McDonald'sbad customer service, incorrect orders, rude staff and bad cold food falling apart.

There have been many occasions where McDonald's Sydenham make you think that they either don't care about their jobs or don't care about the service you get. You constantly don't get the correct order even though you are sometimes made to wait 15min in waiting bay. Food is pretty much always cold the burgers are falling apart and you never get the extra sauce or they leave the onions in when you say no onions. Today we received the wrong ice creams, the Mc Spider had no ice cream in it first, the second time the lid wasn't put on properly and as worker was giving it to me through car window it fell all over the inside of my car, third time syrup was still all over the outside of the cup and had to tell worker to please wipe it or give me some tissues which she replied with a sigh and walked off, fourth time came back with the exact same problem just not as bad as the third time but still had syrup, by then I was over it told the worker it's the same and asked about the tissues which she ignored and walked back into the store without a reply. This is the first time I have made a complaint like this before but honestly that store is the worst store I have ever been to in my life. Workers need to be trained properly or sacked and then given to people who actually care, please do something about this store so that they can actually realise how bad their service is with both food and customer service.

Dec 08, 2018

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