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McDonald's / an employee of the terrace b.c. mcdonalds

1 Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

yesterday May 23rd my husband and i went to MacDonald's in terrace b.c. and we ordered two large fries and a medium soft drink, i asked the cashier if i could possibly have a clear plastic glass because i will be putting ice in the glass when i leave, my husband waited for our number to be called and I went up to the fountain pop to fill my glass with ice and pop, i was absolutely shocked when one of the managers by the name of carol stephens from behind grabbed my glass and dumped it right in front of me and said "this is the last time you are gonna get free pop! I'm sick of you always coming in here and taking free pop!" my husband came to my defense and told her "we just finished paying for our meal! and how dare you do this to my wife! we will be contacting someone about this!" I was so shocked i just stood there in disbelief, i couldn't believe what she just did to me!, I just said "if I was getting free pop all the time and you knew this then why didn't you stop me before or why wasn't anything said about it?" my husband and I left the restaurant and a little while later i saw carol and her daughter on the street near the restaurant and she started making threats to me and my husband the r.c.m.p were called and because she is the manager she refuses to serve my husband and I in the future, we are not allowed in the restaurant and if we come back the r.c.m.p. will be called, i don't think this is very professional, and its just out right rude, I can't believe my husband and i are made out to be the ones in the wrong and are being punished by not being allowed back in Mcdonalds, I was a paying customer who's meal was ruined and my drink was dumped out in front of me and my husband and I are banned from there from now on, where is the justice in this?? I enjoy going to Mcdonalds with my husband and family and Terrace is a small town with not alot of choices, I would like to be able to be allowed back into the restaurant if anything, I have never had any issues with anyone from there and i think this is so unfair!! Carol is known to be a hot head and loves to be in control, she is a threat to me, she has threatened violence against me and my husband, she takes things personally and because she has some power being a manager she uses that to her advantage, i know for a fact she is into using drugs and has offered my daughter some, this is part of the reason we do not get along. I would like an apology from her and to my husband as well and be able to come back into the restaurant, she needs to separate her personal feelings from her job.

May 24, 2018

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