten here as kids ourselves and now bring out own. We had a great trip in Bulgaria on the weeks holidays but worst part of our holiday was stopping into McDonalds in Bourgas airport Bulgaria. We placed our order( which as expensive anyways however we accepted this as its an airport). Firstly they run out of all drinks except water and orange juice, . Lady makes us an extra packet of fried and orange juice. we said was mistake(as Human error is fair enough). She then gets a stinking attitude in her way of speaking to us. She says "you cannot have a refund, you can have an icecream instead) we explained we didn't want icecream just money back please but says no refunds again to us...we then ask for the manager and rexieved attitude from first said lady for requesting her manager...manager comes over(speaks in another language to the first mentioned lady however refunds us with a smile while initial lady keeps apologising to her manager and ignoring us... Left is with the height if bad taste in our mouths and a bad end to a great holdiay. The same lady before hand argued with another customer over the sauce she asked for though the customer explained she asked for another, lady behing counter says that's all she had(we witnessed all this first)...that staff member is an embarrassment to your company...

P.s if another way to make complaint to head office please make me aware. Thank you.

Aug 01, 2018
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  • Su
      Sep 05, 2019

    After having a great holiday in Bulgaria, the children wanted a Mac ie ds before the flight home.
    I stood in the que for 20 mins and when I finally arrived at the front he went off and cleaned for 10 mins. When I asked about it he told me to join another line !!
    I asked her his manager was and he said he hadn’t one .
    The place is full of rude staff and it’s left me with a sore taste in my mouth

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